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Best theme I’ve ever seen. I might buy it even though I don’t use Ghost or blog or anything. It’s that good.

Moc p?kná práce!

Love that sound and the theme is fantasctic :) !

WordPress version is a must!

Just want to stay and listen to that sound. This is f’cking awesome

Wow! Very nice theme ;)

That is very nice. Good job on a really fine work.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments :)

Thanks and cheers! :)

Coolest theme EVER! I’ve bought some of your items previously and they are always creative but this is even a step above. I want to go start a Ghost blog just to use it.

Please, please, do a WordPress version. I will buy it immediately.

:) thanks.

Hi Freshface! Wonderful theme! I was wondering how can I install this onto Ghost? (I’m hosting using DigitalOcean). All the instructions I saw were for Github themes.

It worked! Everything looks fantastic, thank you!

Oh by the way, is there anyway to turn the auto play off?

Hi there!

Great job, looks great!

You can turn off autoplay by opening /g-rain/assets/js/init_music.js and changing the autoplay parameter value from “true” to “false” on line 65.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Great theme! Really love the atmosphere it creates. It’s working beautifully on my self-hosted Ghost install :)

It doesn’t work on the Ghost-hosted version (which is only in Alpha at the moment anyway), due to a cross-origin issue.

Thanks for the awesome work!

Hey Japh!

Thank you for your kind words.

I don’t really know where the cross-origin issue comes from, perhaps the include of external Google Fonts?

If you would let me know more information, we could try to fix it.

Thanks and cheers! :)


Is it possible to keep the text pane on the left, and the ‘rain’ pane on the right? In my view readability increases with text on the left, so wanted to know if its easily possible.


Hi there!

It’s not possible out of the box. But if you are good in coding CSS and using ‘Firebug’ or ‘Browser Developer Tools’ then you can easily switch it with very little effort.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Wow this is amazing. PLEASE make a wordpress version!

I love the theme, as I love most of your themes! Is there any easy way to integrate infinite scrolling instead of paginated posts? Thanks!

Hi there!

Infinite scrolling is something I avoid for many usability reasons, there are only a few use cases where it actually helps the user and blogs are usually not one of them – just my 2c. But it can be implemented on your own of course, shouldn’t pose any difficulties that I can foresee.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Awesome theme, looks fantastic and works perfectly.
However, I have 2 questions:
I’d like to choose a different font for the blog posts. How?
I saw the introduction video from Ghost on kickstarter, where is that dashboard he is showing? Thanks.

Hi there!

1) You would need to edit line 103 in /g-rain/assets/css/screen.css, right where is the font declaration located


^ Just add /ghost at the end of your blog URL and it should take you to the admin backend.

Thanks and cheers! :)

I love this theme. I even did like Arkwebsolutions mentioned, and bought it without having Ghost anywhere to try it on. That was easily fixed with my Rackspace Cloud Server account though.

However, when up and running I noticed that I couldn’t actually update the site content from iOS, which is a shame. This is a (known) Ghost bug, so not a flaw of the theme. However, that made me port Rain to Kirby ( instead, which is another nice little quick system. I am guessing that is alright and still within the licence? I’m not selling it, intending to just use it for my own personal blog. Having ported it to Kirby, and noticing it was quite easy, I too was thinking “this should be ported to Wordpress too!” as one of the commenters mentioned. ;)

Now for a question: when on mobile devices (well, iOS and mobile simulation in web browsers), there is no menu, at all, correct?

Just checking. I can’t make it happen on your test drive server either, so just wanted to verify this is the intended behaviour. If so, I can hack it in there myself.

Thanks for a beautiful and great theme.

Hi there!

Yes, you can use it on one website domain and it does not matter how much you modify the code.

Regarding the mobile, yes, I have removed the menu there to keep things simple.

Thanks and cheers! :)

Thank you for a great looking theme. I have one question though.

Since I would like to run this theme without the audio and without the raining effect, I’ve disabled they rain scripts in the footer. The problem is, the ini script also takes care of adding the classes to create navigation arrows. if I enable only the init script, my cover image wont show, and if I comment it away, the image appears, but I see the words “older posts” and “newer posts” instead of arrows.

Any way around this easily?

Hi there!

You should disable these 2 files from default.hbs

<script type="text/javascript" src="/assets/js/rainyday.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/assets/js/init_rainyday.js"></script>

Regarding the arrows, it was an oversight by me, I am really sorry about that. Just move those 3 lines (69-71) from rainyday_init.js into index.js on line 77, at the end of the Header section.

Thanks and cheers! :)

What an amazing theme! Is there any chance that you will be making a wordpress version of this theme in the future? If not, perhaps this heartfelt and dignified request will convince you otherwise: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS A WORDPRESS THEME!!!

Hi there!

Currently, we have no plans for it. But your heartfelt and dignified request had an impact on me so I will think about it again :)

Thanks and cheers! :)

This theme is incredible, congratulates creativity.

Hi there!

Thank you very much, we are really happy that you like it :)

Thanks and cheers! :)