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Hi, I am working on a site with your Automotive Theme for a web agency.

I would like to only show the chosen category (car brand) on the car listings page, http://secure.webcoursesagency.com/auto/our-cars/ and not show more then one brand on this page.

If you need any license number or something like that, please come back to me with information on where I can find those numbers.


I just sent you a message via the themefores profile

I found the problem about the search now, I had not created a page with the Search Result Page template selected. After finding the problem, I looked at the documentation and could not find any information about this. Might be a good idea to add it, or am I really the first to encounter this problem?


Thank you for the feedback, we will update the documentation ASAP.

Hi Does not affect the original Settings and content, how to upgrade the theme


If I understood you correctly, if you haven’t modified the theme, you should not lose any data, but we suggest that you backup your data before updating your theme. If you have modified your theme, update only the files listed in changes.txt located in archive downloaded from ThemeForest.
To update the theme, you must overwrite the old files in your theme directory with the new files which you can get by simply re-downloading the theme from ThemeForest.

How do I get the “more photos” and “specifications” section for my listings? http://themeforest.net/item/radial-premium-automotive-tech-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/561152

We didn’t find any email in our inbox nor spam box by the name “ronjak”. Hopefully we have replied to you already, if not – try contacting us once more.

where should I send it then?I sent it to contact envato support, link to the right.

You can do that by using form on http://orange-themes.com/contact or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile – there will be a contact form on bottom right side.

my small images at the bottom of the homepage are not showing up, I uploaded them to the recommended size of 302×186?


Check if there are no whitespace in image’s filename.

no spaces ??? no white spaces

Could you email us your wp-admin login credentials so we can take a look at it?
You can do that by using form on http://orange-themes.com/contact or there is a contact form on our themeforest profile.

I have tired to find a change log to see which files that have changed from version 2.0.8 to version 2.0.9? Is there any where I can see this?

If there’s anything more – let us know! :)

Yeah, still have problems with the search, even after update to 2.0.9 there are no difference in the search performance.

Please check your email.

IMPORTANT: I need to change the Logo Size… all my trying to modify the class logo failed… where can i change the width and height of the Logo Position?????

You can do that by modifying the Width and Height attributes on “includes/top.php” file on 101

Hello, http://radial.orange-themes.com/car-listing/porsche-311/ [carlist] “More photos” where the file exists? I can not find where to upload files…..

sorry? where is the purchase code

Do you have Instant Messenger, skype or something?will be faster?thanks

hello, i have problem with image under slider not show. some image show and the other blank although i was upload the image. can you help me?

Could you give us a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can see it in live?

chek PM / email please.. i have sent you an email/PM

Please check your email.

How to modify the Specification part language, I would like to replace Chinese?Thanks.

If I understood you correctly, the theme can be translated using this guide: http://www.orange-themes.com/how-to-translate-website-with-poedit/

Hi This template is great. One question, how do I get the car images on the top right (above the menu)as shown in demo? Thank you

To do that, you must enable feedback slider in “Radial Management -> Slider Settings -> Feedback Rotation”

I have turned off comments for the site in the settings sections, yet comments still keep showing up on my pages. How do i turn this off?

Also how do i get the home sidebar to display something other than posts?

How do I set which sidebar I want on various pages?

Why is a button for events showing up in the home sidebar? I don’t want to display events, my clients isn’t going to have events.

Where do i change the copyright info at the bottom of the page?

In settings you can only turn off the comments for future posts, you will still need to disable them for existing posts/pages.
See if this helps: http://en.support.wordpress.com/enable-disable-comments/

My logo is larger than the area by default, how can I make the logo area larger and what file do I modify for this?

I need to make the area 350px wide Thanks!

1. Currently such option is not available, you can set a Full Day in “Radial Management -> Reservations -> Settings -> Set a Full Day in Calerndar”.
We will consider adding this feature in upcoming updates. 2. About the timestamp, are you using the latest version of our theme, we did fix this issue some time ago.
3. Contact information can be set in “Radial Management -> General -> Contact”
4. Could you give us a link to the page where the problem is encountering so we can see it in live?

