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It looks awesome! good luck with your sales! =)

Thank You :) We really appreciate it :) !

Finally a different automotive theme and I have a client I may recommend it to. I think it’s missing a ‘Find Your Car’ search box to sort my make, model, price and other variables. Any car listing site should have this as standard as a car dealer would expect this feature.

There’s only one other car dealership theme on TF and this theme will only do well if it’s made just as robust. This has a totally different look and feel and can stand on its own. If I am to recommend this to a client there are a few more elements I think I would prefer to see.

One example is the home page layouts, there should be an option for the slider on all home page layouts imo.

Hello, You can add slider on all homepage layouts. Everything on this theme is made from blocks, and You can add together homepage style 1 with homepage style 2 for example.

Hello, it’s added, you can take a look on it here – http://radial.orange-themes.com/search-results/ ;)!

Thank You :)!

this very nice and pro theme really great work done here , good luck

Hello, Thank You, we really appreciate it :)!

really nice theme!, but i agree with the “Find Your Car” search form.

Excelent work man! That´s what i miss.

Just one question, can i put the searh

Sory, my question is if i can place the Find your car search box on the front page.

Thanks again.

Hello, yes it’s possible, but you will need to edit some files, if you will need it, we will help you do it ;)!

Is there a language file where this could be used for boats instead of autos?

Hello, You can change “autos” to “boats” by editing en_EN.po file that is located in languages directory. You can edit .po files with PoEdit.

Hey orange People, really cool Theme. Could you please tell me, which Font you have used for the navigation and logo? Thanks for it :grin:

Hello, all fonts are included in theme folder :).

Great Theme ;)

I would like to purchase it if you could answer me some questions:

- is it possible to have more than one “car listing”? - can i rename these listings? maybe instead of “cars” someting like “houses” etc.?

Thx ;)

Hello, it is possible, but You will have to edit and add some code to files :). If You will need any help in that process, we will help You!

Definitely need to implement the “Find Your Car” search. Seems this would be default on an automotive theme.


Hello! Thank You, we will add it soon. :)

Hello, it’s added, you can take a look on it here – http://radial.orange-themes.com/search-results/ ;)!

Hi, Thanks for this amazing theme. I am ready to buy it but it’s too bad that it doesn’t have a search form in order to search the car by brand, model etc… is there a way to include one ? Or can you advise me a good wordpress plugin to create one ? Thanks in advance.

Hello, We are working on it already, and we hope, to add it in next week :).

Hi again, sorry i didn’t read the comment by CLINE123 . I agree with him, a search form for the car will be great. My client wants a search form…So this missing point can block someone to buy this theme…but i read your response :”but if there will be many requests for it, we will create a specific search for cars too”. I let you know that with me, you have another request.


Hello, We are working on it already, and we hope, to add it in next week :).

Hello, it’s added, you can take a look on it here – http://radial.orange-themes.com/search-results/ ;) !

Hello again!

I now purchased your theme and encountered a problem with the images/galleries. Featured images, galleries and image captions don´t work. All i can see after uploading is the caption but not the small image.

Thx ;)

Hello, Did You set up permissions for timthumb.php and cache folder to 0755 (if it doesn’t work set permissiosn to 0777)?

0755 didn´t worked but 0777 is doing great. Love this theme!

Thx for your help ;)

Hello, nice to hear that everything works :)! If You need any other assistance do not hesitate to contact us!

Hey orange people,

Say I wanted to use the template for items instead of cars and to review instead of selling, would that work?

I am new to Wordpress and themeforest so I have no clue…


Hello, Yes it is possible :)!

How hard would it be as I have never got my head round coding?

Hello, It won’t be hard, anyways if you will need any help in process, you can always contact us, and we will help you do it :)!

So now I have bought it, what do I do?

Hello! You can start customizing the theme. First what you should do is read Radial documentation, and make all necessary setup, before starting to do anything else. After that you can start, adding menus and posts. If you will need any assistance in process, do not hesitate to contact us :)!

Hi, do you include your car sample data in the download package? I could not find it…thx!

Hello, To get Radial theme .xml file, please contact us via contact form.

When I upload the theme to my WordPress website, this comes up:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, webmaster@**.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Hello, is everything okay? I saw your comment above, that you said everything is okay. If you still need any assistance, will be happy to help you :)!

Hi Orange-Themes, thanks for adding the “search form”.

It will be very nice if indeed you can upload it in a few days ( as you said )

Thanks in advance

Hello, we are working on it right now, and it should appear in upcoming week, in case something goes wrong, then it should appear in start of next week.

I got it working!

But how do u set a blog page?

Hello, to set up blog page, you must create a new page, and assign it to “Default template” (Be sure the page content is empty). After that you must go to Settings -> Reading, and assign newly created page to Posts page, after that just save all changes, and everything should work :). If you need any other assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!

I am looking forward to using your theme in the near future as I have a perfect client in mind. Looks really good! From what I gather there seems to be a great level of support as well. Do you have documentation anywhere before I make the purchase?


Hello, Thank you :)! You can read documentation here – http://radial.orange-themes.com/documentation/ .