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can you help me troubleshoot why the the pricing panels are not fitting. they where fitting. but now they are not

I did install a few plugins. I disabled them and still the issue.

I like the theme alot, good work.

I am very sorry for the late reply. It seems you already fixed the problem? The pricing tables look fine on my end.

I had to override the width to 961px to get it to fit.


This theme is compatible with WHMCS?

Thank You!

The HTML version has a third party integration. I do not know if it is working with the WordPress version though as I am not the author.


This theme is compatible with WHMCS ?

Take Care, urs Ricardo.

The HTML version has a third party integration. I do not know if it is working with the WordPress version though as I am not the author.

Hi, do you have plans to (re)support the theme and updating again? If not, please send me a message if the theme (framework) will be on sale.

There is still limited support for bugs, but it won’t receive any new feature updates. It is not for sale.

me da uma chamada….rikardinho

Please send me an email via my profile page contact form if you need help setting up your theme. Unfortunately my Portuguese is very limited so you will need to write in English.

please send me email, i need to contact you concerning customization,

May I know what and where we are allow or not allow to change?

This is a beautiful theme that I would buy if only it included WHMCS.

is the theme include Dummy content???

Hi Serifly,

Such a beautiful theme for hosting services, the best I found but only lacking responsive feature. Or am I missing some thing?

well done will buy if its fully responsive. regards,

Hi Serifly,

I purchased this wordpress theme however just wondering how do i create two lines on the page title? Like you demo?

I have used strong for the first word to be in bold .Please could you advise if i have to code it or is it something im missing.

Cheers, Shawn

Just purchased. I entered my Twitter API key/secret into the Consumer section and the Access Token key/secret into its section, but I keep getting “Error Latest tweet could not be retrieved…” on the site. Thoughts?

Hi. Love the theme! One question. How do You enable excerpts is blog page? You can see Read more button in demo page by the top post. No idea how to do that.


Theme has a security vulnerability which has not been fixed after several updates. My site has been compromised multiple times. It’s also been abandoned by the developer. I am no longer using it and I’d advise everyone to avoid it.

My site was compromised as well – though I’m not sure if it was the theme or a plugin I had installed. Any news from Serifly?

Also – my main menu stopped working with dropdowns…anyone have ideas how to fix the dropdown?

Cheers, Shawn

This appears to be such a good theme but as other have said it’s been abandoned by the developer…I see there is also a html version…I would like buy it but not if it’s not supported properly – shame!!

The Wordpress Templatet are not compatible with WHMCS.

The CSS from Templatet makes many problems when WHMCS installs with a plugin in WordPress

After installing the works of the true ordering process with some adjustments but the Customer Area of WHMCS has many errors due to the CSS from Templatet

Too bad that the template works only as an HTML version with WHMCS

Hi, does the theme with WP 3.9x or 4.0 ??? Or are there problems with it? There was a long time no more updates…


my install at does not work with 4.0, the menu is not correctly placed anymore.

Any responsive version coming soon?