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Awesome typography ,nice color combination and great price table design . Overall fantastic work .

Another thing you forgot to change landing page title ,”Freelancer- coming soon template “

Thanks, landing page title corrected :)

Great job, GLWS o7


Will there be a wordpress version of this template?

Yes, It is already in development.

Great Work! GLWS! ;)


Really nice!Like it :)


Beautiful work, good luck. :)

Thanks mate!

Nice one Shegy ;)

Thanks :)

Hello there, Great job fo this template ! Just one problem since a day or two : video baground does’nt work anymore – on your demo and – on my website using your theme. On the main page and on the blog pages. Can you please upload an update ?

My website : http://clementelbaz.fr

HI, I`ll examine it after the weekend.

Hi, So, did you found any solution ?

So, since you didn’t answer to my question, I had to ask someone else. For people having this problem, here’s the solution: replace the video/js/jquery.MB.YTPlayer.js file content by the one you can find on this page: https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer/blob/master/inc/jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js It works.

P.S: BTW Shegy, your contact form does not work.

Hi Shegy,

Love the theme, but I’m having an issue with the contact form not accepting special characters (including question marks). Any help would be appreciated.

Also, do you have any plans for a Concrete5 version of this theme planned?