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Hi there, How do I change the auto size of the feautured image please? I want to make them thinner. Cheers, Keith

Hello there,

I managed to answer your support request.

Have a great day!


Any further clarification about the menu issue?

Responded to request :)

Hello, I would like to know how to remove tweet and like below post?

In previous post you mentioned line 25 in comment.php. Which folder?

Check my blog on http://blog.polonabartol.com

Cheers, Borut

Hello bumbar56,

Thank you so much for the purchase!

You can find it in your /ravage/ folder, in the comments.php file on line 25.

Best of wishes!

Hi there!

I’m having a little trouble with the gallery. We have a multi-site network and from what I can see, the theme seems to support the gallery fine on the main site, but any of the sites on the multi-site network wont operate correctly at the moment.

The issue we are having is, when there is more than one gallery used in a blog it only ever shows one gallery, and visually blocks the images from any other galleries in the blog.

See here: http://newsfeed.tiqbiz.com/309/ The top image has one image in a gallery, then the two post’s below also have one image each in their galleries, and they aren’t showing.

I have tried using “image” post format, and “gallery” and the results are the same each time. I only have one image per gallery in this example as I spent quite some time testing and got too lazy to keep putting many images up per gallery ;-)

Your help would be much appreciated.



Hey Steve,

Firstly, let me thank you for the purchase!

I’m using the theme on a multi-site installation and as far as I’m aware of, the gallery post format is supported.

Unfortunately, you can’t use more than one gallery in your blog, if you’re using the gallery post format, and the dedicated meta box to upload images to your post. The theme doesn’t know how to handle multiple galleries (the ones with the slider) in the same post. Altough, you can use default WordPress galleries. Just click the Add Media button at the top and it should be a breeze from there.

The site doesn’t seem to be relevant to my theme and I can’t see any images.

If I can be any further assistance, do not hesitate to post a question here or on the support ticket system.

Kind Regards.

Hey icypixels,

I want to use this theme as a blog, for business and selling digital products and personal services. I have a few questions regarding customization

Can the Ravage Theme menu bar be moved into a horizontal position under the header?

Can I have a content/sidebar on the homepage and every page so to put on opt-in form to collect leads and conversion?


You can use this theme as any other WordPress theme around. Mainly, the theme was built to be a blog, but I can’t see why it won’t do digital products with a bit of work. Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t provide customization services, so you would need to look for a freelancer. But soon enough, I will launch my own customization service. What’s better than the theme developer customizing the theme? :D

Yes, you can have a sidebar on the homepage and everypage, where you can put a widget (through Appearance > Widgets).

Kind regards.

Thank you for clarifying.

And let us all know when you’ll be opening your doors for customizing themes!

Of course! I will announce here, as well as on Twitter and my profile page :)

Hi there,

Beautiful theme, I’ve been eyeing it for a while now. Few questions before I purchase if you don’t mind.

- Can the header be static? - Does it include a full-width page template?


Hello Cassielee,

What do you mean by a static header? The header is already static, where you can have your name, or upload a logo image.

The theme doesn’t currently have a full-width page template.


Hi there. Thanks for the template! I just have a question about the featured image doubling up. http://lesunshine.com.au/ For my two latest posts I have resized images and removed the featured image, they display the fine, however all the others have the featured image at the top of the post. How can I fix this without having to go through and delete all the featured images?

Also, how can I control the length of the excerpts?

Hello Johnny,

Thanks for getting in touch with me! If I understand correctly, you don’t want to use Featured Images and use images in posts. I ask you kindly to search for a bulk featured image plugin on wordpress.org, which allows you to add/delete featured images on multiple posts at a time.

Best of wishes!

Thanks for your help. I was hoping there was some code that I could change that would stop the featured posts appearing as the first image. I guess I will just have to remove them.

Also, where is the code for the image captions. I find the grey boxes a little big and wanted to change the font. Thanks again, I’m enjoying customizing this theme.

Hello Johnny,

I wouldn’t recommend disabling featured images, by removing the code, but if it’s what you wish, you’ll need to delete the content of /ravage/post-standard.php and /ravage/post-image.php

For caption styling, you’ll need to know a bit of CSS. The file to edit can be found here: /ravage/includes/css/flexslider.css on line 95: .flex-caption { ... }

I would recommend using Child themes to edit theme files ( http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes ), so you would ensure your modifications aren’t overwritten when you update the theme.

Best of wishes!

I bought the theme for my Hebrew blog http://www.listener.co.il. I like the theme’s minimalism and focus.

Unfortunately there are a few UX issues:
- No search bar in the header. This is standard & important for websites.
- No search template. When searching it should say ‘Search results for…’ and the search bar should contain the keywords that were just searched.
- Tags aren’t displayed in posts. Rather annoying since I use them a lot in my blog.
- Single post template – the big image links to the post even though I’m already there. Remove that link, it’s useless.
- Single post template – no next/prev post paging.
- Technical issue – the theme isn’t fully child theme ready. E.g., you enqueue style.css with wp_enqueue_style, so 2 style.css end up being loaded when using a child theme.

