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templates are very special to me. congratulations buddy :)

Thank you :)

Thanks for the awesome support and I really love your themes!

Thank you, much appreciated :)

Hi. absolutely love the theme. great work. just need help on one thing, where do i adjust content font size? thanks

Hey :) I replied to you on Tumblr, but I’m replying here too in case other users would need to know.

Add the following lines in the Add Custom CSS field to changes font-size for content :


with your own value.

Or with these lines if you just want posts font size to change (it won’t affect sidebars then)


If it’s not working as it should, add !important, like this :

font-size:16px !important;

lmc Purchased

Question—Is there a setting in your theme that’s preventing the “edit” button from appearing on a post when logged in? It’s enabled on my other Tumblr blogs, but can’t see an option in the native settings that controls this.


The area that shows EDIT as well as FOLLOW and other things isn’t a part of the theme, it’s something that is added by Tumblr once the theme is loaded. It can’t be edited, the only thing you can do is move or hide the whole thing (including the follow button) with CSS, but people won’t have a follow option then.

The EDIT button is only displayed for you as the author of the post though, but I don’t know about others authors of your blog, I didn’t test that and I’m not familiar with it.


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Another question - and the solution might be too complex - I have three authors sharing this blog, each of whom have social media contact info. Is there a way in the code to duplicate the “Follow Me’ box several times, and allow the “me” text to be editable?

As an experiment, I’ve gone into the code and just tried changing: {lang:Follow me} to {lang:Follow us} But it makes the title disappear altogether

It can be done with some line editing.

First, go to line 1963 and copy from that line to line 1984

Content of copy :

<section class="follow sb-item">
 <h3>{lang:Follow me}</h3>
   {block:IfRSSFeedIcon}<a href="{RSS}" class="rss" title="{lang:Feed}"><span /></a>{/block:IfRSSFeedIcon}
   {block:IfSteamID}<a href="http://steamcommunity.com/id/{text:Steam ID}" class="steam" title="Steam"><span /></a>{/block:IfSteamID}

Copy this on the next line, before {/block:IfSocialFollowIcons}.

Remove the line {block:IfRSSFeedIcon}...{/block:IfRSSFeedIcon} with its content on the copy.

On every other line, add a number at the end of each mention to a username to add.

Example :

{block:IfFacebookUsername}<a href="http://www.facebook.com/{text:Facebook Username}" class="facebook" title="Facebook"><span /></a>{/block:IfFacebookUsername}

would become on the copy

{block:IfFacebookUsername2}<a href="http://www.facebook.com/{text:Facebook Username 2}" class="facebook" title="Facebook"><span /></a>{/block:IfFacebookUsername2}

For every copy, along with the original, change

<h3>{lang:Follow me}</h3>
<h3>Follow "Username"</h3>
and specify a different author username each time.

Finally, go to line 110 and copy everything to line 127

    <!-- Social -->
    <meta name='text:Facebook Username' content='' />
    <meta name='text:Twitter Username' content='' />
    <meta name='text:Youtube Channel ID' content='' />
    <meta name='text:Steam ID' content='' />

and paste it right below it. On the copy, change on each line the string by adding the number you added in the previous step.

<meta name='text:Facebook Username' content='' />

would become on the copy

<meta name='text:Facebook Username 2' content='' />

repeat the steps above as many time as necessary, by changing the number on each copy (Facebook Username 3, Facebook Username 4, ...)

Save your theme. Close the customization panel and open it again, you may now be able to see new text fields for the options you added.

Try and tell me if this works.

Save your changes on a separate file, because all changes you made on the code are lost when a new version is installed, so keep them somewhere as well as these instructions so you can easily do it back again.


lmc Purchased

Cool, I will try this as soon as I get home and let you know. Thank you for the quick response!

Help! Can’t get the tweets to show up on the right hand-side. I signed in with Twitter and set the Tweets to display to 5.

Ok. Thanks

A new version of the theme fixing the Twitter feed bug is now online :)

Great! Thanks for the quick fix.

Merci beaucoup pour l’aide et la réactivité :) C’est un thème que je conseille à tous !

Is it possible to chnage the color of the post background to be a different color for say normal post, link, etc


yes, is that possible

Not right now but I can add options to do so and make an update in the following days, I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve added the option to change background, text and links colors for each kind of posts in the 1.04 update. It should be online soon.

Thanks for this awesome theme! Totally love it. Here is my BLOG

Time to move all the posts from all blog to this one :)

Thank you, I’m glad you like it :)

Just require a simple help.

When I create a Tumblr text article with photo, how do align the photo to the center?


What ever coding I use I can not get the photo in the article post to appear in the middle.

I find it weird that Tumblr didn’t include a centering button in the publishing interface.

Anyways, here’s how to center your images inside text post :

1. Open your customization panel and add the following lines in the ADD CUSTOM CSS area (Advanced Tab)


2. Inside your articles, toggle the HTML mode and add class=”centered” inside the tag of the image you want to center.

<img alt="image" class="centered" src="https://domaintoyourimage.com/yourimage.jpg" />


I want to add a hi-res logo. What is the maximum or logo size header size? If I make this logo medium sized it doesn’t look sharp and I use .png

Any help?


If the header image margin option is on, it’s 660px for the max width of the logo, and if the header image margin is off, it’s 700px.

I hope this helps :)


Any chance of adding options for Xbox & PlayStation usernames? This will be great. This is the url for looking up Xbox gamers; https://account.xbox.com/en-GB/Profile?gamerTag=USERNAME



Sure, I’ll add icons and options for those usernames very soon as long with long overdue fixes :) I’ll tell you when it’s available.

Awesome. Cheers.

The update is available :)

hi, can I use this template as an html page?

maybe you have a html version, which and you sent me on email?

I don’t, I’m sorry. And it would require some work and time I don’t have right now to make one. Apologies for the confusion.

I got it . Sorry to trouble you , just wanted to get the html version of the site …. Well then, as we say in Russia – “????? ?? ???”


I am using the Radiant theme on Tumblr. When I add photos to my articles it makes them blurry and shrunk. I am uploading 2448×2448 photos which are high resolution.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the reply. I will have to give Tumblr a miss. Worse platform with useless and restricted image support.

Any plans of releasing your theme on Wordpress? Any way of getting the Tumblr theme to work on Wordpress?

I appreciate your help. However Tumblr is just shit. Simple as that. Every time they keep tweaking things. Image support in a post is just awful. Can’t make any sort of review articles. Trying to embed images doesn’t even work.

Yes Tumblr has its limitations, it’s quick to setup but some things don’t make sense and there is not much theme makers can even do about it :/

Unfortunately there’s no current way to make my theme work on Wordpress, I may have plans to work on Wordpress in the future, and if that happens, this theme is my most popular and would be the first to be ported, but it’s not something that will happen in the short term.