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Hi It seems I have the some problem as energia99. I mean the fonts. If i try to peek between fonts in General Typography , Only 2 or 3 works ( for example Lato ). Have U look into that problem? Or maybe, the problem is on my side? Do U know what’s the solution to that? Regards


we have check it. indeed seem to be a problem in parts of typography. We will check the font typography problem and we will fix it in the next update. thank for informing us about the bugs. and also we will consider your suggestion above.

Thank You,

Thanks !! When it goes about bugs, I think I’ve got another one. When U select colors of “Add To Cart Color” and “Add To Cart Color Hover” nothing happends. At least i think so. By the way, when do U think this, next update is coming up? Regards


May be this week or next week we will update we will update raakbookoo theme.

I have problem about ninja form, after up date 1.3.1.


We will contact our developer to fix this issue. For quick solution you can paste the following css code into Appearance->Custom CSS :

.ninja-forms-form .email { background: white !important; line-height: 28px; }

All of fixes will be available in the next update.

Daftar-form-template.nff … not work ?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/wsmgroup/publishing/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/revslider_slider.class.php on line 804

what is the solution ?


Can you tell us more details about it? Daftar-form-template.nff do not related to the revolution slider. You can take a screenshot these issue for us.

hi. i just bought your tTheme. first good Job. However i have a problem : when i try to installcatalog mode( plugin requierd) fist time he made installation done but when i return to dashboard he notify me that the plugin is not installed. i look in woocommere feature and the plugin is not installed. i try to many time and he sade echec because we have already an existing folder… could you please send me the wright plugin version ? ima working on wordpress last version and woocommerce too. tnahks

for more advance ticket, please opene new ticket at my team will help you soon. Thanks

Thanks a lot !!

You’re welcome. We’ll be waiting :)

Heelo, is possible to get a file for configurate de Settings like in the demo?.


Hi Santi, you could do step by step like our documentation at here and everything will be like a demo :) or you can give 5 rate and i will setup free for you :D how about that?

I have bought many items befor and this is the first time someone puts a condition to offer help. Thanks for nothing.


Can you provide your email address here. we will sent you the dummy configuration file.

thank you.

Catalogue Mode: I use tuhe plugin u send to me. i install it and activate. But nothing change in parameters i select default and Enable catalogue mode. nothing change i still see the price . il the same forsignel page enable. ... The plugin is it compatible with the new version of woocommerce ? i have the last version./


I will send you the dummy slider. please provide your email here.

Thank You.


Please check your email egain.

I am trying to import the dummy data, once i enter the username of ma administrator and try to import and download the data i get this error Gateway Time-out The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application. How can i import the dummy like in the demo page?


Have you tried it using localhost server? usually these problem coming from web server configuration. Please try it using localhost or another web server first, we will trace the problem.

Thank You.

Hey, i just resolved my issue. somehow the support of my hosting did increase the time on Apache configuration and after 2-3 attempts i got the dummy data. Still going throw the process. I hope everything is uploaded as in the demo.


If you have another problems, do not hesitate to contact our supoort team at , our team will help you as soon as possible. Do not forget to give us good rating for this theme to improve our support quality.

Thank You.

same problem with demo content!


Sorry, please check the link you gave to me. they are encountered error.

Hi, I have 2 issues with Raakbookoo theme. First: On my shop (i’m using v3, but it’s the same with v2) site, in “Exclusive On this month” section, only 10 books (thumbnails) appear. In Your theme preview there are 12 thumbnails, which is understaneble because it can be divided by 4, so it looks good in 4 columns. In my situation, when 4 columns are displayed (i choose to display only thumbnails, without description), the last two spaces are empty which suggest that there no more items. ( first row 4 thumbnails, second row 4, third row 2 ) Second: I have problem with main search. When U leave search window without anything typed in, and leave “All categories”, and “All Authors” options, after pressing Search button, the blog site is being displayed. Then, since on blog site, there is search (but slightly different) as well, when i do the same thing, it works correctly (all books are being displayed). Then when i repeat it again, i’m being send to blog site again. Ans so on. Basically, it works, as it should every second time…. Could U look into that problems, and send me codes, that i could paste to custom css window? Best regards


for advance ticket, please opene new ticket at my team will help you soon. Thanks

i am trying to install the pre-installed plugins but when it comes to XTENSIONPRESS Woocommerce Catalog Mode i cant install it. The prob is that i have installed it but in the back end is showing it as not installed. What do you recommend?


