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Great one!
Hope this gets as much sales as it is worth.

Really love it!

Glad you guys like it. It truly was a joy to craft this one. Thanks everyone!

Awesome, good luck with sales mate! ;)

Congrats on getting your theme up! I like the entry content font. :)

Hey, thanks for that! Indeed, Lora is a beautiful font, but a 18px Lora is even more beautiful :)

Hey Icy, there is some minor “bugs” that concerns me.

When turning on Responsive Design View in Firebug with 320×480 px view, the site description below the logo isn’t shown correctly, the right margin is covering the text. The menu button at the top in Responsive Design view isn’t responding. The archive is still two-columned in Responsive Design view, very tight and unpleasant. Is it possible to turn off comments in the archive? Also when viewing comments in Responsive Design view, the name and the date is placed above each other. Inside a post, is it possible to show the date of related articles?

Really beautiful theme, Lora rocks!

Hey mikkel_,

Thanks for being so kind in reporting some bugs :) . I’ll try to go over them one by one and see if I can recreate the issue, and then fix it.

Yes, you can turn off comments on a page template. There’s a WP native meta box called Discussion where you can tick to turn on/off comments.

Yes, it is possible, but not out of the box. The theme comes as-is.

Awesome theme…good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot for purchasing the theme! I really appreciate it!

Very nice theme. :)

How can I easily display some code (CSS, PHP , etc.) with it, please ?

Another thing: have you added .po files for translation ?

Thank you in advance.


Hey there,

I do recommend the use of a plugin like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-syntaxhighlighter/ for code snippets.

.po/.mo files are available, yes.


Thank you very much. ;)

And thank you for not putting a frame system in the preview of the theme.


You’re welcome Couille!

Glad you like the theme!

beautifully done! Very nice job!



I like it! but I will buy it when the top menu in responsive mode will be fixed :P

Hello there marcocalzolari,

What issue is with the top menu ?

Mind detailing it a bit?


Sure: as noticed by mikkel_ the top left menu button doesn’t work. tested with chrome and ffox on osx and android.


I’ll start working on it.

All issues fixed. Please redownload the theme and reinstall. Here is the changelog for v1.1.

Update 1.1.

  • Fixed Mobile Menu.
  • Fixed Site Description on mobile.
  • Fixed column view on Archive page.
  • Fixed commentary meta in mobile mode.
  • Added date on Related Articles listing.

I love the theme’s layout. I have a few question before purchasing:

At the bottom of the post I see share buttons, which are beautiful. I only see a ‘like’ and a ‘tweet’ button. Is it possible to add others? Like Google+, Pinterest and Reddit? Is it by any chance integrated with the ZillaShare plugin?

Can the logo-text be easily replaced with an image?

Also is there an enable footer option? (If not, I’ll get over it.)

Also is the menu to the right a custom menu?

Is it possible to turn off the slider?

Looking forward to a quick reply, because I can’t wait to try out this theme! :)

Hey there m1midan0s,

It’s really great you love it! I loved making it!

The links are using a special syntax provided by Twitter and Facebook. I know Google+ has one too, I need to look it up on the internet. The syntax for Facebook like per example is :


I haven’t looked if Pinterest has this kind of API too.

ZillaShare integration is working as it should ( share links posted at the end of each article) We can work out some ZillaShare integration if you want to. If you want ZillaShare links to be placed on the same container as the “Love/Like/Tweet” buttons we can sort it out in no time :).

Yes, there is a Custom Logo option, in the theme options.

No, this theme doesn’t come with any footer, as a lot of my customers didn’t use footers at all…

Yes, the menu to the right is a custom menu :)

Slider appears when you use the “Gallery” post format. This way, the slider will showcase each image in the post.

You can basically not select the gallery post format and use whatever format you’d like, and then you’ll have no slider :D

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Really appreciate it!

I would like Zilleshare to be integrated in the same container and the same style as the tweet/like buttons and I love the like function.

I have purchased the theme as you might’ve noticed and it’s awesome!

Would it be possible for the homepage to show the excerpts of each post instead of breaking it off at the read-more-tag?

That’d be awesome :)

And why doesn’t resize the featured images in the right sizes? To make it as pretty as in the preview on this site?

Hey there,


Jump in the support forum and I’ll get you sorted with some small modifications. I’ll give you pointers on where and what to change.

For featured images which you want to be retina-ready, use images of 1500px width with any height. The theme automatically shrinks the images to the correct size. For non-retina, go with 840px.

We can replace the the_content with the_excerpt on index.php for your truncated posts.


Great theme and very BIG impression for me

Thanks! I appreciate it!

This theme is great. Due to it’s simplicity it’s really easy to adjust.

Just head over to my site for an example of what you can do with it in a day work: check it out.

You rock! :) I am the one which should give you a 5 star rating, not vice-versa.

Is it possible to (easily) replace the header with an image instead of text?

Thanks in advance, BlueCola

Yes, it is extremely easy, there is a “Upload Logo” button in the Theme Options panel.

Thanks for your very fast reply. That sounds fantastic! Is there also some kind of integration to share things with facebook?

You can easily use Orman Clark’s ZillaShare plugin from here:


It’s free :)

Hey, is there an easy way to translate the template to another lenguage?

The template can be translated with both WPML and / or using the included .po\.mo files.

Thanks for the purchase!