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Any idea what’s wrong with the print stylesheet?

The theme doesn’t come with a print stylesheet.


I bought the theme a few days ago and would like to customize the gallery function. I would love to be able to add a description for each image that shows under the specific image in the slideshow/gallery. Also I would like to delete the small thumbnails that automatically come with each gallery in a post (at least I couldn’t find the solution to delete it).

And another thing: somehow the categories and tags don’t show up – do you have an idea why?

Thanks in advance for your help and great work! I love the theme!

Hello there liebundteuer,

The theme doesn’t display categories and tags in posts, as you can see in the theme demo.

In order to modify the slideshow function, you’ll need to modify the content of the icy_theme_gallery(), on line 108 in ravage/functions/theme-functions.php

Good luck!

Thanks for your quick reply! My oh my – obviously my brain is still on holiday, because I totally missed that the theme doesn’t display categories and tags.. :-O

Hallo liebundteuer,

No worries, if you wish to display categories and tags, per example, where the “On October 7, 2012 by Icy Pixels” is displayed, we can easily fix that, by adding a line of code.

Open a ticket in the support system and I’ll tell you what and where to edit :)


Hi there.

Does the font in theme support slavic characters like ?, Š and Ž?

Cheers, bumbar

Hey Bumbar,

Here’s a link to the Lora google webfont with the supported characters: http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Lora

Have a great day!

Hi there,

When I upload images to gallery, it just displays thumbnails (here it is, the post called “Gallery Post” http://newsfeed.tiqbiz.com/toros/).

The preview of your theme had a nice gallery that had the images up large and a next button to browse through the images.

Can you please let me know what I’m doing wrong that means I’m not getting the same gallery results I saw on your demo?



Hello Steve,

Thanks a lot for the support shown by purchasing one of my products! I really appreciate it!

Here are some directions on how to use the gallery post format: Go to Post > Add New Post. Use the Gallery post format (in the box that appears here http://d.pr/i/f6m5 ) and then using this meta box: http://d.pr/i/q17g you can upload your gallery, using WP 3.5 new Media Uploader.

That should be it. Also make sure you have the latest version of the theme installed, as there was a bug with the sliding feature on IE7-IE8-IE9, it worked on all other browsers.

Best of wishes!

Love this clean theme, but would like to remove comments completely. How is that possible.

You might want to look into the possibility to close comments on each post.

If that doesn’t suit you, remove line 60 in /ravage/single.php The line that should say: <?php comments_template(’’, true); ?>

hey, how to remove tweet and like below post?


You might want to check line 25 in comments.php :)


Thanks for all the help you provided and just wanted to say that I’m enjoying this theme very much! Its exactly what I wanted for a simple blog. Thanks for creating this theme!

NickErwin.com is my website if you or anyone wanted to see how I’m using it.

Thanks for such a wonderful review!

Hey, I have another question. How to align the email notification and follow up on comments: http://i.imgur.com/IZuQ2Nw.jpg

Hello there,

Jump in the support forum and submit a support ticket there, with a URL and I should be able to provide you an answer sometime in the weekend, as I’m a bit busy with exams!


Question: How can I remove the line under linked images?

Hello nerwin,

Could you please submit a support ticket with an URL pointing to the issue, so I can have a hands-on approach.


No need to now. What ever you did in your latest update seemed to fix it. haha.

I did fix that in the last update, yes :)

Update is in the queue. Theme version: 1.4

  • Improved native WordPress galleries CSS and image captioning using the Add Media button.
Hi there everyone, I am writing here because I think this is a simple answer that the forum might be able to answer. On my blog posts I am not getting the “read more” it is just showing the whole things so people dont think to click on it but then there isnt the comment option on the homepage. How do I had the read more? Thanks! http://zoenme.com/

Hello there,

I saw that you managed to add a read more button. Glad you got it fixed.

Thanks for the purchase!

Love the design of theme but upon instal it crashed my site and no I cannot log in or do anything!

All it says is: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in /home/sshepler/public_html/samshepler.com/wp-content/themes/ravage/functions/theme-options.php on line 17

Please advise.. It won’t even let me log in and reinstall… : /

Hey there,

Might want to open a ticket with the support of your hosting and ask them kindly to delete the theme for you :)


True True. Thanks a Bunch!

