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Today I bought your theme and I have a problem with Dummy data.

When I try to Import xml file I get a response like: [404 Not Found Oops! That page can’t be found.]

I did everything like in Raakbookoo.htm/Demo Data Installation.

Can someone help me fix that?


Hello, can you ensure if your theme is compatible WP 4.5?

Hi, Sorry to late reply we are going to test all theme to compatible with it and we can give notification soon Thanks

My quick woocommerce buttons on the top don’t link to the correct pages. How can I fix this? My site:


Hi, can you give me screenshot the buttons ? it’s helping me to find the problems, Thanks

Hi, I’m an old Tokokoo client who is still waiting for support from you for a Mantel theme update since I first claimed support; the only response I received from you was on the 18th of April saying: “We are not yet check the theme for wordpress 4.5”,... and later only “silence” from you.

I’ve seen that this theme has disappeared from Themeforest. I write here to be heared, after trying to contact you by different ways.

Will this theme allow an automatic download of an e-book once payment has been processed?


Is your theme compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce? Are you releasing an update for this theme anytime soon?

Thank you!


Is your theme compatible with the latest version of Woocommerce? Are you releasing an update for this theme anytime soon?

Thank you!

I am still awaiting a reply…

I’ve entered text in the (Customize > Footer Text) block but nothing is showing in the front end of the website. can you point me in the right direction?


Hi, do you have yet the theme with the woocommerce version 2.6.1?

It gets some issues.


Hi, I had to update woocommerce and after that I found some errors, I detail them below: – raakbookoo/woocommerce/content-product.php versión2.5.0 no está actualizado. La versión del sistema es2.6.1, – raakbookoo/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php versión2.5.2 no está actualizado. La versión del sistema es 2.6.1, no está actualizado. raakbookoo/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php versión2.1.0 no está actualizado. La versión del sistema es 2.6.3,

I changed the files I had for the ones in the last version but it shows the same errors than before. How can we fix it? Is it possible for you to answer?

Thank you.

Hi! i use your theme and it’s awesome! But there is a problem, also in your demo. The review form does not show rating field and if you try to submit product comment, the system return an error.

Where is the bug? Thanks!

Tried to upgrade to 2.0 today and received the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function hybrid_get_prefix() in …wp-content/themes/raakbookoo-child/functions.php on line 26

The parent theme loads fine but as soon as the child theme is activated the above error appears. Tried turning off all plugins but that didn’t make a difference. Tried uploading via FTP and via WordPress with the same result.

Deleted 2.0, reinstalled 1.4.9 and everything is fine again. So the problem appears to be isolated to 2.0

Just installed but the site does not look like the demo site, could you please advise?

Goodafternoon. i recently purchased your Raakbookoo – Woocommerce Theme For Book Store(last friday – 10/03/17) via themeforest. i have installed and setting up ias in progress. However, i noticed that the sidebars both for the primary pages including blog and shop does not display properly. instead of displaying as a sidebar, it displays taking the entire page. i have done all i think i know to do. i hv activated the sidebars in the widget area, tried changing the templates for each page, tried changing the layouts from default to the other options, tried using sidebar generator but it didnt work. i need to conclude this work today and that for now is the only thing holding me back. pls what do i do? Kindly reply ASAP. Darlington

I want to update to WP 4.7.3 version, if it can be work?

Hello I have the the Rabookoo theme installed but am having trouble getting the slider the work. I get the error message saying alias not found. What am I doing wrong? I have had this theme for about 3 years and would like to update the rev slider, how can I do this?

I suggest this theme should be dropped from envato. My website i used this theme to build was attacked with malware which extended to other sites i have in my hosting account. i did everything possible but couldn’t stop it. until my hosting company told me the issue is coming from the theme. the moment i deleted it, the other sites started working well. I had to get to google to remove my sites from blacklist. I wasted my money on this theme. Am seeking a refund. With the reputation of envato, this kind of theme should not be in envato.

on home, how to show up slideshow revo slider in mobile version ( screen 4,7”) ?


mushykim Purchased

Hi, I very happy with raakbookoo theme, my only problem is I get an error when ever I want to preview an author, Help!