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Amazing.. the purchaser is faster than me, really amazing template, good luck gan…

Hehehe, alhamdulillah, matur suwun gan

Good looking friend.Good luck with sales… :)

Thanks. good luck with your sales too

Love the whole presentation. Gorgeous.

Thank you very much, mate

very nice template, great theme!

have a choice to make light? instead of dark?

Thanks! I’m waiting the light version for buy… Regards

I’m so sorry for my late progress, you could please see light version here


my opinion: much nicer, I like more


Is there a light version?


Hello Martin,

Yes, light version has been ongoing processed, probably next week will be ready.


Hello Xolution,

I’m so sorry for my late progress, you could please see light version here


Hi Maskeenan,

awesome design, keren brooo :), sukses buat jualannya ya! ;)



Terima kasih banyak mas Twincore. Sukses juga lapak mas. BTw, indonesia mas? hehe, udah ikutan gabung disini mas?

Amazing work , congrats.
Kind Regards,

Thank you very much, bedros

This is a brilliant template maskeenan :) Nice, clean and elegant. Good look mate ;)

Thank you very much joomfx. Good luck for you too

Awesome, Cak! Sukses.

Suwunnnnn cakkkkkk

mugomugo laris manis berkah! :)

hello i will really went for you to build a website for me for my business so that i can pay you

Great template- purchasing now… I wonder- can we loose/modify the loader on the Image Show Pro? If you don’t have an answer, I am a Gavick member, I can ask in their forums. I have another site with this version of Image Show Pro on it- but I hadn’t thought about removing the loader until now. :)

I do have one major gripe with this template… The last time I developed on one of your templates this drove me crazy too… I wish you would just have a page that displays the module positions rather than that feature that turns the module position titles on and off. It’s terrible and over-complicating something so simple.

Other than that- I have been working with this template for a few hours and it really is beautiful on both the front-end and back-end.

5 stars if you send me the module positions in an image like every other Joomla template developer on the planet! :)

Hello Vibe,

I’d like to thank you very much for your trust to purchase this template, Would you mind if I’ll provide a screenshot on module position later, right after I finish some update of this templates. If I may suggest you, please hold up a while to make some modification to this template and wait my update. Wouldn’t you?

If you’re in a rush, maybe this link could an alternative way to know available position on this templates


Don’t worry about the screenshot. I’ll be okay without it!

Are you putting out an update? I am going to continue to work with the template. I wont touch any PHP or CSS while I wait for your update.

Yea Vibe, I’m putting out an update, maybe in next some hours would be finished, mostly I update are the less files (less folder) and some files under tpls/blocks folder, this templates would have light skin option.

Please PM here So I could create your forum id, so if you have a further question, you could please post anything there.


I have already bought the raddin template, BUT:

------- The template don’t runs with IE 8!!

Although it is written in your discription.

But many people are surfing with IE 8!

Only in IE 9 and higher it works! Firefox is also fine.

What can I do?

(Sorry for my bad english)

Where can I change to the light version, how is written in your discription?

I cannot find it.


Hello Keenan, I’ve already looked for theme > theme, but I have only “blue” for choosing and nothing with “light”. When I choose “blue” nothing change.


Hello Vrenchen,

Do you have the latest copy of my tempaltes? If not, please download the latest one.

Regards, Keenan

Thanks Keenan, I have updated the template to the newest version, the light-version runs.

But with IE8 and IE9 the header-slideshow don’t appear.

With Firefox all is fine.


Great Work. Good luck with sales

Thanks, mate. Good luck too with your sales.

This Template don’t work with Internet Explorer 8!

3 days ago, i have written, that this template don’t work with IE 8, although it is written in your discription. But I get no answer!

With IE 9 and higher and Firefox all works fine.

But many people surf with IE 8!

What shall I do? I would never bought this template, if I only hat known that are problems with IE 8!


(Sorry for my bad english.)

Hello thanks for the great looking template. I just installed using your QuickStart package. When I see my site ( it is the light theme which is beautiful, however the main reason I purchased this template is for the dark color. I looked in the template manager and in the Theme tab it is set to “light” but there is no “dark” option to select.

Please help me get the dark theme, I really need the a dark website not light.

actually i just checked one more time on the Theme tab in the template manager, i set it to “darktest” which is obvious meant to be the dark theme, but it is still light – as you can see


Hello Rael,

Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. About your question, on template manager > raddin-homepage > theme tab > choose theme = use-default > save. And you still need to repeat these steps above for another templates style (default and no-sidebar) Good luck.

And if you have another question, please PM me here


Thanks so much that fixed it

The template don’t runs with IE8 and IE9!

I have asked now 3 times and I get no answer!!!???

The header-slideshow don’t runs with IE!

The header-slideshow is also not running, when I open the template-demo directly here in themeforest with IE8 and IE9!

Where is the bug?

Could you please let me know the exact problem on IE8, because on IE8 I show the problem is on slider, the others was fine. And on IE9, I’ve checked everything is fine. Pleas wait for the answer for IE8.


Slider don’t work with Internet Explorer 8!

I wait, and wait and wait but nothing happens! I have written this problem now 5 times!

When comes an update, that the slider works with IE8?

I don’t want waiting any more time longer. What can I do?

Sorry, but I have purchased this template with supporting IE 8! (in your discription)

(Sorry for my bad english)

Hello Vrenchen,

Please go to template manager > raddin > general (tab) > Enable Development Mode > Set to NO. Good luck. And if the problem still persist, please let me know by PM me with the url detail, temporary username and password to your administrator.