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Looks awesome! Good luck dude!

Thank you! :)

Mult noroc cu vanzarile!

Mersi Cristi! :)

Numai succese :)

Multumesc. :)

Best of luck!!


It’s very fast loading. I wish more theme authors considered speed.

Thank you.

Was wondering when you’ll release a WordPress theme, well done, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you :)

Foarte simpatica Raluk, spor la vanzari!


The responsiveness is broken for me. On smaller widths something is still too wide letting me scroll sideways.

Thanks for telling me about that problem. It seemed that the responsive.css file was enqueued before the main stylesheet, thus overwriting quite a few values from the former one. The demo is fixed, and I’ll update it on TF in a few moments.

Thanks! It works beautifully now. Great theme!

Thank you. If you find other bugs, I’ll appreciate it if you’d let me know. :)

Great theme! :)


Remember me of “Raluk – Out of business”. By the way, it’s great!

LOL :) Thanks.

Hello, we purchased this theme and installed it on our v3.6.1 wordpress site.

The theme works very well and we are pleased with it, however when using IE9 browser, the theme does not appear properly. You can see the issue in this image


I’ve replied in the support forums, since it’s unnecessary to communicate both here and there. :)

This corrected the issue, thank you!

I posted to both places for the benefit of others.

I don’t believe this issue was specific to my website or configuration, since the fix involved removing the comment from your theme files, correct?

Great to hear it’s fixed. And yes, you’re right about that.

I love the theme and was looking to purchase it. Can you tell me if it works with WordPress 3.8? Thanks


Yes, the live demo is running on the WordPress 3.8.


I cannot post to your forum as I get an “unable to connect” when I try to register.

I have been successfully using this theme for many months, but recently the widgets disappeared. As in, the entire option for widgets. This happened just after I first installed the theme and you suggested a re-install which I did. And that fixed the issue.

This issue has me stumped, though. I changed NOTHING and all of the sudden my widgets and the ability to edit them are gone. After discovering this, I did upgrade to the latest version if wordpress and that did not fix the problem.

Do you have any suggestions?

Sorry for the delay. Could you please re-download the theme, and replace your current functions.php file with the functions.php file from the re-downloaded theme?

Beautiful! That did it. Thank you so much!

Hello Dan, can you please look on this list shortcode if it’s right, because the list doesn’t show the icon in front of the

  • : list test /list_item Thanks!
  • and is it possible to write a text in front of the portfolio site? before the filter area starts?

    If the only problem is that you don’t see the icons, then go to www.[your-domain-name] / images/list/icon8.png and let me know if you can see the image. And widgets work only on pages, not on posts.

    For your second question: Obviously. Just add a paragraph in the source code of the template-portfolio-one-column.php (or whatever template you use as default for the portfolio) before the filter area.

    Hi there,

    Can you advise on how we get the menu descriptions in the navigation, please? This doesn’t seem to be covered in the documentation.



    To add description to each (or some) menu item, go to Appearance -> Menus and click on “Screen Options” (in the top right corner of the screen) and check the “Description” box. Then click on the icon near a menu item to expand it and then write a description in the “Description” box that will appear below.

    Awesome work, mate. Love the way you did it.

    How can I get help with problems? I have registered for the forum, but it won’t accept my purchase code.

    The posts won’t display a list created by the wordpress “list” feature, nor will they display a list created with the shortcode.


    Well, below the line “One you have this list, then spend 1-2 days researching yours needs and compiling a good list of potential donors. Then….” I can see a numbered list… http://grantcrews.com/htdocs/?p=243

    Here is what it looks like on my Firefox AND Safari.


    Under “One you have this list, then spend 1-2 days researching yours needs and compiling a good list of potential donors. Then….” is set to be a numbered list BUT so is the chunk of text under ”...to have your programs and projects funded fully next year.”

    I checked http://grantcrews.com/htdocs/?p=243 in both Firefox and Safari and the lists display correctly, just like in Chrome. I think you should refresh the page a few times, or delete your browser’s cache and try to view the page again.

    Also try adding this to your black.css in order to hide the circles/bullets from the main navigation:

    #nav ul li {
      list-style: none;

    How come when using the search option in the header and using a term that exists in the name of a page it brings up a “Not Found. Sorry, no posts were found. ” message? There are definitely results for that term on pages – doesn’t the search index both posts and pages?

    No, the search excludes pages. You can reverse this by removing the function “remove_pages_from_search” from functions.php (line 339).

    ==== A PRE-SALES QUESTION ====

    Does your theme ‘Raluk’ come with ‘Demo Content’?

    What about a pre-made Child-Theme’ (complete with ‘functions.php’, ‘style.css’, etc.,)?

    These are some of the items I look for before I purchase any themes from ThemeForest…

    Thanks for your time, ragtech


    It doesn’t come with an .xml file for the demo content, but there’s a directory included which contains .txt files where you can find the text and shortcodes used for each page of the theme. And there is no child theme included, but that’s something that can be done very easily.

    About Us page… How does one change the Team Member’s image?

    Please add this code to style.css:

    .flexslider li img { height: auto; }


    The ’’Search’’ Widget seems to only locate or find ‘Post’ and not any Pages… is there a reason or fix for this?

    You need to remove the “remove_pages_from_search” function (line 339-343) from functions.php file.