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Awesome Work!! Wish you more many sales :)

Thanks a lot!

I’m interested in purchasing your theme and was wondering, what does a blog post without an image looks like? Does everything just move up? Can you make a “quote”/callout take the place of the image? Thanks! i love your theme!

Hey Jacklynn,

Thanks a lot for the interest in the theme and for all your kinds words!

You might want to take a look at this post: http://demo.icypixels.com/themes/ravage/2012/07/06/standardization-how-to-get-rid-of-it/ or at the last post from this page: http://demo.icypixels.com/themes/ravage/page/2/

(It’s the same post, but one is on the blog page, and the other one is the post page.)

Quotes can only be made using blockquotes in your posts. There is no post format for Quotes right now :)

Thanks again for your interest in the theme!

Best of wishes!

Thanks! I don’t know how I missed that one.

You’re welcome!

Have a good day! :)

Hi, I really love your theme, it’s perfect. But I was wondering how to get the like and tweet buttons at the bottom of my posts, like you have on your sample page, as well as the beautiful gray comment box. Is that the zilla plugin? I also can’t see how to show shorter versions of my posts, so that they say “Read Now” at the bottom. Thanks!

Hey there wyattbaughn,

Thanks a lot for purchasing the theme. I truly appreciate it!

Those like / tweet / love icons appear when you have a post with comments. When there are no comments, they don’t appear. That’s something I’m looking to fix in a future update, to make it appear at all times.

For the other issue, just use the read more tag from WordPress: http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/

Check the image in that link. :) You’ll find your way from there.

Thanks again!

Best of wishes!

Hello there dear customers,

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I ended up buying the theme and applied it to a blog that I was transferring over to another server and I noticed the comments section of a post doesn’t look like your example and I’m not sure why. Is that part automatically activated or…?

Hey Jacklynn,

I don’t know what the issue might be.

On my end, I get notifications from Ravage when new comments are posted, so there might be an issue with your WordPress setup.

Try asking around on the WordPress.org forums, as this doesn’t fall under theme support and I’m not aware of any good answer.


Ok thanks! I talked to my host and got it resolved, just wanted to let you know.

That’s great Jacklynn! Thanks a lot!

Hello! Congratulations for the work! I need some information: I can show multiple images within a single post? The images can have different sizes? The problem with sharing the post on social network has been resolved? Thank you! Martina

Hey there Martina,

Thanks a lot for the interest!

As a standard, Ravage comes with the Gallery post type which puts your uploaded images in a slideshow, as seen in the demo.

You can use a standard post, and by uploading via the Media Library, you’ll need to click the “Insert into Post” button to have multiple images showcased in the post, but not in a slideshow.


The theme has been updated to v1.2.

  • Fixed Social sharing and Comments message to appear when there are no comments.
  • Removed Related Articles: There are plenty plugins for this, and doesn’t belong to a theme.

The theme looks great. It looks like there’s a pretty gross-looking bug when you begin a post with a blockquote, though. The quote overlaps the header and they’re both pretty unreadable.

Hey timariyeh,

Thanks a lot for the purchase! I’ll look into it and try to fix it asap.

Best of wishes!

Purchased the theme yesterday and so far I’m loving it!

I wanted to let you know about one change I made as well as one potential bug I’m noticing.

1. All of my featured images have captions, so I added in a function to display this text on single posts and modified single.php to reflect this.

2. On certain posts with comments I’m seeing some issues with the styling. Check, for instance, http://www.logicnest.com/archives/697. The name and timestamps are overlapping. Confusingly, this is not occurring on other posts with comments, so the issue does not appear to be consistent. Any thoughts?

Hey there Ian,

Thanks a lot for purchasing the theme! I’m really glad you like it.

Please apply the following Custom CSS to fix the 2nd issue: .list-of-comments { width: 100%; } It should fix the issue in no time :)

If you like the theme, could you please rate the theme in your Downloads section, as it would definitely help me on the long run!

Thanks! Best of wishes!

Thanks for the 100th sale!

Thanks a lot dear customers!

Awesome theme! I love it, exactly what I been looking for.

The only thing that I don’t like is the fact that the YouTube videos are not all responsive. It doesn’t really resize, just chops it off instead of keeping the aspect ratio and resizing it.

Thankfully, I have my own fix for this using some css, but I think you should fix that in your next release.

I’ll try and fix it in the next update. I will include the fitVideos plugin so it will fix all possible issues with videos :)

Thanks a lot nerwin for such kind words!

Hi this theme looks very nice and i am thinking of buying it…is there an exact list of what can be easily changed?...like fonts and color? Cheers Eoolk

You can change the link color if you want to.

Changing fonts, is as easy as using a Google Web Fonts plugin for WordPress :)


I thinking of buying so that’s why i wonder if there is an exact list of what can be easily changed? font color etc…or is that css.style editing? love your theme… Regards…

Hey eoolk,

Using the Theme Options panel, you can change the sidebar position and the gold accent present within the website. Everything else, can be done either by using plugins or using HTML/CSS.

Best of wishes!

Hi ok…-then i know…it is just some smaller things i want to change… i will buy it today… Thanks for the fast answer… Cheers Eoolk

Thanks a lot eoolk! :)

Have a great Sunday!

Hi where is the support forum? Cheers Eoolk

Hey there eoolk,

Just click the button on the item description page. :)


Hi where is the support forum? Cheers Eoolk

Hi is there a Custom CSS code for simply change all font colors? Cheers Eoolk

When i saw this theme, i know this is the right theme for my blog www.kerjayuk.com/blog and i really love your typho, that’s the reason i bought this. Congratzz for your sales…. :)

Thanks a lot!

A novice question here – is it possible to have the categories show on top below the logo rather than on the side? also would I be able to add standard sidebar widgets?


Hey funmilola2413,

Thanks a lot for the interest taken into the theme! I appreciate it! Yes, it is possible, but it would require some small custom work. You might want to look into using our partners to customize your theme. Link is on the item page.

Have a great day!

Hey, Can I use this with Wordpress 3.5?

Yes, of course, the theme is now fully WP3.5 Compatible.