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Hi, thanks for this template, it fits my needs.

But there is one problem: submenus are not listed in mobile top menu version (in .icy-menu-trigger-wrapper). Is there an easy fix for this?

Hello cometos,

I will try to look into the issue itself and most probably I will provide a bug fix in a future update :) At the moment, I’m writing it down for my to do list.


Hi, I love this theme. I have been trying to remove the author from posts. After searching for hours in forums, I succeeded in removing the author’s (my name) by adding this to CSS:

.meta-sep { display: none; }

.vcard { display: none; }

.author { display: none; }

But the word “by” is still there. So it has a date and “by” and then it’s blank. How do I remove the word “by”? I don’t want to remove the date altogether. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Wyatt,

Firstly, let me thank you for the purchase and for choosing one of my products! I really appreciate it!

The solution is quite simple. You can either edit the single.php file using a child theme.

Simply copy the single.php content from the parent theme and paste it in the child theme’s “single.php” file.

On line 19, you’ll have the option to delete the “By” text by deleting the following part of code:

<?php _e('by', 'framework'); ?>

Also, for further support, I recommend using our new support forums here: http://support.icypixels.com/

If I can be of any further assistance, or if you have any more questions, please let me know. Have a great day!

Paul | Icy Pixels | Customer Happiness Engineer

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Thanks so much for your quick response and for your help! I really appreciate. Great job on this theme and great customer support. Thank you.

You’re more than welcome! :) Feel free to rate the theme in your http://themeforest.net/downloads/ if you haven’t already :)

Hi – Is is possible to make the main blog section wider on the template with the right side bar? I need to be able to post photos that are at least 900 pixels wide.

If you wish, we can change the width of the website from 1170px to 1250px, so your images will be 900px. That’s a simple CSS customization, all you’ll need to do is #wrapper { width: 1250px; } in the custom CSS panel the theme provides. :)

Great, thanks so much!

Hi there! Nice work, I like it very much. I have a little question: is it possible to have it on a lightbox when clicking on the images of a post? The idea is to be able to show easily big pictures when posting pics for a tutorial, for example. Thanks a lot!!

Hello merloc,

I don’t know if you have tried any free WordPress plugins yet, but I’m pretty sure there are some lightbox plugins out there for WordPress which will help you accomplish this functionality.


Hi Paul, yes I have tried a few. Just to know.

Hey merloc,

If I’ll get the chance, I’ll try to add the View.js library for lightboxes.


Attempted to purchase this theme multiple times and payment never went through for some reason. Shame. I want the theme.

Hey joela barker,

Firstly, let me thank you for choosing one of my products! I appreciate that a lot!

Secondly, maybe the Envato payments processor didn’t work correctly for you at that moment. You might probably want to contact Envato Support here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit Because they are the one handling payments processing, and not me :) They will give you the proper solution to purchase a theme for ThemeForest :)

Let me know if you need any further help or if you have any more questions.


Hi, the theme is working well, but i’m just wondering what are the dimensions of the custom logo image. I want to ensure it doens’t get resized and pixelated. cheers www.lesunshine.com.au

Hey there,

Currently, the custom logo is actually normal text using a font called Lora. However, you can upload your own custom logo. Keeping a height of max 112px for the custom logo will make sure you won’t disturb the vertical rhythm of the theme.


Ok great, and the width is 900px?

Yes, the width can be 900px.

I’ve been battling with the CSS stylesheet trying to change the colour of links throughout the whole theme.

I thought I’d found the a: input that would control it but the changes aren’t flowing through. Am I missing something? Is there more than one a: entry I should be looking for…?

Hey there,

Thank you for purchasing one of my products! You might want to check the Custom CSS box in the Theme Options panel in your WP Dashboard. You can put there your own CSS and not lose it when an update comes through.

Also, you can change the Accent color (golden color) to whatever color you wish. Please note that I do not provide customizations services and support is generally offered through http://support.icypixels.com

Thanks again for purchasing one of my products!


does this template support the use of google fonts?

Hello there,

Thank you so much for your interest in one of my products.

Just about any theme on ThemeForest supports Google Fonts, through the use of a plugin like WP Google Fonts. Please note that any modifications you are going to want to do to the theme are not included in the free theme support policy. If you are not able to do the modifications yourself I recommend hiring a developer.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance or if you have any more questions as I would be more than happy to answer. Have a great day!


First of all Ravage is a very nice them. But at the moment i got a little problem with the sidebar/menu.

On the homepage (http://espressonerd.de/) and on the article (http://espressonerd.de/klassischer-espresso/) the sidebar/menu is shown on the right side, like it should be.

On my two other articles (http://espressonerd.de/variationen-von-espresso/ and http://espressonerd.de/espresso-uebersicht/) it’s shown under the article.

Could you tell me why and help me to fix it? Thanks in Advance!

So did you have an idea how to fix this problem?

Oh, so sorry for not following up on this! I managed to fix this bug 2 weeks ago.

So, yes, replace the entire content of /ravage/comments.php file with this one: http://pastebin.com/TX11GLbD



Before i buy this theme i whould like to ask .. is it possible to show the whole post text in home page .. ?

Hi there InsideMKD2,

Thank you for being interested in one of my products!

Yes, you can use the full post easily, by not inserting a read-more tag (which is available in the WordPress editor).

Paul | Icy Pixels

hey, I really like the theme and would like to purchase it. However, I really want to have the menu on top of the page instead of the right sidebar. Is it possible to change that?

Hi JulesNew,

Unfortunately this is not possible out of the box. You will have to do a customization to the theme in order to achieve this.


Hi, I’m looking to purchase this theme – but before I do, I had a quick pre-purchase question,

- can the sidebar be hidden? is there an option for a full width page?

thanks, Ryan

Hey Ryan,

I’m sorry for responding so late but I just managed to finish with moving myself to another country :)

Those features you asked are not possible out of the box, and those would require some custom work, in order to get it done :)

If you have any further questions, I’ll be more than glad to answer them. Also, you can feel free to use http://icypixels.com/support for pre-sale questions as well.


Hi there,

Have you tested Ravage with Wordpress 4 yet? It’s not listed as officially supported so I’m reluctant to update my site until I’ve heard more.


Paul, the download link here on themeforest still seems to be serving up 1.5.6 (either that or the changelog file hasn’t been updated), should I be downloading 1.6 elsewhere?

Ha, I forgot to press save on the changelog.txt file before submitting. Yes, the theme is 1.6, I just check right now. You can see that as well in the style.css file, there’s a field with theme version number there.

Ahh, fair enough, thanks :)

Hey there guys!

I have a nice announcement for you!

Version 1.6 brings full on Customizer support

Also support for WP 4.0. I moved from using a theme options panel completely.

Enjoy your product!

Post Excerpts not working with latest version of WordPress

Hi, I’ve just bought and installed your theme. The post excerpts aren’t working. I’m an experienced WP developer and I’ve checked the archive.php page which seems to have the right code. I’ve also checked my settings. The site is at: http://www.megantaylor.info/blog/

If you have any advice, much appreciated.


Thank you for Your template. They meet all the criteria of a comfortable modern design. I used your distribution for my blog articles http://app-reviews.org/android-app-installs/. It turned out very creative. Separately, I want to say thanks for minimalism. It’s sooo cool!