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I want to be sold a business card, can I remove the product page, preview and download.

Such sites are:


Such sites are: my product

for product page is default from woocommerce, so it can’t delete it. for preview and download we will make set ON/OFF so you can setup in themepanel. we will update soon. Thanks

we just update it :) please check our latest log updated

Magnificent work! Just one concern for this theme to be just the perfect one is to have the now standard in almost every new theme here is the page builder plugin. Here is the link to the plugin.

thanks for your support, yes our team still test it :) i hope soon this plugin will compatible with raakbookoo

Hi can we expect the page builder integration in the new theme update? I’m ready to buy it but I need this feature fully integrated. Thank you

we will inform you after all our test done. sorry i hope you can be patient on this :)

Hi guys we already fixed some issues and Add element controller in theme options to set theme as regular shop

1.2.2 – 24-01-2014

  1. Fix dropdown filter search (Category and Author) after submit
  2. Fix preview and download buttons on Single Product
  3. Fix Sale Flash on Shop page
  4. Fix Catalog Ordering
  5. Add element controller in theme options to set theme as regular shop

Hi there,

I would like to purchase the theme for a food store, is it applicable? Thanks

if you need only the ecommerce default, its applicable. but if you need the recipes/menu its not support it.

Hi there,

I would like to purchase the theme for a food store, is it applicable? Thanks


This theme support lightbox in the portfolio page?

for now its not support it, but we will support it in the next update :)

Hi, I would like to change the width of the container, just as your demo looks like where you can see a little edge of wood. Where can I do that? Thanks!

Thanks! That’s was easy :) I have two more questions: my logo doesn’t adjust to background, is there a maximum size, or where can i do some adjustments? And, can I add for example the wishlist in the top (next to the other icons) and if yes, where can I do that?



to get good result, your logo should be 210×35px.

For the next questions, please open new ticket in :

Hi, i buy your theme for my french shop but i have a problem with install of slide. I don’t understand how install the slid on home. I put the shortcode at the good place but nothing ! Maybe it’s a probleme with my home page ? Maybe the first page of my blog it’s not home ? I am lost ;) My site : Thank you !


If you go to Revolution slider menu and edit the slider you have created, you will see Appearance Sections, make sure that you do not set the background image there, let see this screenshot :

It’s work ! Thank you ;)

You are welcome ;)

Hi! Very nice theme! A pre-sale question, I need this as catalog not like a store, (I don’t need cart or listing price). Now in the products page, on hover the books a label with price and more option or add to cart appers in the books, if I don’t set any price, will this label show: Price:0?? Thanks!!


Raakbookoo theme comes with a Catalog Mode plugin by extensions-press. so, you can set up your product just as a catalog. I believe this fits perfectly with what you want.

thank you.

Hi!!!! I’ve have some doubts…

I want to use the web as a catalogue, not like an online shop. (

1. As I dont add any price to the product in the product page you can see a white square above the product name… can I take it out?

2. I dont want that the breadcrumb and page name to be visible.. how can I take it out?

3. I’m in “catalogue mode” but you can still see the cart in the top icon area. As well, in the wishlist page you have the options: “add to cart” “price” and “stock”

4. How can I change the opacity of the logo area?



1. Please go to appearance->custom CSS, paste this code : .single-product .summary .price { display:none; }

2. Open the file header.php and remove the code in line : 101

3. – Open the file header.php and remove the code in line 58-68 - You can go to Woocommerce->Settings->Wishlist, uncheck Show “Add to Cart” button in the midle of page and then save it.

4. Go to Appearance->Custom CSS and paste this css code :

site-logo {

opacity : 0.8; }

4. this is selector for number 4 #site-logo



After update woocommerce(2.1.0), page layout have a problem.

- category page - product page

The page layout became full width.

I want to display the widget to a sidebar

we have been updated with the new version, you can download raakbookoo via download page. thanks

Thanks a lot !

I’m trying to translate the theme, I download the raakbookoo-en_EN .po and .mo, and edit with poedit, save new document as and .po but I upload new files the translation does not appers!


Please open new ticket in our ticketing system :

Good afternoon. I have a notification for my e-mail about new update theme. How to install this update?


You must replace your theme with the new file update.

Hi again!!! More doubts… url:

1) How can we setup your child theme to keep all the code changes that we have done????

2) HOMEPAGE: We dont want to use the Homepage template and we have used a default template. We NEED to have the “books search bar” in everypage but when we setup this page like the static page for homepage the search bar dissapears (if you visit our website you’ll see that the search bar appears in all the pages but the homepage)

3) How can we remove the page name? We dont want it to appears!



Please open new ticket in our ticketing system :

Hi, I’m about to buy your theme; got just one question: is it possible to add the author profile in the author related books page? Or can I create a page with only author’s profile and his books in the bottom of the page? Thanks.


Raakbookoo theme currently do not have author details/profile page. If you clicked on author, it will be displayed all books that have authored by these author.

Ok, Thanks. I’ve bought it anyway.

I’m interested in buying this theme but would first like to check if i can have the items in the store linked to purchase on amazon? So i guess instead of “add to cart” it would link to amazon. Would this work? Appreciate it! Beautiful theme. Kenzie


Yes, it will work. when you create new product, you should choose External/Affiliate Product. that is provided by woocommerce by default.

Thank You.

Excellent, thank you for the quick response!

Wonderful Theme. I intend to use it for what It was created for and then some. I had some questions. Many of my questions are based on if this is more of a marketplace or not. I am sure someone can run this store manually under some strict policies and protocol. But wondered if this theme could operate in a capacity of a community marketplace that would give members control over their books and their sales while the website owner is able to make a profit per book


1. Does this allow the authors to upload there book like if this where are marketplace like on Amazon? or does this have to be managed by the admin itself? 2. Do members have Author Profiles?

Purchasing the book or ebook :

1. I see where you can preview through Google Drive/viewer as a sample which I think is very smart. Is this an automatic setting or is this just a link that is provided in which is linked to the button?

2. If the person purchases the Ebook is this automatically downloaded after the purchase? and are there automatic emails that can be set up?

Membership :

1. Is there a way to charge for memberships or per book amount or percentage of each sale which is either decided on the member posting the listing or would this be done by the admin?



Hi, I think in the latest theme version font support is broken. If I try to change them using the “general typography” section, only a few of the fonts do change. A lot of them dodn’t change when I select them. What’s up? Seems like it is not reading them correctly. Are you using Google fonts or what?

Thanks a lot!


we will check it.

this theme have capacity User purchase history and ability to redownload files ?

Hi I am interested to use it for my real bookshop where i already have a database of books. Can i upload a csv file into this wordpress theme? How will it work? Does it work? It should be fairly simple process because when the real shop inventory changes i would want to upload the update to the website to reflect the changes. If you could clarify this for me it would help me in the decision. Rgs


I am not sure this will work and run well if the structure of your csv file does not match with the structure of woocommerce csv structure. also , Uploading csv file to woocommerce will need additional extension. it need woocommerce product csv importer.

you can consider it.