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Is there any chance of getting this theme for Joomla 3?

Hi, I bought this and now i have no idea how to install it into the reseller domain i already have, kindly help, I’m new to these stuff. I have not reeived a response to my inquiry for some days now.

Quick question; I purchased your template a while ago (also the new updated twitter version).

Though it shows the tweets from a selected user, is it also possible to show only items which include a particular word? My English isn’t that good, so I will show you an example what I mean.

Example: I want to display all tweets from users @chicken containing the item #egg (nothing else).

Is this possible? And many thanks in advance.


Hi i am doing some work for someone using your theme, there is an issue with over lapping from the menu to the content

also with the contact detail overlapping the menu on all sub menus to the main page

could you let me know what needs adding

hi I bought rackhost theme for html which is I wrong it should be for wordpress version Can I upgrade to wordpress version


Responsive? When?

hi my friend (karthik from india) want to buy this theme but he dnt have credit card and paypal account is there any alternate way for paying please reply

Would be great if you could make this template responsive, to work on mobile devices.

Hello, for MR Serifly, I want convert this template to responsive, I sended you many email but no answer from you, can you please contact me? I want pay extra the responsive template converter.


the contact.php form is not working. Can you help please

Hello. What is the different between the wordpress and the HTML? and, does it have somekind of page after i login? i mean like a admin template or something so it looks nice? with server and other stuff in that page after i have login. Like a host site have. Would like some update on this theme…. that admin page after login for a example, is very important. at the momet i use another admin template for that… but I would like one that is something that you make or so it looks nice.


I hope this theme support RTL and I am sure it is easy and it takes small modification

why this template has no preview? it looks like psd template..