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how do i customize the home page content bellow the slider… these are 1. 100 GBit Network 2. 99.99% Uptime 3. Reliable Hardware 4. Support Center

How could i customize. Thanks

Thank you very much for your purchase. Please send me a message with the account used for the purchase via my profile page so I can verify you as a buyer.

What you are describing is normal WordPress content and can be changed with the visual editor.

I have just bought this amazing template but have some problems. The content slider doe snot show up in homepage.

Do I miss something?

Thank you very much for your purchase.

Did you follow the steps of setting up the slider in the theme options and selected the page template “Home” under “Page Attributes” when you created the home page?

Well it’s nice theme. so can i activate the slider on each page. is that possible ?


Thank you very much for your purchase.

That is not recommended. You can select the template “Home” used to show the slider for any page you want but you will be missing sidebars. You can’t however create multiple sliders.

Hi, is there enough spcae to add a new main menu item. like domains ?

Thank you very much for your interest.

Not while keeping all other items as shown in the demo but you can always combine items into dropdown menus.

Hello Serifly Its Nice Theme for the wordpress. but i have a problem that whether the slider will work in each page… If it works pls reply me.

Thanks in Advance INTEGRITY

I have already answered your question earlier. It is possible to show the same slider on every page but you can’t set up multiple sliders.

I have create a textwrapper but no bullets shown up. If i delete list-type:none I get bullets at any menu Any solution pls?

Please read the documentation. There are three types of lists which are all called by a shortcode. You just have to wrap the list created in the visual editor with a shortcode of your choice.

Does the template have the ability to add the reCaptcha to the contact form page? I’d like to integrate it (or something very similar) to help cut out chances of spam coming in thru the form.

Currently there is unfortunately no spam protection implemented. Are you already having problems with that? I will add an option with the next update. It could however take a few days.

Can this template be converted for use with Joomla?

Unfortunately not, this theme is for WordPress only.

In the page where it displays the hosting packages how do I add a link to the order page where people will go when they click on the order now button?

Thank you very much for your purchase.

The shortcude “button” as an attribute called “link” where you just have to set your order url.

[button link=""][/button]


Has anyone had chance to test bbpress?

Thank you for your time.


Thank you very much for your interest.

I am sorry but I didn’t test bbPress with this theme so I can’t give you any guarantee that it will work.

Is there a way to change the effect of the slider? Also is there a way to slow down the transition of the same slider?

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your purchase.

Unfortunately the slider and its transitions can’t be customized without modifying the javascript functions.

Are the Hosting Server Pack images part of the theme?

Thank you very much for your interest.

Yes, the images for the slides and categories are included and not watermarked. You only need to buy the icon pack if you want them in a higher resolution and layered.

When i set a particular page as a home from Template, it shows the slider but it hides the sidebar. Is there any way to activate both the slider and sidebar for a particular page ?


Unfortunately the sidebar is disabled for the homepage and can’t be activated. I could however implement a second template in the next update if it is really something you require.

Hello, I really enjoy the template and everything is working accordingly. The only thing that would be nice is on the Twitter feed, the links don’t hyperlink, you need to cut and paste into browser to follow.

Thank you very much for your purchase.

I will implement automatic hyperlinks for the Twitter feed in the next update.

Hello, Does this theme support multilingual modules such as WPML ? Thank you.

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately multilingual modules are not supported.

Have you received my email ? just send you email 24 hours ago :)


I replied to your email just now. It took some time as I received quite a few emails over last few days.


I’m very happy with the theme, but the Twitter feed seems to have stopped working since a couple of days ago.

The request to http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline.json?.... gives a 404 error, and apparently Twitter has removed some deprecated calls from its API that were working until now: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/11590

Anyone having the same problem? Thank you

I am aware of this issue and will submit a fix as soon as possible – hopefully later today. I didn’t think Twitter would remove the public API so quickly after they announced it.

If you want to fix it yourself please replace this




in “rackhost.js”. This method will work until March 2013 but I will introduce a function to make the feed available with the API version 1.1 soon.

Serify, your fix worked perfectly. Thank you!

Hi , is it possible to have a full .XML export ? thanks

Thank you very much for your purchase.

A full XML import is unfortunately not available. I decided to include a step by step documentation and text templates instead as I think this helps you understand the theme much better. Even with an import file there would still be parts like the homepage slider and navigation needed to be set up manually. This could confuse users more than it would help them.

It’s true, you are right.. I have just found file, it’s perfect, thank you

Do you think this will ever be Responsive in its interaction to iOS and other browser window sizes

Unfortunately no, this theme was never designed to be responsive. Adding support for it now would be rather complicated and could break exisiting customizations.