All set! Thanks!

Hi, i have problem with mobile version. Why pictures are cut off at the right side on mobile browser?

With a little bit of CSS knowledge :)

p { margin-bottom: your-margin-in-px; }

I know but it doesn’t work :)

ok, done :)

We are really impressed!

We are a web design firm serving both individuals and companies. We choose our themes and authors very carefully. Authors should understand that it is crucial to deliver a clean theme with up to date coding. Icypixels, payed attention to all of that!

In this case, we purchased Ravage. Ravage is an outstanding theme with clean code, responsive language and an awesome layout.

The customer service and the support that came from this author is out of this world! When you take a look at the updates in place, it shows that the author is interested in delivering a top notch design with you, the designer, in mind!

Whether for personal or business use, we recommend both the theme and the author. Without any hesitation: 5 Stars!!!

Thank you for everything, Icypixels, See you for our next project!

Hello there mabguy,

I cannot find the words to thank you for posting such beautiful thoughts. It was a pleasure to do business with you and you certainly were a part of Ravage’s improvement as a theme, because you spotted bugs which I didn’t.

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you… We can’t wait to get in touch with you again. Blessings!!!

I just found a bug after updating to the latest version. The mobile menu bar at top doesn’t work. It shows, but I can’t click on the button to make it drop down. Instead, I have to scroll all the way the the bottom of the page where the sidebar menu is sitting.

I even reinstalled the theme and it still doesn’t work. The only thing I’ve done to the code was commented out the social media icons in the footer.

Hopefully this is a easy fix, still waiting on the update that makes the videos embed codes more responsive so it keeps the aspect ratio.

Hey nerwin,

Make sure you have version 1.4.1. I have already fixed that issue in a previous update ( 14th Feb 2013 ).

If not, check line 1902 in style.css:

.icy-menu-trigger { cursor: pointer; color: #fff; z-index: 1000; overflow: hidden; display: inline-block; }

Regarding the second thing, I will need to include fitVids jquery plugin for the videos to keep aspect ratio.


There working fine now. I didn’t know there was a new version available.

Still loving the theme. Even the built in Wordpress gallery looks great. Keep up the great work man.

is there a serch option built in for the archives?

Hello there jennmacca,

Archives are automatically populated by posts. A search box returns posts from archive, posts, different post types…

I hope I understood your question correctly. Best of wishes.


I like the clean look of this theme so far. But there’s a thing that bothers me. When I scale the theme down to smartphone size, the sidebar is not properly aligned with the content box. In fact is a little offset to the right hand side.

Trying to fix that with easy solutions alignes other parts to the right side.

Furthermore I’d love to have the custom menue between the header and the content boxes. Is that possible? Thanks in advance.

Hello there forloveandglory,

Firstly, let me thank you for the purchase! I can help you with the sidebar alignment, because I consider it as a Ravage bug and therefore I will submit an update pretty soon.

Regarding the positioning of the custom menu, I would advise getting in touch with a freelancer or using our partners at tweaky (link on the item description page).

Best of wishes & thanks again for the purchase!

Its image be direct instead of slide show? Its content directly without having to be “read more”? It is easy to change indioma Portuguese of Brazil? I’m looking to buy sorry for bad traduçao

Yes, raniery, all of your requests are possible, you just need to know the inside of WordPress first.

Hello, I’m hoping to buy this tonight. How do I remove the lines under the blog title as in this screen shot? http://s18.postimage.org/sdzvly56f/Screen_Shot_2013_03_03_at_22_42_32.png Many thanks – beautiful theme!

Sorry for not giving complete instructions in one go. Had to experiment with my demo.

I hope this solves it once and for all :) Sorry for the mess.

.main-content, aside.sidebar { border-top: none !important; } .widget-separator { background-color: transparent; }

Sorry again :) I’ve tested this solution on my demo and it works :)

Best of wishes!

Perfect! Please don’t apologise, your support is excellent.

Thank you for the purchase & for your patience! :) You can rate the theme in your downloads section on ThemeForest, if you like it :)