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great & stylish theme. I wish I would have a web hosting company now. :) Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much.

Congratulations on your first theme. Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks, much appreciated.

Thank you.

Yes Serifly! Expect a purchase very soon :D

Thanks Ash. Hope it will what you are looking for.

Makes we wish I owned a hosting firm haha – it’s brilliant

Thank you very much.

Nice looking theme man. Good luck with sales!

Nice looking theme man. Good luck with sales!

very nice! dont need it but good luck :)

Great Mother of Hosting! This is incredible. Any chance you make this responsive?

Thank you very much.

Probably not, I never had plans for it to be responsive. Maybe it is my personal preference but when it comes to hosting I wouldn’t buy that from a mobile device.

If this was responsive, I would buy it for another project. AMAZING .

I thought it includes all features of the original one then i purchased it. but now I did not find “Default Table” layout in wordpress version. scroll to default table. How can i use that in wp version? I bought both templates.

Thank you very much for your purchase. I simply didn’t think of the table and its shortcodes. I will fix that within the next hour and issue an update.

Until then you can use the following code in the HTML edit mode.

<div class="tableWrapper">
            <th>Table Header</th>
            <td>Table Cell</td>

works great! thanks man. I messaged you about two more minor problems. Please answer them when you have time.

I’m very satisfied with your support. Thanks!

Thank you very much. I have issued an update with the default table shortcodes. As soon as the update will be available you will be able to use tables like this.

        [table_cell_price label=""][/table_cell_price]

Great work on moving this through to WordPress now. Have had your profile under the radar for when it arrives. Thank you. Will review and let you know in due course how I get on.

Thank you very much for your purchase. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are having problems setting up your new site.

Really nice theme! I’ve an issue though. What does it take to dispaly the sliders for the homepage? I’ve followed the instuctions in the help file but no sliders are shown in the home page.

Yes, a new page has been created with attribute “Home” , uploaded images and entered information in the “Theme Options”, but no slider is displayed.

I am really sorry, unnecessary mistake on my side. I used two really similar WordPress functions – unfortunately it was the wrong one. The slider only appears when the “slug” of your page is “home”. I have resubmitted the theme for an update. Please install it as soon as it is available.

Thank you very much Sherifly. Niice theme and great support!

Having same problem as Agelx,

Cannot get the slider to display. i have the home page set up as a separate page using the sample text you have on the live theme demo. I added the images included with the theme to test and filled in every box for Slide 1 and Slide 2 – nothing is being displayed

I have fixed your slider problem, it was however me who made an error while testing it. Currently it only recognizes the template “home” when the slug name of the page is also “home”. I have submitted an update and hope it will be available very soon.

I am really sorry for the mistake – hope everything is fine now.

Do you have any plans to make a WHMCS integrated version of this theme?

I am sorry but no, WHMCS is not planned right now. If you don’t care about the different design of it though it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Can I remove this from the footer: Powered by Wordpress. Theme by Serifly.

Yes of course, you can customize the footer easily via the theme options panel.

I would probably buy if it was responsive.

@pcsurgeon, it’s fairly easy to create a WHMCS theme from any theme once the site is set up.


I am sorry Mark but I don’t have any plans to make this responsive right now.

No worries, I wasn’t upset about the lack of responsiveness. I was just trying to give constructive feedback that might help in future plans…for example if other people mention that responsiveness is an important feature to them.

Best of luck with sales!

Feedback is of course always welcome, thank you Mark.