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orange-themes does not currently provide support for this item.

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Dear author, some time ago I was interested in Radial website HTML template (not the WP version). Now I see that it is no more available. where did it go? Will it come back and available for purchase??

Pre-sale question about auto trader theme,

i really want to have my website similar to truecar website, so i want to ask you about search filter, can this theme have search filter like first, buyer need to select either brand or body type then if choose brand then model of that brand will come up, while choosing body type the brand that have that body type will come up and let the customer choose, something like this, , i want search filter to work step by step. because sometime it does not make sense in some case, for example ( assume that there is no convertible type in BMW) , when buyer click at brand BMW and there is convertible body type option for them to choose ( assume that there is no convertible type in BMW) just example

can this theme fix this or is there anyway for me to fix this if i use this theme , if it require any plugin to solve this please tell me thank

Unfortunately currently this feature will not be available.

and what about did the theme support this plugin “Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin” because i want to make militating to have bid funtion

We haven’t really tested it, but it should be working fine as far as the functionality goes – cannot say about the style. If there is anything wrong with it, let us know, we will take a look into it.

Pre-sale Question 1.do you have paid customization service?

2.if i would like to have bid and auction function in each car listing, can you do that?

3. how long would it take?

4. and can you estimate the price of the customize service?

1. Currently we do not provide customization services due to our workload, we would suggest looking up a freelance developer un Envato Studios.

Usually I handcode my websites but due to a customer asking for a wordpress site for his auto sales business I decided on the radial theme….If things could go wrong they have down to the code,layout and responsiveness of this site….Slow loading as well….I do believe I could have purchased the html version and installed my cms much faster than this…So many coding errors that I have to ask…Do you build these from the ground up? Next would be the support- Ive had the same issue that I have emailed to support over and over again: 3 or 4 times today with no response..I did receive an email the first time with a response I had already tried..Adaptation to smaller screens? words cut off,images not aligned and occasionally breaks and the desktop version shines through on my smartphone..Is there anyway one of your support team members could possibly email me back and also include the demo files I requested atleast?

We replied to your email.


I see that in the previous questions it was indicated that this template is not compatible with e-commerce systems (WooCommerce, etc), but there are already two years that these issues have been made. So far already existed some way to make this system compatible with WooCommerce the other system?

Thanks, GN

Yes, currently it is not WooCommerce compatible.

I would like to purchase this website theme, but i would like to know, is is possible to use a different background image for the homepage? I would like to use a different image to the one of the desert road. Also the test drive reservations page, is it possible to change the calendar in such a way that the AM PM drop down box is hour specific, and an additional drop down box under it is there to select a specific service? Then i could use a pre selected duration of hours to use for each individual service from the drop down box, if you understand what i am going for? I wish to use this for my mechanics business but i feel the demo doesn’t show the right potential of this theme. Thanks

You will need to modify the theme images in order for replacing the background.
As for the reservations, currently you can set working hours, but the individual services will not be available.

This thème isn’t fully WPML compatible. If you want a good translation, you need modify theme because the theme use :

<?php the_content(__(‘Read more’, THEME_NAME)); ?>


define(“THEME_NAME”, ‘radial’);

In this case, you need go in WPML -> Theme and plugins localization -> check box “Automatically use theme or plugin text domains, when gettext calls does not use a string literal”

And add this in line 9 of style.css :

Text Domain: radial

Normaly is ok.

Information from WPML support / Communicated to the Radial support

with this compatibility i want just display correctly the_content in blog section (for the rest it’s ok)

i find this :

replace <?php the_content(__(‘Read more’, THEME_NAME)); ?>

by <?php the_excerpt(__(‘Read more’, THEME_NAME)); ?>

in news_style_1.php but idon’t have “Read More” button

ok i’ve find from the demo :

replace <?php the_content(__(‘Read more’, THEME_NAME)); ?>

by <?php the_excerpt(__(‘Read more’, THEME_NAME)); echo’[...]’; ?>

Read More…

in news_style_1.php and it’s ok


can you send me the xml file for the demo content plase.

E.Mail: m.tanguener@gmail.com


We sent it to you.

My site doesnt look like the demo site on initial install. Its not as wide.. I have no left or right widgets but there is empty space there that I do not want. I want it to take up the entire browser. Second, the footer has the copyright. Where do I replace that at? Also in my Contact page, I cannot see the text, just empty text boxes. The Submit button isnt the same size like on yours. The menus, when being highlighted in red, do not fully highlight like on the demo site, they are only “half” highlighted. On your demo site you have cars on the blog portion with “read more” buttons..where are the example pages that I can look at ?

I’ve tried. When I do it says my “purchase code” is for a different product and it doesnt let me. Right now I’ve fixed everything. Now I only need the “demo” for the homepage.. the part where the cars are at so I can modify it. I’ve sent you guys an email also requesting that.

