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My car search dose not seem to be working on the site any ideas ? http://garagecrottanedy.ch/

Could you give us an exact link to the page where the problem encounters?

how to change decimal separator to dot instead of comma?

Where exactly do you want to change it?

Search works fine now!

If there are any other problems – let us know! :)

how to add more Feedback Rotation Settings on radial template ?

Please check your email, we answered there.

you wrote: “Hello, You can specify the items price in while editing the car listing. There will be a metabox called Price. You can view shortcodes on the demo page.” But I don’t find a shortcode for the thumbs in the car-listing slider: where or what is it?

There is no such shortcode. It seems that there is a little misunderstanding. Could you give us a screenshot etc. to display what exactly it is you are trying to change?

Where I can send the screenshot?

You can do that by using form on http://orange-themes.com/contact or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

I sent you the screenshot at: support@orange-themes.com Thank you in advance My website is at; garagecrottanedy.ch

Thank you in advance

Check your email. :)

Hi I’m looking to use the ‘Car Listing’ page to sell parts, is the theme compatible with any shopping carts such as Woo Commerce?


Unfortunately currently this theme is not compatible with WooCommerce plugin.

Ok thanks, is it compatible with any other shopping cart?

Unfortunately we have not tested any other plugins, we cannot be certain.


I’ve found a bug with the reservation-system, allowing one to choose days in previous months, as long as they are later then the actual months day.

Eg. If today is 2013-03-15, I can choose everything between 2013-02-15 to 2013-02-28 as well.

Also, I would be greatful if you’d reply to my other request-email ;]

Kind Regards, André

Thank you for the feedback, we will take a look at it.
We already have replied to your email.

I am thinking about purchasing this theme. Have you had any buyers use this theme with woo commerce? I would like to know if it is compatible.

Unfortunately this theme is not currently compatible with wooCommerce plugin.


-Is it normal, if I put some information ( fill all avalaible text-area-box / – TITLE, – CAPTION, -ALT TEXT, -DESCRIPTION / ) when inserting a picture into the content – but NOT show / NOT apear anything there, only just a ‘grey’ small square?

I mean about this “caption” things in wordpress…

<div class="some-div">
[caption id="attachment_123" align="aligncenter" width="120"]<a href="http://example.com/wp-own-folder/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/some-pdf-atachments.pdf"><img src="http://example.com/wp-own-folder/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/some-picture.png" alt="ALT INFORMATION COMES HERE" title="TITLE INFORMATION COMES HERE" width="120" height="120" class="size-full wp-image-123" /></a>SOME INFORMATION COMES HERE[/caption]</div>

-if I clean off, this “caption” open and close tags ( before and after the hyper link ) the picture will be apear, and clickable – otherwise just a “grey” square appear – not even clickable.

“CAPTION” works with the twentytwelve theme – maybe getting aurgument with the Radial Themes own “CAPTION” tag ?

2012THEME EXAMPLE: http://bit.ly/WH26p71

Cheers, Zoltan

Try using this caption shortcode:
[caption title="Centered picture with caption" url="http://radial.orange-themes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/image-154.jpg"]


the caption not working -i put there your sample. the gallery not working the carlist not working

check it : http://bit.ly/Z3lqvk

I sent email contained the credentials. Could you check it please?

Thanks, Zoltan

Please check your email.


I have a brand new install ( both wp and Radial theme ), but some of the elements not appear as they should …

on car-listing last page -slips out of frame the list.



the reservation – not sends emails if booking made ( since wp 3.5.1 update )


Do you have a tested-and-working “related-posts” plugin what you would recommend to use? -I need it for posts, page, gallerys, car-listings-single-page


would work on a posts page – but not on the other 3 – need to edit the template file may be?

Cheers, Zoltan

Make sure you are running the latest version of our theme.
Unfortunately we have not tested this plugin yet.


Last Update 18 December 12 ? I installed that one.


Hello, Could you send us your wp-admin login credentials so we can see it in live?<ber /> You can do that by using form on http://orange-themes.com/contact or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.


Update – I sent an email with title: radial – reservation email—css-out-of-frame-related plugins “

Thank you guys for the help.


Please check your email.

What is the appropriate size for the images in the Home Page Slider bar? I would like to be able to see the whole image.


The image dimensions are 950×350px.

How do I link pictures to car listings? I see where to set a featured image, but I would like to have multiple pictures.

It is saying my gallery is empty…

Hello, Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a more in-depth look at it? You can do that by using form on http://orange-themes.com/contact or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

Hello. Can you help me? In car list doesn’t work “More Photos”. I added more then 2 photos with different options and shortcode [carlis] but is still doesn’t work.


P.S. Theme was purshuased by my client. If need he can write comment here.

Make sure that:
1) featured images are set;
2) you have spelled the shortcode properly: [carlist]

same problem like in upper post (creoadmin). I can’t understand how upload more then one pictutes. Can you write normal instructions? (also wrote to your email with my item purshuase code)

Simply drag&drop them. You can set only one as the featured image but the other will be still there.

Hi, I need help on this issue, Seems like the car search function doesn’t work on my site-section http://iagmotors.com/test/search-inventory/, I test it on local server and still having the same issue. Looking forward for your feedback. Thanks

Try populating all the information field about the cars.
They must not be empty in order for search to work.

Still the same result. Search function doesn’t work. Do you have any idea about this issue? Please let us know. Tnx

The fields still seems to be empty: Radial Car Listing -> Edit Item -> Fields under the content.

Hi, we purchased the theme… but we are not able to make any gallery work… We just got “No url attribute defined!” PS: we set up the permalink as on the documentation.


This theme can I withdraw this search because I wanted to use the theme only for an automotive center, not resellers. It would be possible?

In order to receive a refund you must contact themeforest support.

How do you upload images to the individual car listings?

You must set Featured Images while editing the car listing.