Discussion on Rapture - A Responsive Tumblr Theme

Discussion on Rapture - A Responsive Tumblr Theme

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Hi! First of all, thank you so much for this theme. It’s great! I have one question. I would like a pinterest button added to the social media icons on the right hand side. Do you know how to add this or can you add this as a button function for the theme?

Hi Ad-Ventur, Thank you for purchasing the Rapture theme. It is greatly appreciated. How comfortable are you with editing HTML code if I send you a step by step guide as to how to add the Pinterest icon? Regards,

I tried sending an email to the email address listed in the HTML file and I tried to actually work within the support set up you have in place, but I haven’t received a confirmation email to that support system and my email went unanswered, so maybe it wasn’t received?

My email was sent to support@wildemedia.co.uk on April 26th at 1:30 p.m. CDT, which I think is 5 hours earlier than you, depending on where you fall in the U.K. I gave a few days grace period, because of the weekend. I hope you’re able to address my issues soon.

Please let me know if you did not receive it and where I should address any future correspondence if I have the wrong email address.

No worries. I never managed to get through your support system, but sent an email, so if you can verify if that was received?

I should have checked Twitter before I wrote my comment above, because I had no idea you were on vacation and then feeling under the weather. I hope you’re all better now.

I guess I can try to connect again to the support system?

Hello again,

I’ve double check my support system and can not find your email. Could you try emailing once more to see if I receive it. Please send your email to support@wildemedia.co.uk


Email sent to support@wildemedia.co.uk from bethany.bannister@gmail.com. Please let me know here if you don’t receive it… and my goodness you’re up late!

I installed the theme and my posts don’t show up on my blog page. I don’t know what I have done wrong.

They show up on my dashboard, but not my blog page.

Very frustrated.

Hi creaturecuddler,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the theme.

Would you be able to send me an message through my profile page sidebar here: http://themeforest.net/user/ChristineWilde

That way the issue can be dealt with through my support system.


I love this beutiful theme and am really thinking about purchasing. Before I do, some questions:

Can I add other elements to the sidebar (Facebook Fan Page Box, Custom images with embedded links, Latest articles, Latest tweets, etc)?

Hello teenorix,

Thank you for the enquiry into the Rapture theme.

Yes you can add anything you like in the sidebar. If you get stuck with anything then please do not hesitate to email me at support@wildemedia.co.uk


I want to buy this. I like the look, the options, the history of support and free updates, but the its not being responsive is the issue for me. I looked at Glide which is your responsive theme that is closest in look to Rapture, but it is not what i’m looking for.

Lovely themes though

Hi Kallsey,

I am planning on making all of my themes responsive eventually. The Rapture theme is next on the list after Shift (going from oldest first).

Thank you for the kind comments. :bashfulcute:


I dont know if I am doing this wrong but I am missing icons when I installed this theme. HELP!

Hi dvxtra,

Thank you for purchasing the Rapture theme. :bashfulcute:

I answer all support questions through my support ticket system. You can either visit the support forum here: http://support.wildemedia.co.uk or email me at support@wildemedia.co.uk


Hi, was wondering how the responsive version is coming along? : )

Hey Keichi,

To be honest I’ve had a lot of things on my plate lately. I’m currently working my notice period at work to go full time freelance. So hopefully then I’ll have tonnes of time to bring all my themes up to par. :)

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


I purchased your theme yesterday (love it!) however I am unable to paste the new html code onto the ‘edit html’ section in my tumblr customise theme area. I’ve followed the instructions and had to download Notepad++ to view the code. I did a ‘select all’, ‘copy’ and then deleted the old html so I could paste the rapture one. All that pastes is the first two letters of the whole code. I’ve tried to contact support but no answer. Please can you assist as I really want to start using the theme. Thanks!


Thank you for purchasing the theme. :)

I’ll reply to your chat support message.


HI. installed the theme today and like it so far.

is there anything I can do to make the quote area look different? the font is very large currently and I want to scale it back.



Hey imagineUtopia,

Thank you for purchasing the Rapture theme.

Are you comfortable with editing HTML code?

