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I was interested in small customisation but I notice that you have removed that part of the forum now. Does this mean you no longer provide a paid custom service?

Hi, try to use our forum, for customization you can use our profile page to reach us. Thank you!

OK well the questions are pre-sale so I can’t use your forum… yet.

I clicked on the link for Customization and got a 404 error, which is why I asked :)

So can you confirm that the slider actually works before I pay now please?

Yes it works.

Hello, I just need to change the size of a modal to popup video larger than the current template allows. Where can I find this in the css? When I add other classes to optimize they get overruled.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Hi, we need little more details or at least link to your website but like this ‘on blind’ try to go in style.css approximately line 84 and you will need to find:

@media (min-width: 768px)
.modal-dialog {
width: 600px;
margin: 30px auto;

Just change width than and that is it. Ask freely if anything needed and thanks a lot for purchase!

How do I edit it and get rid of your extremely annoying favicon?

Simple replace image in images folder. :) Thanks for purchase.

Hello, i would like to close page navigation when i click anywhere on site its possible?

Yes but needs customization. Thanks.

Hi, I have a presal Question:

On IE works fine, on FF, when clicking on menu, and clicking on a menuitem, the menu still remains on same position, and covers a part of the content. Can you fix it? Version FF 38.0.5

Thanks for your answer.

Let us check please. Thanks.

hi, thanks for the great template. who can i set the red scroll-down-line always visible? and can i make it bigger? the line is realy small on tablet or smartphone. thank you.

Hi, please go to our support forum at and someone will help you. Thanks a lot for purchase.

Hi, can i see some examples of few live websites using Rando template? It would really help me to make a decision.

Hi, we are not allowed to share that info, sorry. Thanks.

Hi, I am photographer have few query 1) can i have multi tab gallery like wedding images tab, commercial images tab and so on. 2) what is the upload space offered in the same 3) whats the cost of per month and yearly subscription 4) also once purchased is it going to get hosted directly and under what domain name 5) how will i get notified if some one visited my website 6) is there possibility to customise like customer feedback form upload etc

Hi, all is possible if you know how to customize it properly. Thanks.