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On the demo content, when I change the top carousel to IMAGE and add slider images, it still shows a video. If I change the setting to html5 and delete the video URL, then the screen is blank. I just want the slider images to show like your example here. Please let me know how to get the theme to look and function like the template shown here on Theme forest. I have followed all instructions you gave, and it still doesn’t work. Thanks.

Hi, please use our support forum and someone will help you ASAP. Thanks a lot for purchase.

On the WORKS popup modals, how do I change the button text “Visit Project Website”?

Please just use our support forum, sorry but that is the our policy. All help needed goes to restricted support forum. Be free to open any topics related to Rando WP. Thanks for understanding again.

When i am going to randoo options i can see blank page :/

Please use our support forum and someone will help you ASAP. Thanks a lot for purchase.


Our servers currently under maintenance, soon will be live and you will be able to see demo.

You can track status here:

Thanks for understanding!

Good day, i asked a presale question here but it looks like it has been removed. Is this theme still being maintained it shows the last update was 2016?

Sorry was our mistake that your license is expired. Let’s communicate trough forum please, we will provide you support right now. Thanks and sorry for misunderstanding.

This has been solved, you can delete this message and other messages on this page from me if you wish. Thanks!

Great, we are here to help, ask anything please if you stuck somewhere. Cheers!

Good day. I needed the demo content for design ideas because we like to have the exact sizes etc. when we create our custom graphics. Is there a way to load the theme with the content from the demo? https://theinnerversity.com

Yes I went here and it did not say anything about how to get the demo content “images” to load. Even in the .psd’s etc. the images are not there. Do you have a solution for getting the images to load? http://powerthemes.club/forums/topic/demo-content/


We’re not allowed to include demo images, that’s why we are using placeholders.



reach us out here: djex808@gmail.com maybe we’ll be able to help you with images.



nvyasir Purchased

Could you please give an update? WP Bakery plugin is verily outdated.


We do not provide support for this theme. Reach us out at djex808@gmail.com so we can update it for you.



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Is there any way to get this theme updated on the GMAP functions ? We need to add an api key for the map to actual work, and the theme don’t have this option.

Purchased your theme without support, i don’t mind too much, but i need at least a quick fix for the google map.

-   WP Bakery plugin provided in the theme is modified? or we can update it to the latest version.
-   Do you have the bootstrap code source so i can update it to latest version 3.3.7 ?
-   Why this beautifull theme don’t have anymore support for it and why the theme din’t get updated anymore since 2016?
-   How compatible is this theme with latest php 7 versions, mysql or mariadb databases?
-  I see there is no child for the theme , is not supported ?

powersupport Author Team


Thank you for the purchase and for the kind words!

Please reach us at djex808@gmail.com there we can provide you at least some support.

Kind Regards!