Thank you for your fast reply!

I have found a solution or work around for most issues,

but I still need to add some images and a phone number to the header. What is the best way to do that? In what File would I place them?

I cant send a link yet because the site is not yet live.

Thanks again!

In order to add these elements to your header you must modify “includes/top.php” file, this will require programming knowledge.

Hi again, is there an easy way to to have the slider go full fluid width?




The slider seems to be full fluid width, does the problem still persist?

Hi. I have added a new category called testimonials to show up on http://secure.webcoursesagency.com/auto/

When I click “Show all Testimonials” I get linked to http://secure.webcoursesagency.com/auto/category/testimonials/ which is correct. But the content showing up on this category page is wrong.

Please advicde!

Never mind, solved it and it wasnt your fault.

Great! If there’s something else, let us know! We will be only happy to help! :)

Hello, I want to buy your theme, but I have questions :

Is the theme allow other user (dealer) to login and post their listings into the website? Do you have paypal support for accepting payments from these dealers?

Please let me know.

You can add separate users which can add content to your website, but unfortunately we don’t have a paypal support for this.

How do I get the Home page sidebar to display some other than posts?

Unfortunately this feature is currently not available.

Why is a button for events showing up in the home sidebar? I don’t want to display events, my clients isn’t going to have events.

Where are the events coming from. I don’t see any events plugin or widget


But where do the events come from. The Homepage widget sets the title and the category, so what does that have to do with events. I would expect anything in the Services category (my setting) to show up there, but why is an events button showing up when there isn’t any place to even set an event?

If I have to get rid of this event button, then tell me where i go on the php file, what line # and what do I delete or modify.

The events are supposed to be a separate news category in blog.
The button can be removed in “template-homepage.php”, line 247.

Line 247 did not remove the Show all Events button, it only moved it around.

I found this code on line 411 and removing that, removed the button:

<?php printf ( __( ‘Show all events’ , THEME_NAME ));?>

Where do i change the copyright info at the bottom of the page?

It can be done in “footer.php” on line 84.

Where is the footer info being drawn from? I have 2 footer widgets on my home page, yet there are no footer widgets in the widgets panel. Where are they coming from and how do I add a third to fill up the space to the right?


It can be configured in “Radial Management -> General -> Contact”

OK, I started working on the Layer slider. When i click preview, I get the You are using an old version of jQuery.

I added the jQy=uery updater but that didn’t seem to solve anything, still getting the error message. Your error message say I need to go to Code Canyon to your profile page.

I can’t find your profile page on Code Canyon. Why wouldn’t you have a link on the error message?

Sp please send me the link where I need to go to get help with the jQuery issue.

Considering all the issues with your email service, I figured i better reply back here to your latest email to me as at this point there doesn’t seem to be any guarantee that emails get through to you even when sent to the email address you designate or if I reply back to your emails sent to me so i have copied my latest reply here so this at least insures you receive it.


OK, first, the “functions/upload-handler.php is there, I just checked it so i have no idea why you think it isn’t there.

As to the jQuery issue, I think it is up to you to resolve it. You told me to go and get the updater plugin so I did. Now you are telling me it has a problem. I am not a coder, so I can’t fix or update a js file and I don’t know how to downgrade.

You have my access codes, I suggest you fix it.

Bottom line is I purchased your theme with a slider that is supposed to work. It didn’t, so you suggested a fix. I did that and now you tell me the fix was the problem and I need to revert back to the earlier jQuery version which i had in the first place and that didn’t allow the slider to work.

You need to fix this problem. If you can’t fix it then let me know so I can request a refund from themeforest.

Sure, we can fix that for you. Although, we will require your FTP login credentials. We are not sure why we can’t reach you through our email.

For alternative, we have just opened a support forum, maybe you can try PM us your credentials to our profile: http://support.orange-themes.com/user/2-orange-themes/