Please fix my account. I CANNOT CREATE A TICKET IN YOUR SYSTEM. send the demo to: bartonekdragracing@yahoo.com

Apologies, there are problems like these sometimes, we have contacted Envato support regarding this. Try opening up the ticket now, usually it works after a while.

Hi, is there a changelog for the recent update ? Thank you

The latest update includes a fix for background images on > 3k resolutions, updated LayerSlider plugin. You can check changes.txt file for exact files changed.

is there any way to add a captcha to the contact form on this theme?

It will require a little modification, but is possible. If you need help with that, open up a support ticket after the purchase, we’ll help you :)


can you send me the xml file for the demo content plase.

E.Mail: danghoangkien@gmail.com

After the purchase open up a ticket on https://orangethemes.ticksy.com/ and we’ll send it to you.

Hey! i buyed http://themeforest.net/item/radial-premium-automotive-tech-wordpress-theme/561152 theme and i setup it. But my website is working too slow with this template and my mobile site is looking very bad. I want to refund this theme because i cant use theme in my website. I want to help.

Sorry for my bad english.


Unfortunately we do not handle refunds since we do not sell our themes directly, you will need to contact ThemeForest support regarding this.

Hi, Eversince i updated things on wordpress and this theme i get this error on the bottom of my website..

” Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home2/saroukh/public_html/wp-content/themes/radial-theme/footer.php on line 22 and defined in /home2/saroukh/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1246”

website is www.rapidautoservicecentre.com.au Please get back to me asap. Thank you


Unfortunately it seems that your support license is expired, due to the new ThemeForest policy we will be required to ask you to renew it.


niku85 Purchased


can you send me the xml file for the demo content plase.

E.Mail: nicusor.borotescu@gmail.com



We sent you a email.


niku85 Purchased

Thanks !

Do you support currency conversion on the site on the fly?

The currency can be changed via the theme settings.

Hello, I just bought this theme and after installing, I couldn’t find “Cache and timthumb.php so I could change their permissions. Also, my Gallery isn’t working at least its not displaying and my Car details isn’t showing the car specifications after clicking. Please kindly assist. here my site www.arrowheadautomobile.com

We have checked the page, but we saw that you haven’t uploaded images for the specific post so that is the reason why they do not show up. You can ask for a demo sample for these posts and we will create it for you and also add a step by step instruction with images so you could follow it and repeat it after.

Thank you for all your responses, I was able to get the details no how to upload the files directly. here are two other issues I need to be resolved. 1. My client doesn’t want any price tags on the cars. I was able to deal with that but when I clicked on “show all car listings” it was showing ”$0” on each car. How do I remove that. 2. Yes I like the function of the shot code [carlist] but is it possible for me to enlarge those images within the specification without the use of gallery? i.e http://arrowheadautomobile.com/car-listing/toyota-truck/

1. You should be able to remove the price tags by editing these file


and removing this line

<td class="menu-price"><p><?php echo $currency.remove_html_slashes($price);?></p></td>

2. You can adjust the shortcode via the includes/shortcodes/carlist.php file, but please note that you could need to customize also the style files if your changes are affecting the shortcode layout.

Hello Guys,

Thank you for all your supports.

1. I will like the images that appears after using the [carlist] short code be a little bit bigger the it is right now. My client doesn’t want the gallery so he’ll prefer to just have a larger images under the [carlist] short code images.

This was a typical example of what he gave me.


2. After successfully deleting

<td class="menu-price"><p><?php echo $currency.remove_html_slashes($price);?></p></td>

I still have several dots which I I wouldn’t like to have on my page.

3. The “Find By Brand” under the car listing isn’t working and I also check the default theme, I realized it wasn’t working. Is there anything you can do about this?


1. Sorry but your provided link doesn’t work it redirects uz to this page http://www.hrowen.co.uk/error.aspx?error=Car%20Not%20Found

About the images, you will need to customize the shortcode tag and also the layout of it, as this is a larger customization, this isn’t included in the support, you can find a freelancer here: https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress for this customization

2. Can you please send the direct link to the page we wil have a look at it.

3. In this case we will need a closer investigation, please open a support ticket with the wp-admin access details so we could have a closer look. Mostly it doesn’t work because some specific car settings aren’t added.

Hey Guys,

I have few complains about the Find-By-Brand in my CarListing Section. Here are what I experience according to each clicks

http://arrowheadautomobile.com/car-listing/#page-1 ( Once I click from the Bentley to Lexus on that same page, it brings two sections off cars but not the only brand I search for) http://arrowheadautomobile.com/car-listing/#page-2 ( Once I click from Maserati to Mercedes Benz S63, it only brings a section of cars Im not searching for) http://arrowheadautomobile.com/car-listing/#page-3 (And once I click from the Range Rover to Toyota, it doesn’t bring anything at all)

Please kindly help look into this as I am about to submit to client for review. Thank you


Please open a support ticket and add also wp-admin and FTP access details to speed up the support process and so we could debug the page to fix the issue.