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Ehemm, it’s nice!
Good luck :-)

Thank you saputrad :bashfulcute:

Look good bro! Congrats! :P

Thanks bro ! :bashfulcute:

Beautiful! Good luck with sale :D

Thank you MidnizeStudio :bashfulcute:

Looking perfect ;)

Thank you for your compliment Ugurkan :bashfulcute:

Hello, gohawise thank you :bashfulcute:

Hi, I would also like to buy the mock-up photos. Are they available on graphicriver?

Sorry, they’re not. but you can get it for free here enjoy. :bigwink:

Very nice item , GLWS nutzumi

Thank you promail, I like your clean style too. :bashfulcute:

Great looking template. A few suggestions for my marketing team when reviewing. 1. Linkedin social is more popular within our industry vs your others and would be nice to see an easy option to include this for our mktg staff. 2. I would give this an A+ if you could make this as a mail chimp template and edit it without forcing to go into each campaign. 3. When in edit mode, the nav popup is nice although one has to add a section to simply get a preview. We are using this as a series of communications for a subscribed list and are forced to edit the template all over without using what we had saved.

Overall a B+ on design and ease of use. Nice work and just wanted to send suggestions.

Wow! Thank a lot. I do appreciate your suggestions from your marketing team :bigsmile: I will keep in mind when I design the new one.

However,I know it quite inconvenient to edit the template directly in each would be better if we can save it for the next use. As far as I know, What cause an inconvenient is the repeatable function (mc:repeatable) whem edit in the “template” menu after make any change to the content the lower module are vanish. I’ve try remove the mc:repeatable tag everythings seem normally. I still searching the way to work around the problem. However, keeping mc:repeatable make module repeatable rearrange-able was more convenient than remove the Tag and arrange module direct in html code (for now.) ;)

finally, big thank for B+. I do appreciate your comment and best suggestions. I’ll try to get A+ from you soon. :bashfulcute:


Hello, I’ve downloaded this template and tried using in MailChimp. A strange thing happens: when I edit (through MailChimp tool) any section of the content, everything that is located bellow, suddenly disappears.

Why is this happening?

Hi, agencialooknfeel. as far as I know what course the problem was mc:repeatable tag. if remove this tag we can edit template normally. However, keeping repeatable function are better. so I suggest to edit in Design step after create a new Campaign instate. These will make you able to edit and repeatable module normally. I’ve a video for you to show how it work.

However, this’s a knowing issue. I still searching the way to work around the problem.

Thank you for purchase my item.

Hi nutzumi. great work and design with this newsletter template ;).

I have only one problem with Mailchimp. Is the same problem of adencialooknfeel (the comment above me :) )

I try to delete all mc:repeatable tag, but when I create a layout in mailchimp, everything is perfect, but when I create a campaign the most of content disappears :(.

How can I fix this problem?

Hello, etuix. Thank for your kind words. :bashfulcute:

I’ve test remove

and create a new campaign it seem normally nothing disappears. just to be sure. try delete both
mc:repeatable="layout" and mc:variant="..."
if you have a screenshot or a more detail about how you create a new layout. you can sent to me at

However, to edit template module after remove the mc:repeatable tag need to do through html code by copy/paste rearrange the module as you want (all module have html commented). and then import to MailChimp as a new template. :)


Cool template! I am happy that I purchased it! :-)

One question: how do I install this with the mymail plugin? There is no zip file for the mymail template upload.

Thank you very much!

Hi, simon88

Thank you so much, to install template to the plugin.
  • In the “mymail” folder select the style you prefer(Box or Full)
  • then select the color and zip the folder
  • now zip file are ready to upload to the plugin.
due to Envato allow only folder structure use in manage the item package (as far as I know). sry for your inconvenient

Dear Nutzumi, i love the design on this. However i am not able to edit the modules or any content (besides directly in the html) when i import this into Mailchimp. I select “mailchimp”, then “box”, and then “pink”. I zip this folder and upload it according to your guidelines, but i don’t get a choice of edit the content or design in any other way than directly in html.

What am i doing wrong?

Hi, oolem. thank for purchased my template. After you import to MailChimp you can edit by create a new Campaign and edit in the “Design” step.

