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The droplets are really nice !

This is the best Ghost theme so far.

It is utterly amazing how one effect can build up a whole living, breathing website. Just WOW!

This makes me want to ditch my plans for a weekend in Vegas…. to instead, stay at home and learn how to use Ghost.

Very interesting theme, and it gave me an excuse to delve into the ghost platform, so props to you. The only issue I can see with the template (which I’ll probably fix myself) is that it’s not very obvious that you can view posts separately, which might be a problem for people that want to integrate comments.

Hi Tyrx!

The concept I had in mind also made me delve into the Ghost platform, seemed like a perfect fit.

By default, there are no comments, but you can easily add “3 Comments – View Comments” link at the bottom of each post in the index view like you said. I wouldn’t say it is a problem for people integrating comments, because that’s just one of the steps you can do when integrating comments.

Thanks and cheers! :)

This is once again a masterpiece guys! Well done!

Brilliant Idea! Bookmarked :)

WOW! Amazing Theme! Good luck, dude ! :)

Amazing! Good luck! Could you make a WP minimal theme with that or a html standalone version? i would buy ;o)

Hi Rufnex!

Currently, we have no plans for it.

Thanks and cheers! :)

You should .. and you would be famous ;o)

Or a html only version ;o)

great work mate!!

Very nice theme ;)

Can we change the sound to have another atmosphere ? Like sunrising or anything else for different part of the book ?

Hi Bdemontecler!

Yes, you can change the sound (.mp3 + .ogg) and background photo, but you can only have one. You can’t switch between them, one of each for the whole website.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Great work , great feel :)
Congrats ,

Kind Regards,

Looks great, but the demo isn’t working properly. The up-arrow doesn’t work. And I am concerned about how the menu works—it is not clear since it jumps between a menu, and then at some point, the author, which prevents me returning to the normal menu.

1) OSX Maverick—and it is! Browser: Safari 7.0, what else…?

2) When they upgrade new features, does that mean that the version I buy from you also gets upgraded? Or do I have to do that manually?

It works nicely on Firefox, and the menu item works in a more sensible way, I think :) Thanks

I went ahead and bought the theme – and I didn’t realise how new Ghost is. I have manage to get it up on a server and visible on settings. Certainly not a walk in the park for a noob like me!

Hi there!

1) Thank you for the details. We have found a solution which will be incorporated in the next major version since this is not a critical bug. You can easily fix it on your own by opening a file /assets/js/index.js and deleting the ”=” character on line 258 which now looks like this:

if( getPostScrollPosition( moveToPostIndex + 1 ) <= $(window).scrollTop() ){

but after this change it should look like this:

if( getPostScrollPosition( moveToPostIndex + 1 ) < $(window).scrollTop() ){

Just a note, this is a Safari bug, not WebKit in general.

2) We will certainly upgrade to make the current code work on the latest Ghost version. As far as the new features go, it depends. Some features will fit in the RAIN concept, others might not. This is something that can be discussed once a new feature arrives, upon request.

If you need any more help, feel free to ask here.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Really interesting and well executed concept! Great looking theme!

This concept is simply superlative. I love this theme, my congratulations and good luck with your sales!

Nice idea man! and the theme is good also :P glws!

Really great template. Well done!

Excellent works!
Good luck :)