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Hi. Interesting theme, but it is not clear the situation with fonts. Is there support for Google fonts with Cyrillic, for example.

I understand – change the font and its setting is missing. Very interesting and beautiful theme, but unfortunately, uses a Jetpack monstrous portfolio. Very sad.


What’s wrong with the JetPack portfolio and why do you find it “monstrous”? What Portfolio plugin would you suggest to support and why did you pick that one? We’d rather support an existing plugin instead of creating our own CPT or CPT Plugin, so you can keep using all your portfolio items in any other WordPress Theme in case you decide to switch your theme in the future..

Font issue. Please open a support topic in our forum and we will provide help how to easily switch the font. We might be very soon adding an option to pick the right font! http://support.ishyoboy.com/forums/forum/qusq-wp/

Before adding many kinds of options we wanted to keep the most essential ones to keep the theme simple an easy to use.


Hi Dobrodukh,

How are you doing? Any chance you could get back to us as we’re very curious about your insight on the portfolio topic. Thanks


Very nice theme. Unfortunately I hate Jetpack, it is too big, to many conflicts with another plugins, annoying advertising, etc etc! Do you have an alternative for using Jetpack without loosing the amazing look?

Hi there,

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately Qusq is made to cooperate with JetPack mainly and use the good features it provides:

JetPack Portfolio integration Jetpack Infinite Scroll support Jetpack Contact Forms support Jetpack Tiled Galeries support Jetpack Carousel support Jetpack Tiled Galeries support Jetpack Sharing buttons support Jetpack Comment Likes support Jetpack Widgets support.

Almost all JetPack “sub-modules” can be turned off and you can use only those that you really want and the modules mentioned above are not a necessity. The theme does work without JetPack as well but the the portfolio functionality will not be available.

Please see this article https://jetpack.com/support/control-jetpacks-modules-on-one-page/ On the mentioned page you can disable all modules that might be conflicting with your other plugins and keep only the ones you really want.

As coders with quite an experience with WordPress, we think that JetPack is very well made (in terms of code and modularity) and you only use the activated modules. So even though there are 40 modules, only the code you need is running, thus not slowing the site down.

P.S. Feel free to test the Lite version of our theme and see if it has conflicts or problems https://ishyoboy.com/themes/qusq-pro/ and if all good, proceed to purchasing Pro or just let us know what problems you faced. We might have a look into it.


I am having issues with the about us page. The images will not show as they do in the demo. How do I get them to show text on hover and in a 2-3 format. They just show the same size in 3 columns.

It’s ok I found the issue thank you. The menu on the gallery hadn’t updated properly.

Hi there, sorry we’ve been on holiday, glad you we’re able to fix the problem ;) Cheers

hi How to put a sample on the front page؟ home page is empty


mmm we’re not sure what exactly you mean, could you please try to describe it a bit more?

Thanks in advance

Hi! All the pages are empty… What’s wrong?


To get the fastest support, please use our dedicated support forum – http://support.ishyoboy.com. All requests are handled through the forum only. It serves as a great knowledge-base of real-world problems.

Please open a new topic under “Qusq Pro” forum and explain more in details what the problem is, was it working before and suddenly stopped working, do you get any errors, also you could share the link to your page so we can see it. Our support crew will be right there for you.


Hello. How to add pagination in posts? I want to show the colorful arrows for paginated posts like in portfolio pages.


Please use our support forum http://support.ishyoboy.com/forums/forum/qusq-wp/

Our support crew will help right away ;) Cheers

Hi! Extremely liked your template. And I`m thinking about to buy it. But still have any question. 1. Can I put video file on the heder background? Or can i put .gif animated text on header? 2. Can I choose background color and etc. 3. Can I put video from Vimeo in portfolio? 4. Can I change society icon size? Thank you

Hey SidRock!

First of all we suggest checking the theme documentation to get even more information about what is possible inside the theme. You can do so on our product page from where you could also give the “free” version a test ride – https://ishyoboy.com/themes/qusq-pro/

Now to answer your questions:

#1. Can I put video file on the header background? Or can i put .gif animated text on header?

#A: Unfortunately not via theme settings but you can modify the PHP template for a given page to achieve this.

#2. Can I choose background color and etc.

#A: Yes you can ;)

#3. Can I put video from Vimeo in portfolio?

#A: Yes you can ;)

#4. Can I change society icon size?

#A: Yes with a piece of custom css

#5. We provide support for all our customers so in case you need help or guidance we are available for you. In addition you will get access to already resolved topics. This way you can get support even without waiting for our answer. http://support.ishyoboy.com/forums/forum/qusq-wp/

Hope this answered your questions and we’re looking forward to seeing you in the team soon ;)


Thank you very much for quick answer!

Sure thing ;)

Very nice theme! Do your theme support WPML?

Heeey there.. Sorry for the late response, but this comment must have somehow slipped. Thank you very much! We have not done any special steps or tests at the moment to ensure Qusq and WPML compatibility, but you could try yourself the free, lite version https://ishyoboy.com/themes/qusq-pro/

We can however say it is 100% compatible with qTranslate X plugin.

Hey, i downloaded your theme over envato elemtens :) i know there is no support for that but maybe you can help me, the only problem i have is there no marker button on my google contact page everthing is okay maybe you can check it out : https://journeymedia.de/google-map-contact/


You are right. Make sure to set the Google Maps API in the Customizer theme options. ;)


Hi. I also downloaded theme over Envato Elements. In IE11 some colors are different loading/showing. I see you excluded IE11 as compatible browser. Just to be curious and learn :) what is the reason that IE11 gives (css) conflicts? p.s. I see this with a lot of themes with or without caching enabled, so it is not specific to your theme related (it is for sure a great and fast perfomance theme!)


To get the fastest support, please use our dedicated support forum – http://support.ishyoboy.com. All requests are handled through the forum only. It serves as a great knowledge-base of already resolved problems.



ncne Purchased

hello , can you tell me , how to delete menu message ” Another amazing template by IshYoBoy.com ”?

Hey, you can make it in the Theme Options panel in customizer – https://themes.ishyoboy.com/qusq/doc/#Customizer