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Exactly what I was looking for and fills a void in the hosting templates within themeforst. Good luck with the sales on your first submission Serifly – If your future stuff is anywhere near the quality of this theme then I predict good things for you :)

Thank you very much for your kind words and the purchase. I hope to even raise the bar in terms of quality for my future items. This is my first theme after all. It is quite different to create something for a large audience than for a single client.

Would be great to have a wordpress version. Great design though.

Thank you very much. Regarding Wordpress, please check the reply to utropicmedia.

Great work! Good luck with sales!

Thank you.

any word on a wordpress version?

I can’t tell you for sure at the moment. Probably not in the foreseeable future as I am also working on a few other projects with upcoming deadlines.

it looks great. very nice job.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

Thank you.

Can I embed a video into the functional zoom?

thx.. The source code is cleaned up after the sale?

Of course, the source code is only minified on the demo pages to reduce load times. The original is clean and commented throughout all files.

I have removed the minifiy process from the HTML5 source code in the demo version so everyone can have look at the structure now.

Very good stuff! Thanks… Wordpressify this thing, put YooTheme and Widghet Kit it – and you can sell this for $35+ on ThemeForest all day long.

Good luck :)

Thank you very much and for your purchase. As this is my first theme on here I wasn’t aware there is so much demand for Wordpress versions. I will definitely reconsider it.

Stunning theme, and yes it fills the small void of server hosting themes. I would buy this in a heartbeat if it was WordPress with some great pricing tables included.

Thank you very much. I am still reconsidering a Wordpress version.

Excellent theme! I’d love to see you code up a login page for it. It would be a good addition.

Thank you. Indeed, I will think of something.

Stunning work!

Thank you.

nice. would love to see more color options and a blog

Thank you. A Blog design will come with an update. What kind of color options would you like to see? I think the possibilities of customization are already good. A little CSS knowledge is required however.

when comes the next update with the blog? the main color in the header is black. some alternatives would be great, for example organe,yellow,blue

The update will be submitted by the end of next week at the latest. I will think about more colorful customizations and may implement them in the update.

Hello, it looks really awesome. you should do a login page too, for the client login!

By the way really good work :).

Thank you very much – and for your purchase. An update is on its way. I will probably submit it on Monday or Tuesday.

What’s your favorite app for editing these pages?

My favorite app is and has been for many years Coda for Mac. Panic just released Coda 2 and it is awesome. However it is a complete developing environment so if you just want to edit some HTML , there are a lot of good open source alternatives available for free.

I always use Opera and I think most authors don’t tested the website with it. The menu is full of bug. I’m interesting to buy this template but first please fix the problem!

Thank you.

Thank you for considering the purchase. The theme was tested in Opera – otherwise I wouldn’t have listed it on the side. However please always make sure you have the newest version installed. I have tested 11.64 again and attached two screenshots. Seems fine to me.

nice theme as u can tell me bought it :p

i would like to change the default font where do i change it

cheers alan

Thank you for your purchase. You can change the font in “css/rackhost.css”.

body, input, select, textarea, button
    font: 13px "Droid Sans", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif;

Note that at the top of the file the default font is imported from Google Webfonts. You can remove it if your using a standard font or import your own.

Will wait for the WP version. Great job!

Thank you very much. The Wordpress version will definitely take some time. I hope it will be worth the wait.

Hi I just purchase your theme it seems this does not work in IE9 the menu are over laping. this is working how it should.

Thanks Flame 19

Thank you very much for your purchase. Could you specifiy your problem please? Everything’s looking fine from here.

I do however found a few bugs with IE 7 /8 which will be fixed in Version 1.1 – will submit the update later today. The update will also include some new color schemes, a login page and a light blog template.

Wow comments have grown on this template. (read below to the question, first part is my appreciation for your work as i don’t comment very often)

Good job nevertheless. I applaud everyones time they take to design their themes but i never found myself interested in ANY of the other ones simply because they had a “themeforest” feel to them, all way too alike and sort of dated. No disrespect to them but this template is a breath of fresh air.

Honestly. TM has the same old junk their usual 4 designers produce and i’m surprised this is priced at $15 but that’s what makes themeforest awesome.

Anyhow, to my question after a long good job explanation.

I’m not good at design, i can do some css and stuff but i’m old school (tables) divs came in to the picture and i left the scene. That said, can you let me know how i would make the header (menu) fixed? Just the 50px bar at the top when scrolling.

Can this be done? If so let me know how :)

Great job buddy. Please, please continue submitting themes. You’re one of in my opinion the top 5 on this site if this is what you’re producing.

Especially with an integration of Hostbill that is something I can’t do right now. It requires too much attention and I always want things to be perfect. If I know I won’t be able to deliver a certain level quality, I don’t take the job. I do however appreciate considering me for a custom design and hope to hear from you in the future.

Hey Serifly,

I haven’t purchased yet as planned, been waiting for the update with the fixed header but i don’t see it in the description yet. Has that been added yet?

Hello pgeorge, thank you for your interest. Yes it is possible to use a fixed header since the update 1.1 (described in the documentation) but I didn’t list it as a major part of it. If you purchase it and are in need of help don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help.

Content Slider does also not work, the Slide does show any images of any servers that are shown on this website!!

Flame 19

I am really sorry, stupid mistake on my side which will be fixed in the update. I forgot to replace the images source links to point to the folder and not my webservers root directory.


<img src="/rackhost/img/slider/virtualServer.png" alt="Virtual" />


<img src="img/slider/virtualServer.png" alt="Virtual" />