We have fix the issue about Catalog mode plugin installation. but we still not upload it to themeforest. Can you provide your email address here. we will send updated file via email.

Thank you.


OK, Please check your email again. if you do not receive email from us. please let us know.

Great theme, but how do you get replace the wood panel with a different background? I’ve checked “Theme Options”—> “Theme Layout”, but there no option for it there.


Can you give us screenshot which of the element do you mean with wood panel? is it wood image in background image or not?

Yes, it’s the wood image in the background. This one:

It appears in two places:

  1. in the background of the slider,
  2. below the footer at the very bottom of the page when a secondary menu is activated.

You can change it from Appearance->Background.

Can you sent me the “updated plugin that fix the issue about Catalog mode plugin installation”

Also the “dummy slider”

is there any way to import my custom “logo” (e.g. .png file ) instead of a text line for logo???

Thanks in advance Christos

Hi chrispap,

1. Of course we can. we will send you dummy slider and raakbookoo theme file updated version.

2. If you want to change your text line with custom logo, you can go to Appearance->General Settings->Custom Logo

Hi , we are testing the theme on mobile (Reponsive) , we noted that only when you click on the title (not the image) of the product , it will take you to the product page. That is not mobile friendly, particularly that the book title is hidden and only shows the title/price/ add to cart when you hover with a mouse. On a phone there is no mouse. is there away around that?

Hi malkhouly,

When we tried to tap on the product image, we were able to be redirected to the Single Product of the tapped image/product.

You can try it on

Have you tried it on the mobile device directly (not just resizing the browser) ?

If so, what device did you have problem with?

Can i have the demo of the slider?


Yes you can. check your email.

Hi, very nice template. I have a question before I purchase it. Can I have in the front/home page a left sidebar and a slider? And be able to use also the RECENT BOOK widget etc?

Thank you in advance, erifili

Hi erifili,

You can check our full demo here: and see if there are any pages you think you have in mind.

For a complete documentation, you can also check first at

And if you feel you’d like to customize the theme and did not find any settings applied on it, you can always submit your request at

Hope this explain :)

Hi, the widget: XTENSIONPRESS Woocommerce Catalog Mode, will not install. email: [removed as per request]



We just updated the raakbookoo theme . if the update approved by Themeforest reviewerm you will be notified automatically. we have fix the problem in this latest update.

please update your theme.

I bought it through tokokoo, so will I be notified?


If you bought it from, please go to your member page, you will can download latest raakbookoo file there.

Thank You.

How to remove the image background of the main menu and the also the search? i have tried to remove the background image for both of them from the Customise – General Colors but without success. About the logo, i have uploaded my logo but it breaks the header and it overlays with the main menu. Any solution?


You can use Custom CSS feature to do that. Please follow the inturctions below : 1. Go to Appearance->Custom CSS 2. Paste the following code :

.access-wrap, .featured-search .searchform {

3. for custom logo, we recommend you to upload image with size : 200×100.

hi, I tried to configure the slider with the dummy data that you send me, but it didnt look the same. Is possible to get a file for configurate all the web page like the demo?



We have an update for raakbookoo theme. the dummy slider has included in this update. you can try it again.

Thank You.

I too can’t seem to get the dummy files to upload. I also get the “Internal Server Error. ” I followed the directions set forth in your documents on the site. I have worked with a localhost but still no resolve.

Also, does the dummy slide include the demo of the slider?


We have an update for raakbookoo theme. the dummy slider has included in this update. you can try it again.

Thank You.

Hi i read the presentation of this theme again and i saw this : That means we have an event plugin.? Or/and widget .? And How can i update my theme very safely

ilook on my installation no event widget or plugin ...

i saw tis: 12 widget + widget event .. On the update i just need : Fix Woocommerce Catalog Mode missing path - Fix Ninja form missing style - Fix Customizer font control - Update revolution slider to the latest version - Enable widget customizer feature

Hi Xalonecorp,

Sorry Raakbookoo did not support Event plugin. We’ve edited the item description, thanks for your feedback.

If you’re looking a theme which support Event, you can check our other item here:


Hope it explains.