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I actually thought it was a wordpress template the way you had it all laid out when I bought it. So hopefully you will get it converted sooner than later.

Thanks for a great design. You should do more of them. Just do a WP version as well :)

Thank you for such a great design. I’ve just purchased it and the themes are all perfect, I like the blue one so much, but I don’t know how to change the dark one to blue.

Can you please tell me how to use the blueHeader theme? I want it to be the default theme, instead of the dark one.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your purchase. Just uncomment the CSS link to “blueHeader.css” in your templates head to use the blue version. This is also described in the documentation.

Any news about the wordpress theme?

I am still on vacation but I hope to release it sometime in August.

Thanks so much

hi , I bought this theme and I deleted one of shard hosting column , and I want to put the other 3 in the center of the page , How can I ?


Please have a look at the template “virtual.html”. You just have to rename the CSS classes to “column small”.

Thank you very much for your purchase.

thank you very much :) ,

Plz can I change the Dark color, I can’t understand from document, can you clear this for me ..

+ that How can I edit contact us to get the messages at my inbox ?

Thanks A lot :) and am sorry for disturbance

In every template the links to the different CSS style files are within comments

<!-- ... -->
Remove those symbols for the link “blueHeader.css” to show the template with the blue style known from the theme preview.

To receive emails from the contact form you have to enter your email address in the beginning of the file and have PHP and a mail delivery agent like Postfix installed on your webserver.

Is there anyway to install a content admin to this page for simple modification of the content in the page?

I am really sorry but this is not possible. You will have to wait for the Wordpress version to have a working CMS .

This is really cool design, but I would like to buy WordPress version, so I will not buy this yet! Sorry.

When WP version comes, I buy it! ;D

Bought this now! :p

Thank you very much for your purchase.

The heading/navigation shadow has disappeared. Lovely theme by the way!

Thank you very much. Please send me a message via my profile page if you still experience problems.

You don’t have whmcs theme?

Unfortunately not. Thank you very much for your purchase.

I have the theme converted to WordPress and WHMCS fully integrated. I am not a wordpress coder but it does work perfectly with v3+. I am still hoping the author will release a wordpress version so I don’t have to bother with upgrading it myself all the time but another month of waiting isn’t something I really want to do.

Coding a well working Wordpress version takes quite some time and I don’t want to disappoint my customers. I hope the wait will be worth it for anyone.

Based on the work you already did I would say it will be well worth it.

Before you went on vacation you said you had it done but had a few minor changes and documentation and it would be released. Now it seems more like it hasn’t been started yet and will be released hopefully sometime in August. This is the only reason I was posting here again.

It was indeed almost ready to be released but I wasn’t happy with the result, that’s why I didn’t release it before going on vacation.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Hello, is it possible to use a faq page?


Sure, you have to have a little knowledge in HTML though. No template is given for that specific purpose.

Bought also your great design, thanks! Read about the Wordpress enabeling. What is your current schedule to release a Wordpress version? Thanks, Willem

Still not sure, definitely within August though.

Thank you for your purchase.

The contact don’t work

Thank you very much for your purchase. Could you please specify your problems in a private message? Will be easier for me to help you.

Please keep in mind that you need PHP and a working mail delivery service like “Postfix” installed on your system. Sometimes mail delivery can also fail if the address you are trying to send to is not hosted on the same server than your site.

Any updates on when would RackHost theme be available for WordPress?

Definitely within August – thanks for your interest.

Just for info, when WP version comes I may buy it!

Any update on your WP Version? I would like it sooner than later if you have it.