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These are the things which make the internet better and better. Awesome design mate, good luck with sales.

Thank you! I’ll do my best to continue improve my works!

Wow, nice template,

thanks, is just my first html project, i’ll do my best to have more and more.

I was tricked by the skeuomorph appearance.. I tried to slide that social buttons and pull the antenna.. hahaa..

Unique stuff, CodrinFechete! Good luck ws


thank you, glad you like it :)

Hi there, Very Nice Design. Just wanted to ask that if it is possible to link with fm radio. I need to stream what is going on air live. Thanks.

dear, Live Preview is broken .. maybe u will fix if u want to resale more copys.

Absolutely Great Job !;

I need a website to host a radio stream, is this theme good enough for that sort of thing?

Live Demo is broken mate…

demo not working