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Hi Serifly,

I am working on a project which is due early September and just wondered if you had an ETA as to when your wordpress version of this template will be available?

Kind Regards, Ash

I am trying to release the Wordpress version by the end of August. No guarantees though. Most of it is completed but it will definitely need a little testing.

Thank you all for your interest.

Hi Serifly

this is best hosting template in my eyes .. i want to buy but i can’t buy it through paypal or moneybookers .. will you be able to accept the payment through 2checkout or alertpay

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately I can’t sell you the template as all licenses are given away only by Envato. As long as they don’t support any other payment option you just cannot purchase my item.

i have contacted via contact form here, have not heard back. can u plzz reply?

I am sorry but I wasn’t able to reply yesterday. Hope everything is working now.

Thank you for your purchase.

Just wondering how the wp version is coming along? I have intergrated whmcs but would like to use your wp.

It is coming along well I guess. I am preparing the theme demo today and hope to release it soon.

Any chance of getting this WP version anytime soon?

Theme preview is ready, still tweaking the documentation though. Hope to submit it within the next 2 days.

Thank you for your patience.

Were you going to submit the WP version 2 days from now or 2 days from 3 days ago? Just wondering because I think I might as well give up on this and move on to another theme.

The WordPress version was submitted 2 days ago, it is currently being reviewed and I hope it will be available soon. As mentioned before my release date was the end of August. Submitting a theme does not mean it will be available right after.

Well that is unfortunate that Envato takes so long to process your work. I honestly didn’t realize that they take their time releasing something. Maybe you should do freelance work instead. It’s hard to find a good Freelance designer that does designs like you and I have personally paid for 2 custom hosting designs since I started waiting on the Wp version of your theme. I still have 1 more site I want this theme for but I can’t wait forever. I guess I will hope they release it before tomorrow.


They don’t really take their time releasing something rather then reviewing to ensure the best quality possible for customers. The more themes are in the review queue the longer it takes and right now it seems a lot of new themes are being submitted. I don’t want to promise anything but I hope it will be available within 12 to 24 hours.

I really appreciate you waiting for the theme. I will notify you directly in case it will take longer so you can move on with your project.

i still cant manage to use to blue version, can u tell me in step by step how to do it.

No problem, open a random template like “index.html” in a text or code editor and have a look at the

section. You will see all available stylesheets in between
<!-- -->
comment tags besides the default one “rackhost.css”. Now remove those comment tags for the color version you would like to use.

An example for the blue version is described in the documentation. Hope it will now work for you.

Can we get PSD of the images written rack host? i.e data center images?

Let me see what I can do. It is been quite a while that I created them and I am currently not at my regular workstation. I will send you a message as soon as I find them.

Does this theme work in IE9 ? I saw it on one site (sorry cannot mention it here) and it shows that it doesnt work good..!

Any specific problem with the theme with other browsers ? Because before buying I want to be sure that this theme will work on all latest browsers very effectiely..!!!

Thank you very much for your interest.

I’ve tested it extensively with Internet Explorer before releasing it and didn’t have any problems – besides some really minor issues with IE 7 . The developer of the site you saw most probably did something wrong.

Hello! How are you?

Before purchasing, I just want to make sure that we can modify this how we need.

How do you switch colours? Is it a different CSS file? Or is it a setting in a file? Could you please explain how easy it is to switch themes and what the process is?

Also, are there multiple layouts for each colour?

Looking forward to purchase! :) Thanks.

Thank you very much for your interest. To change the color set you have to uncomment the appropriate css file in the header. There are a few aspects you can change but the layout will stay the same.

If you want an easier approach you can also purchase the WordPress version where all of this can be done with just a few clicks in the theme options panel.

For a second there I was like “Wow!”... THen I re-read what you said and saw “Wordpress”!

Okay so to change the colours from … black to purple (example) you would comment out style /black.css and then uncomment /purple.css?

Alright, I think I get the drift. Cheers

any luck with PSD ?

I am sorry, totally forgot about you. It is not much but I hope it will be useful.

hi, would this be compatable with WHMCS theme?

Thank you for your interest. What do you exactly mean by WHMCS theme? The default layout of WHMCS ? If so then I am afraid not. You will have to integrate it yourself or find someone who is able to do so for you.

Hi Serifly,

I used your theme online and it’s 100% working. I just need to know is possible to make this template Right-Left capable?

How can I make the template support RTL languages?

Thank you

Thank you very much for your purchase.

To be honest I never really considered someone might want to use this template with an RTL language. I don’t think you will be able to adapt it as you would be required to change the complete layout – which is unfortunately made for LTR languages.

Do you have plans to make/convert it to WordPress?! ? I Want buy & Convert to WordPress Please give me permission.

Unfortunately no, I will always convert HTML themes myself and the WordPress version is already available on Themeforest.

Could next update include .php files too, so we can change footer, header, navigation, the top info (icons with text) etc. on a single file to all pages?


Thank you for your purchase. I can include such files with the next update but it is really easy to do yourself. Just copy everything until
<!-- Content Starts - Header template should end here -->
in a file called “header.php” and everything from
<!-- Content Ends - Footer template should start here -->
in “footer.php”. Now remove those parts from all templates and replace them with
<?php include('header.php'); ?>
<?php include('footer.php'); ?>

Now you only need to edit those two files.

hello, I bought your graphic design and I can not find the missing fonts for design PSD . Can you point me to where I can download it?

Thank you very much for your purchase. All fonts and its sources used are listed in the items description and the documentation.

Please note that the logo font “Museo” directs you to a site to purchase it, the regular versions of 300, 500 and 700 are however free.

Serifly, please include fixed.html and \fixed_files folder in download.

Thank you very much for your purchase. There are no files required for the fixed header. All you have to do is copy the following

<style type="text/css">
        position: fixed;

        background: transparent url(img/layout/siteFooterPattern.png) left top repeat;
into your templates header as described in the documentation.

I will however include the “fixed.html” file as an example in the next update.


Just wanted to say a huge CONGRATS for this AWESOME theme!

Planning to make tons of money with this! Thank you again for your professional work!

Definitely the best looking hosting template!

Warmest Regards,
George Girtsou

Thank you very much for your purchase, George.

Can you add a menu so I can have multiple language ?

Thank you very much for your purchase.

I will think about something, please send me an email via my profile page so I can notify you.