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Is it possible to make some multilanguage site on this template? I used qtranslate to switch between languages on everything but header menu, if someone uses it he goes again to the main language site


Thank you very much for your purchase.

So the translation works but you can’t switch the language? Would you mind sending me a link and maybe create a temporary account to your WordPress installation?

Shouldn’t qTranslate detect the language and change the links automatically? I had a look at your site and can confirm the error. I did a little search and there are quite a few results regarding that topic. Unfortunately I just don’t know the plugin and its functions well enough.

Is there anyway you can provide me with the PSD to this file?

I like the image, however, would like to change the text to reflect my company name

Thank you very much for your purchase. You can download the PSD files for the placeholder images here.

You have to replace the logo with yours and then use the transform function to achieve the same perspective.


Can we add more than 3 services in this template ? Can we detect country procedence in order to display correct pricing, eg. euros/dolar ? Many thanks.

Are you referring to the homepage slider? If so, you can show up to four slides with the theme.

Automatic currency recognition is not available and I can’t tell you how much effort it would be to implement it – maybe there is a plugin? You could however just link to WHMCS which should be able to show multiple currencies depending on the users location.

Actually I was referring to the menu above the slider, I guess now I can add one more option, lets say between virtual and dedicated..,it´s that correct ?

The last one, the text “Powered by Wordpress. Theme by Serifly” has to be present due to licenses, or can be avoided?

Many thanks.

You can put anything you like in the navigation above the slider. It is a simple WordPress menu and can contain any link or label you want.

The footer is only a placeholder and should definitely be replaced with your own content. Of course it would be nice of you if you leave my backlink but that is totally up to you.


Is this theme SEO optimized to the fullest? If there is anything that could be slightly better, could you let me know what those are so I can make sure that each page is optimized as good as it can be for Google?

I usually use All In One SEO Pack….but wanted to check with you since you created the theme.


Thank you very much for your purchase.

The theme uses a relatively clean and strict structure to organize the content. The navigation, headlines and content should be in perfect order to be search engine friendly. I am however not an expert when it comes to this so I can’t tell you what else should be done in order to improve the sites ranking.

How do I add the sidebar to my pages?

The sidebars can be set up in “Appearance – Widgets”. Please read the theme documentation and the official WordPress codex article to learn more.

you have it in portuguese of Brazil? is to place link whcms

Thank you very much for your interest.

No, unfortunately the theme is not available in Portuguese. You can link to WHMCS but it is not integrated.

First of all great template!

i am a bit of a newbie although i want to insert one of my tables into a javascript tab and cannot get the table to fit all on one line. Is this by design or am i missing something really basic here.

I am sorry but some elements are just not meant to be located in the tabs. The pricing tables have a fixed size and therefore won’t be displayed correctly.

Please take a look at the text templates and use them as a starting point.

Thanks for your fast reply!

i am fine with the layout elements its just that i really need to put a price table in a tab and didnt want to go down the road of an aftermarket plugin. Perhaps this could be a feature request in an update? Thanks for your help

I’ll try to at least make regular tables working in the tabs and notify you as soon as I have a solution.

this is extremely marvelous wordpress job.. Have never seen any like this detailed and clean job before this year. Good job. complete finishing even to the backend. Nice one. More strenght.

Thank you very much.

nice theme, wish you good sale! have you plan to make it responsive?

Thank you very much. I am sorry but no, there are no plans to make this theme responsive.


I love this theme but I have some questions before to buy a new license for a new client: - why only 4 sliders and can I add some more. - I use qTranslate and it works well but in the slides. Can I translate the slides too?

Thank you very much for your interest.

The theme only holds up to four slides because of the space available for the labeled buttons. Maybe I will change this value in the next update so it becomes the users responsibility. I am afraid the slider can’t be translated at the moment as it is set in the theme options and does not include a text domain.

Thanks very much for the reply. I’m so sorry :-( Despite these two details, your theme is perfect.

Good work.


Is it possible to add an image next to (1000 Monthly Pageview) on Shared Hosting page?

Entry 1000 Monthly Pageview

Professional 10.000 Monthly Pageview

Business 100.000 Monthly Pageview

Enterprise 500.000+ Monthly Pageview


Unfortunately no, images in the title area of the pricing tables are not supported. Although not recommended you could try to add them before or after the title.


I was wondering if you had a wordpress version of the business theme?


Unfortunately no, the business theme and slider of the HTML version does not work with the WordPress version. You could however reuse some parts by manually selecting the required CSS .


How do I add reCaptcha to my contact form?


Navigate to “Appearance – Theme Options – General” and enter both your public and private keys into the appropriate text fields.

To get the keys you have to sign up for free over here

Thank You!

how about favicon insertion ?

Thank you very much for your interest.

You can change the favicon, the logos and much more in the theme options.

Please provide the code for the sidebar in a txt or post it here. I can surely extract the HTML but I want the clean shortcode code that goes in the text widget.

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your purchase.

The only widget that uses a little HTML and a shortcode is the “Rackhost Guarantee” list shown on the about page. Everything else is created with either WordPress or theme widgets.

    <li>99.99% Uptime</li>
    <li>100+ Gbps capacity</li>
    <li>24x7x365 Support</li>
    <li>Enterprise Datacenters</li>


I have just downloaded new version and installed on my new website but homepage slider is not working, can you have a look why?

Did you set up the slider in the theme options and created a static page with the template “Home”? Please have a look at the screenshot below if you don’t know where to change the template.

How does Client Login work, and what’s the purpose?

The login page is just an HTML template which you can customize to use as a login form to another service like WHMCS or any self coded backend. The service you are using has to support a basic post login though. Then you just have to change the post field variables and the form target to make it work.

Thank You very much!

Hi Serifly,

I really like the theme, please can you send me XML DEMO File? And please if you can give me instructions how to change, the copyrights. I want to connect the page to “Follow us on LinkedIn” not to “Follow us on Twitter” can you help me? E-mail:

Thank you very much Sincerely, Catalin Anton

Hi Serifly,

Thank You very much! I still need XML DEMO File.

I have just sent you an email with the XML file. Please contact me again if you need help with anything else.

The theme is very good, support is exemplary, recommend with confidence this author.

Hello, I have an issue with WHMCS and the WHMCS -Bridge. The issue is related to css and the wordpress rackhost theme is overflowing into the body of all pages. The whmcs bridge is displaying but with rackhost style body. If i disable the rackhost theme and enable a basic wordpress theme the whmcs bridge works perfectly and formets perfectly.

Thank you very much for your purchase.

I am not quite sure what the WHMCS bridge is? The theme doesn’t come with an WHMCS integration. I am afraid you will have to integrate the theme manually. However, if you want you can send me a link to your site so I will have a look at it.