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Having issue with my implementation, please let me know where is the gap.

In your demo once the index page run, it execute two GET Request

i.e. GET/wordpress-themes/quidditch/ one is calling And second request to

In my implementation the second GET request is not executing and as a result the theme is not working properly. but if I run the url as, it works perfectly. which not working on

please show me the path to execute the second request to call the following path, Reload the page to get source for:

Waiting for your response. Hope you recognize my issue.

Hello! What is the link to your site. Honestly I do not get what you mean.

Hi mad_dog, I’m a lot disappointed that I cannot change the graphic that appears next to the blog title. Whilst your graphic is very nice it’s completely inappropriate for the rest of the visual style I’m going for. I’ve taken a look at overriding your styles but theme.css is declared after style.css so I can’t do it. Have you got any advice or can you help me replace that image? If not this theme becomes useless to me, which is unfortunate as otherwise it would be great!

Hello! Could you please be more specific, what image are you referring to? The theme has a child theme support.

next to each blog entry the quidditch banner graphic is shown. you implement it using your boxed_date and content_date styles

Are you referring to this image

I have submitted a ticket as i am really struggling with this theme and the original setup, i cant get anything to work properly. I would really appreciate some help.

Thanks in Advance


Hi its 1680

It was submitted 15 minutes, ago, please be patient, we will check and get back to you asap. Thanks

Oh yeah i wasn’t expecting a reply just like that!! I just wanted to write on here to let you know. So when it gets to me i look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again

Greetings , where can I increase the menu font size?

Hello! You can change it in theme.css starting from line 129 header .menu


You are welcome.

I would like to add a E-commerce using this template? What plugin is better for this?

Thank in advance.

Beste regards.

Hello! You can try to use WooCommerce but it requires additional styling.

Hi, When using the text box in Page builder the text body disappears after saving.. The heading remains but body doesn’t save. Any ideas?

Hello! It looks like you’ve updated the WordPress to the latest version. We will update the theme soon.

ahh ok thanks


There is a new theme update but I don’t see it in Wordpress Backend (Home -> Updates), Why?

Yes, but most customer even do not know what the child theme is :)

Yep, because that in other themes you have the autoupdate option disabled by default and you can activate it only if you want to do it, I think it would be a good point to consider in future updates.

We will take your request into consideration.

help :) The excert at the start of a post, where is this set ? as I cant seem to find it, I edited a sample post but the excert remains(the fake latin).

Ok, got it

Sorry, another question How do I stop the news (posts section) feeding the portfolio section. I want a separate page one for portfolio one for news?

Did not get what you mean. Please put the link to your page to better understand.

I just downloaded the latest Quidditch theme 1.8.2 with all files and the LayerSlider plugin seems to be missing. Can you please update the zip file to include it. Thanks.

Hello! Please let us know your email and we will send it right away.

I would rather not post my email publicly here – is there an alternative?

You can send to help at gt3themes dot com

Hi. How can I add a webfont which is not in the list? Can I add font from

You can use only google web fonts.

Hi Mad_Dog. I have an issue with the template. please see There’s a empty border at the right side of the page. Any idea how to fix? Cheers.

Hello! Could you please be more specific, any screenshot?

thank you!

You are welcome

Quick question, is this theme compatible with WordPress 4.2.2? Having some issues with the server hosting. Thank you!

Yes, it is.


Great Theme and worked out great.

One thing to make people aware of: The slider within the package is only for that version and cannot be updated unless bought separately from another provider. This for me is a hidden cost which is not explained in the item details.

It says on the item details “Premium Layerslider Slider Plugin (save $15)”. You get the slider but it will not be updated ever. So what this means is that when a bug is found within the slider or they release updates to make the slider better and more secure, the slider you got won’t be updated until you pay $18.

I find this strange as wordpress needs to be kept updated regularly and you really need to buy this for $18 to have peace of mind your site, how small a chance there is, won’t be compromised.

Anyway, great template but shame about the hidden fee. 4 stars…..


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! We never said that the customer will use only the one slider version. We always open to provide slider updates. Yes, you can’t update the plugin by yourself using purchase code, but you can drop us a line via email to ask for the latest versions.

Just purchased this wordpress and the Layerslider plugin zip file is missing.


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! We tested the issue few times, plugin package folder is inside. But if you can’t find it, we will gladly provide the required one. Please send your mail to support[at]


jerry98 Purchased

Hi, I find no layerslide installation file in the package as your documentation mentioned it is in the plugin folder. How can I get it? Thank you.

Hello! It sounds really strange, can you please send an email to help at gt3themes dot com

Hi, On the live preview the gallery appears with square thumbnails with no margin, (and it’s one of the reason I purchased this theme), however after creating mine I realize it appears round (like the portfolio on the live preview) and I can’t seem to find how to fix that. Is that possible? Thx in advance.

Hello! Sure, it is possible. If you provide your wp-admin details we will show how to achieve it. You can use the contact form on our TF profile page. Do not forget to put the link this comment.

Guys we are having a very strange problem. jQuery says “jquery.js?ver=1.12.3:2 Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[href=#about]” – Fresh WP and Theme install (clean with no data). Just a couple of nearly blank pages added. Theme doesn’t slide to page when a nav button is clicked but instead just jumps to the page and the “fixed” menu doesn’t appear every time but just occasionally. Do you know if it is a jQuery/WP version conflict?


GT3_Help Author Team

Nice to hear that you found a solution, but the issue was fixed in the theme.

Yes you told me but don’t know why it didn’t work for us. Just posting in case someone else has it.


GT3_Help Author Team


Hi, On iOS the parallax image is stretched. Is there a quick solution to this, css?

Hello! You can read more info on the web that this is iOS devices issue.

ok np, thought as much

Hi, I just bought the item and like to know how do i set up the home page to be one page, meaning that when i click on the menu item on the top, it will scroll to the section below that i want. Please kindly provide step by step because i cannot find in the documentation. Thanks

hi, please kindly advice how i can configure the menu bar to scrolll to the specified section? thanks


GT3_Help Author Team

I already provided the info. You should have one standalone page and other should be selected as Standalone No, these actions will help you to build One page layout and menu item will scroll to the required section automatically. We don’t manage any options in menu. I ask you again, please read the documentation.

ok thanks resolved

I have tried to remove all social media icon at the bottom of the page and it leave a big gap between my last element and the copyright section. Please kindly advice how do i remove this gap. Thanks


GT3_Help Author Team

Please post all tech related questions at the forum