I’ve made video to show how it work here. :)

Pre-Sales Questions as a MyMail user:

1. Does auto-generation like {post_title:-1} and {post_excerpt:-1} and such work if I use this template with MyMail? 2. If {post_title:-1} does work, what are the steps to make that title link to the actual post? 3. Do the “read more” buttons have to be manually configured or is there a shortcode that will link it to the auto-generated post? 4. Do you have a tutorial or support page that explains how to successfully import one of your templates into MyMail?

Much thanks!

Hi, coloradocc

Thanks for interesting, {post_title:-1} and {post_excerpt:-1} are working normally in the template. to link to actual post click convert to link under the text box and select the post in the list below.

For the buttons, as far as I know in the Mymail Documentation not mention about the short code about this. I think we do have to manually link to the article by select the Article list in the panel like this

Import template to MyMail Plugin can be easily done by make a zip file from your prefer color from the mymail folder in the item package, then navigate to upload tap in Wordpress dashbord > Newsletter > Templates > Upload >. After upload the template just make sure you click use as a default. and done template ready to use


Sincere thanks for the helpful response! It all makes sense, much appreciated. Regards.

You’re very welcome!

Hi there!

I just bought your template and I’m having the same problem as etuix and adencialooknfeel when I import into MailChimp- as soon as I edit something in the body, the rest of the layout disappears. I went into the code and searched for mc:repeatable & variant, but those do not exist in the code. Was this ever fixed in the MailChimp templates? If so, could you provide me with the correct template? I can’t go on editing when everything disappears.

Thank you!!

Hi, mesf43

You can find both mc:repeatale and mc:variant are at the first tag in each module.

However, I suggest not to remove them and edit the template at the design step after create a campaign instate. I also contact MailChimp support about the problem. They confirm there is no fix for this because the template editor and Campaign Builder’s are design for difference purpose. It better to keep repeatable ability functional and edit in design step instate.

Thank you for purchase my item. Cheers,


I have uploaded this template using the zip file and followed the instructions in your documentation folder. After I’ve uploaded the zip file into mail chimp, everything shows up, but I cannot edit anything. Also, there were supposed to be 6 layouts with this template and only one is showing up. Can you explain this to me and explain how I can fix this?

ok, try hover the layout there should be a repeatable function appear like this

click at the plus icon to add more layout and switch layout at dropdown selection, the eye icon use to hide the layout


When you say layout – do you mean in the campaign or in the template section? And when I hover over in both there is no plus sign to change the layout.

I mean in the Campaign Editor’s (The design step after create a new campaign). The repeatable function are not working in the My Template menu.

However, can I have an access to your MailChimp account. I just want to check that the template are import properly or some other problem. because, I’ve try checking the file, importing. it’s work normally.

if you allow please send me detail to so I can see when wrong.

Does this template work with constant contact ?

Yes, it does. via Advance editor menu using a just regular html version. Here more info about advance editor in Constant contact.

Love these template :) and it really work in a lot of platforms! !! Is there any chance that you look how it work in windows phone? the tables are great but for any reason the responsive is stacked. I tested it with a nokia lumia 720 – windows phone 8.1

As a said, I love your template and recommend it so much!

Hi edulecca, Thanks for your kind words, I do appreciate that. :) as far as I know, most of the email app on mobile platforms(except a native email app) are ignore or even removed the <style> that included @media querie. if you have an iphone you can see that gmail app are not responsive able while native email app is normally responsive.

if you have a screen shot please send to nutzumi[at] in case I misunderstanding :bashfulcute:

Will it work well with Aweber?

Hi, I’m not sure with Aweber, honestly never test on it yet, (it require a subscription fee to create an account). However I’ve googling and found this
How to import template to Aweber
according to this method I believe we can just use a regular version(already included) for Aweber. However, we might have to correct all the img path and host by our self. since Aweber just allow to copy/paste only the code, in order to use a custom template.

Thank for interesting,

Hello, would this work responsively in Gmail App for Android/iPhone?

Hi akmur, Thank for interesting. According to this article and this it seem, gmail app is not support responsive design in both all platform. However, the responsive a normally working in native email app on your device


Very nice framework. There are a few modest issues with the way it renders in Outlook 2013, e.g. in layout-6.html the 1 px tables render as thick bars:

<table width="50%" height="1" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="border-collapse: collapse;"> </table>

Thank for point thing out. I do appreciate that :) I’ll look into that, will update as soon as I find the way to work around that. cheers,