If you look for line 1446 in the HTML file you will see the following code:

.quote.short { font-size: 33px; line-height: 35px; }

You can adjust the font size and line height here until you are satisfied with the look.

Thanks, Christine

that fixed me. thanks!

Will you be updating the theme to support the new audio player in Tubmlr? I just installed this theme but I’m unable to post audio files since this theme doesn’t support the new player.

Hey vuetone,

I’m currently updating this theme to a responsive layout as well as adding new features and fixing any issues.

Thanks, Christine

Excellent. I look forward to it. Thank you for the followup.

Pre Sale Questions:

Hi, the Rapture Tumblr theme looks Amazing, and I’m looking forward to buying it. Before I do, I have three quick questions:

1) Is there anyway to make the “affiliate” box follow the user as they scroll down the page? I’ll be using that area as ad-space and I want to be able to make that area follow the user down the page as they scroll down my tumblr site.

2) Can I remove the banner on the very top of the page, and replace it wit ad-space?

3) Is there anyway to place an ad-space under each individual post? For instance if I upload an image to my tumblr, I want an ad to show up right underneath the post. I want to be able to do this for each individual post.

Thank you so much for your help. I’m looking forward to using this cool theme.

Hi faisalferoze,

Thank you for the interest in the Rapture theme. :)

In response to your questions:

1. We can make the affiliate box scroll down when the user does but it might go over other sidebar widgets. It might need some testing first.

2. Yes you can remove the top banner and add in an image.

3. Is the ad banner going to be the same under each post? That would be easier than different ones. Then you could upload the banner through the theme options panel.

I’m happy to help on the customisations.


Hi Christine,

I’ve just purchased this amazing theme :)

I will go ahead and test few things out first and let you know how it goes. What is the best way to reach you for help?

- Faisal

Hey Faisal,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You can either send me a message through my profile or check out the support forum here – support.wildemedia.co.uk


Hi Christine! Absolutely love this theme, but have a couple of questions. At the bottom of the page, it says ‘Newer’ to go to older posts lol is there a way to change this? Also, is there a way I can remove the three icons on the side of a post (the facebook icon, the twitter icon and the other one)?

Thank you so much! :)


Hey Jake,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. :D

That’s not good about the links. I’m currently half way through updating this theme with a responsive layout and tonnes more features so I’ll fix the button issue then as well. :)

Could you start up a thread over at the support forum so I can walk you through disabling the 3 buttons.


Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your Purchase Code

can people reblog because i dont see a reblog button

Hi enriquew,

There isn’t a reblog button on each post at the moment. There is one in the top right of the screen when on the posts permalink page.


what is the image slider dimensions please respond its urgent

Hey enriquew,

The images for the slider needs to be 940×300px.

Thanks, Christine

I have verified my purchase what is the next step to get the HTML code?


Thank you for purchasing the Rapture theme. Have you downloaded the file?


Thanks for the quick response! I’m not terribly familiar with Tumblr, but I like to edit my own thumbnails for posts (to make them a fixed height and width); can I do that with this theme, or does it automatically adjust the thumbnail from the image (like the 4th post in your demo)?

I was also wondering how many items you could add to the slider (your demo says 5, is this still the maximum)? I’d kind of like to use it as a 10-15 piece gallery.

Hi Tyno, The posts thumb is automatically created from the posts image. I’ve set the slider to a maximum of 5 slides but I can help with adding more if you’d like to have more.


Hello, Can you set the slider options to open images or videos in a lightbox?

Hey Tyno,

That function is not included with the theme but I’m happy to help you through with adding it. :)


Any help and tips for this theme would be great too! Thanks, Allyce

Hey! I need help please I and not very computer savvy so sorry in advance! I bought this theme for tumbler and unziped it started customizing it and I cant find the fonts! HELP ! Allyce

Morning Allyce,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. :)

Would you be able to send me a message through my profile or sign up to the Support Forum so I can help you quicker.


Great, thanks for your answer! I will contact you on the dedicated forum if I don’t find the correct line.

Good to know that the next version will be responsive !

Have a nice day :sunglasses2:



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