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for Customer Support

Great template. I have only put in one ticket so far but support was super fast, responsive and helpful.

Highly recommended template / vendor!

for Customizability

The theme is really Sucks!!!! not worth $59. No wonder so many questions on the Q&A page.

1. Author put his own developer website link in the footer but never tell user how to change it, nor in the instruction menu. How come a paid theme Force users using the developer website links. That's a paid theme !!!!

2. A lot of useless plugins to make a website so heavy. That will be a lot of problems when doing update. Developer has to optimize it, cannot just make a theme Everything by using plugins.

3. Theme doesn't have own configuration UI. Everything must go plugins to setup. How come a $59 theme like that !!!!!

Overall, I cannot find a point of this theme worth 5 star. On my opinion, the theme still need further development. It's can be Beta version.

P.S.: To Author:
Can you please check the Betheme to look at his work, and learn it. Please Reduce to use plugins to make a professional theme. Whole theme made by plugins will lower down your product value, because those plugins are not your works. The value is belong to them, not yourself. It's a high competitive market, if you don't want work hard to win, then go find a formal job. Do Not make such lousy product to give people trouble.

I'm so angry when using the theme. I bought it because of the 5 star review. Now I doubt the 5 star review is fake.


Author response

Sorry to see you had issues using our item. Please do reach out to us via either our support forum or e-mail as it sounds like your issues are easy to resolve. Of course you can edit the footer text, this is covered in the documentation under the heading "Footer": http://progression-studios.com/documentation/ratency/#!/footer_setup

In the future, please make sure to ask for help before making assumptions and leaving a bad review.

Direct E-mail: Use form on right side of page: https://themeforest.net/user/progressionstudios#from
Support Forum: http://support.progressionstudios.com

for Feature Availability

The BEST theme I ever bought! Really! No words to describe it : easy to setup, easy to use, amazing page builder (which I didn't know)... Thank you SO much! Our site is working fine after less than 1 hour of work.

The doc is fine, but I didn't use it because everything was easy.