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I need WHMCS aswell. Would be great if this is possible.

An integrated version is available by a third party developer and is easy to find via Google.

I need to know how to nest menu items so I can have sub menus. I have sent you a private message to request this. please help. thank you.

Hi, I’ve just purchased this WHMCS theme. I was wondering how do I install it?

Hi Again,

I figured that this is not a copy and paste thing. How can I use this with my WHMCS? should i delete the index.php and replace with index.html?

I have received my requests about integrating this great template to WHMCS, so I am working on a seamless integration (every page will be integrated not only header and footer), but needs few weeks to get everything done.

You working on an intergration? Will this be released as an update on this website?

Re-Selling this item is against the liecense that was given to you when you purchased this template. About the integration, I’ve tried and have successfully integrated this template to WHMCS however there is a problem with the order form, when you get to the part in choosing a certain domain for your hosting package, theres a TLD error. But I’ll get round to it.

Does this also includes the psd of the map with the datacenter locations?



I need the Rackhost Hosting & Business Theme in blue but it downloaded as black and even after writing to the theme seller they are not providing me the same .

I dont know html and css. So, i need you to do it for me. Set the theme in all four colours separately for all its pages and send me 4 separate folders with complete separate html files and css and images.

If you offer 2 set of colours then do that only. i need you to do it for me fast.

Item Purchase Code: eae93b58-ad51-41a3-a499-20348c2ac1fb

Purchase Date: 2013-07-04 19:25:40 UTC

Kindly do it urgently as its very important and my resellers would access me in different colours from my domain with different prices set for them.

Regards Omkar Nath Nandi

Unfortunately I couldn’t provide any support over the past few months. All color versions are included and have to be activated via CSS.

so late reply ….. :-)


How to make a page with 3 TABS and 3 LINKS

link1 to open tab 1 link2 to open tab 2 link3 to open tab 3


Are there any plans to fix the Twitter API so you can integrate your Twitter feed? It appears to be stuck on ‘Loading Latest Tweet’ because it is using the old system not the new OAuth.

An update to fix the Twitter access has been released. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Really, really nice theme! However, I can’t seem to get the Twitter API to work it continuously displays Loading. Screenshot provided in link below

I am really sorry that it took so long. This problem has been fixed in the newest version, does however require PHP now.

Why PSD file for banner i can’t edit it?

The banner should be included in ‘concept.psd’

I have purchased this and didnt see there was a wordpress version. Am I able to change?

I am really sorry, unfortunately Envato does not support to change a purchased license.

How integrade this theme with WHMCS?

An integrated version is available by a third party developer and shouldn’t be hard to find via Google.

I have the wordpress version… the twitter latest tweets no longer works. Could you please make available an updated rackhost.js file where the twitter function is located.

An update will be submitted very soon. I hope you are still using the theme and will continue to do so. Thank you very much for your purchase. I am really sorry for not supporting the theme during the last months.

That’s excellent news, yes I am still using the theme, I have made mine fully responsive too. Looking forward to the update.

Update has been submitted, I hope it will be approved later today.

Hi, Can you tailor this theme for me including various email forms to email to different email addresses? Please provide an approximate cost.

When can we see a responsive version.

Not anytime soon I am afraid.

how to create a image withou style?

in a table with some images and this images withou box light?

Just add the class ‘noBorder’ to your image tag.


I have the latest version 1.4. However, the Twitter bar says: “Error Latest tweet could not be retrieved…”

Hello Einottaja, did you enter your API credentials in ‘twitter-timeline.php’? The update is working just fine over here.