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Hello, great to hear You like it :).

love the photo gallery.

Thank You, nice to hear that :)!

Yes the photo gallery is perfect, and so class presentation. It is lovely design man.

Hello, thank you, we really appreciate it ;)!


Great theme, but can someone tell me how the tabs work please ?

Thanks a lot.

Hello, could you please explain more, what kind of tabs exactly?

In the latest activity, we can see tabs Popular | Recent | Comments, wich are disabled in the HTML version. Only Popular is set to active. How do we enable the other tabs ?

Hello, could you please contact us via contact form, so we can send you necessary files?

I purchased Radial theme to build our auto dealership website, the design is absolutely stunning and very easy to integrate. Let alone it was so easy to build, I got tremendous help from the Orange themes, the company who built Radial. Support is very professional and in timely manner. Recommended. Thank you Turk

Hello, thank you for your good words, we really appreciate it ;)!

hello, in the zip is not the menu-card and the menu-card.


Hello, menu-card is for Bordeaux theme, for radial it’s called “template-car-listing.php”.

Hi Thank you so much for such a design

Have few question

how to remove drop menu item in dreamweaver

Hello, not sure what you ment, but to remove submenu for html template, you must remove each sub-ul element (and it’s content) from all .html files.

Hello, After i downloaded the html files and open the theme to view the page, the map on the footer is out of position. Can you please tell me how to fix the footer. Thank you.

Hello, could you please contact us via contact form, and provide your website address, since for me everything is ok.

hello how to set up the contact forum to be send to an e mail?

Hello, You must set up contact email via wp-admin -> Radial management -> Contact, and then it should be working ;)!

Great theme. Only issue we have is the text in <cufontext> i.e all the section and car titles get pixelated when zoomed up slightly :( Can this be fixed ?


Could you please, send us a demo example, so we could view that?

i need help whit this template. do you any tutorial for me please? thanu u so much.


I can’t see that you have bought our theme, so you can ask your questions here, since you won’t need Theme documentation not yet. But after you will buy it, you will get a documentation for free.

Hi I buy this theme. You can send me the documentation? thank u


Documentation only comes with Wordpress themes.

Hi Guys, Have designed my site and starting to get there. Left contact form form till last and seen you have no php files to work with your form?? Using dreamweaver not wordpress can you help??


Yes basically, for contact forms you will have to make php mail function yourself, you can check some tutorials over internet, for example this one – http://www.phpjabbers.com/make-contact-form-and-send-email-in-php-php21.html .

Is there anyway I can connect a database to this, I got the setup but the actual linking doesn’t work..


I’m not exactly sure what you ment, could you explain more?

Well, I want the customer to add his own cars thru an admin panel, but it doesn’t seem to work. Built the database thru PhpMyAdmin and linked it to the car listenings but the changes don’t show.. Or is there a way I can do this in plain HTML ?


Well, basically HTML version is without any php type of code, so you will have to code everything by yourself. I would recommend you to take a look on some kind of tutorials, that can be found in google, it should give you some hints.

If anyone got the contact form working can you please help me out. coleton.bullard@gmail.com

very nice template.. the logo i need to fit it is 266×205 how can i move down the nav bar to have the full size logo i just mentioned?

Thanks, Jim

Thanks for the swift response.. I will let you know I did.. Okay there ins’t any includes/top.php I searched high and low.. I bought the html css not the word press

I got it ty..


Just to check, is everything fine?

could u please contact me on skype please? my id is iget.income http://aero3snsw.com is what im doing. I want to move the background to the slider downward.. to much going on to figure this out.


We are sorry, but we don’t provide support via skype. Could you please explain more about your problem? You can contact us via contact form and describe your problem more. Contact form is located in our themeforest profile page at bottom right corner.

I finally got it.. I thank you tho for your swift responses and I am sure to come back for more of your AWESOME templates..

To your success, James.


Nice to hear that everything is working, and also thank you for your good words :)!


Can you just confirm to me what you get with this download. Do you just get a bunch of already created files, which you upload to your server which will show template. Then any edits that have to me made manually to the files etc

Thanks Mark


You will get html files which you will upload to ftp server and then you will be able to edit them.