Could you please fix these for the theme’s next version? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply! I noticed one more thing – there are no post comment links in the main loop. One of my blog’s readers noted it. BTW, when do you plan to release the theme’s next version?

One more thing – I noticed that the placeholders in the comment form are not internationalized, plus they use a complicated mechanism instead of placeholders with polyfill.

Thanks for reporting small bugs :) I’m going to squash them, I’m a bit in a crunch time right now :) but maybe I’ll get some free time this week and release the due update :)

I will tick the new option to notify buyers when the update is live, so you will receive an email.

Hi icypixels,

I want to ask why the rich snipet si not working on ravage? When I test it to Rich Snippets Testing Tool on google webmaster tools, the system said

Warning: Missing required field “updated”. Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

Why this is happen?is this related to your themes? Please tell me how to fix it?

Thank you

Hello fillgunawan,

First, thanks for the purchase! I really appreciate it!

Google Rich Snippets searches for certain classes inside the theme posts. I’m trying to implement some of them and release an update. You will receive an email when the update is available.


Awesome…I’ll be waiting for your update. Thanks…

Hey, love the theme. Is there a way I can make posts/pages fixed-width? Thanks!

Hello justwren,

Do you mean to disable to responsiveness of the website?


I actually figured it out, thanks. Further question: my featured images aren’t showing up in my RSS feed. How can I fix this?

Hello justwren,

Please look into the possibility of installing a plugin like this one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/add-featured-image-to-rss-feed/

Best of wishes.

I just noticed when I add a video and then add a featured image..the featured image doesn’t show on like Facebook or Google plus.

Maybe this would be something you could fix in the next update? That would be awesome. Thanks!

Hey nerwin,

I’m adding this to the list, as we speak. Expect a release soon. You’ll get an email when the update is ready.

Kind regards.

Hello, there is a way to show “featured posts” on home page?

Hello voidness,

Thank you so much for the interest in the theme.

Ravage is a simple Blog theme, which uses all the blog functionality. In order to have a featured post at the top, you will simply need to use the Sticky post feature, provided by WordPress.

For a Featured Posts section, it’s not possible out of the box. But a developer could code you one.

Best of wishes! Have a great day!

Update announcement – v1.5.

Hello dear customers, I’ve just submitted an update to Ravage.

v1.5. – 21st Apr 2013
  • FitVids video support. Responsive scaling of videos.
  • Next and previous post buttons inside post.
  • search.php page
  • Tags support
  • Removed image links inside posts.

Bugs. When I choose the video option when making a post, it removes the post title..so now I can’t even post videos since there is no dang title to the post, its just blank.

I don’t care for the tags that much or post navigation..looks cluttered. I liked how it was before, nice and simple. But I can comment out those things anyways, just wished you made an option to disable them.

Sort of odd why the posts with videos don’t have any post title like the normal posts.

Hey nerwin,

Try directly this:

.icy_video { clear: both; }

I’ve just implemented the solution in the demo and it works.

Thanks! That worked! These things happen, maybe you should of had a cup of coffee..hahaha :)

Haha, I’m not a coffee drinker. Maybe I should start drinking? :)

A quick question. In the archive page, is it possible to have it sorted by author?

Hello Bondra,

Unfortunately, no, it’s not possible.

Best of wishes.

Thanks for your quick response! I came across another question. Is it possible to add a regular textwidget inbetween posts? Say I want a textwidget inbetween post #2 och #3? If not possible, am I able to add a regular textwidget in the right column with ease?


Hey Bondra,

Between posts, no it’s not possible.

On the right side, yes, you can. :)

You’re welcome! :)


Might be a daft question, but what is the optimum size of photos for the posts I can use.

Thanks. Michael.

Hey Michael,

Right on your Edit page screen, on the right hand side, you can find a Page templates box.


Yes I know this, but there is only a choice of default or archive template. Your description makes it sound like there should be several types.

Is there a way of making more templates myself?

Regards. Michael.

Hey Michael,

In order to create your own page templates, you would need some PHP/ HTML / CSS knowledge.

Sorry for mentioning like there are more types, but there are only these two. I tend to use the same overall documentation for most of my themes, as they are built on the same framework.


Hi Paul.

I think there is a bug on the contact form. If a person does not input a website, it assigns a value of www.yourwebsite, which is then appended to the persons name on the comment. Is there a fix for this?

Also, the tag colours do not change with all the other accent colours in the theme options. Can this be added so that it matches everything else?

The post image seems to act like it is a link, changing in opacity when hovered over, it doesn’t actually link to the full post. Can this be made to link directly to the full post or be removed as is confusing?

Regards. Michael.

Hey Michael,

The contact form is made using a plugin, called Contact Form 7 and I’m unable to provide support for third-party plugins. It would be best to contact the plugin authors regarding this issue, as it’s not theme related.

I’m adding tag colors to the list, thanks for letting me know.

Indeed, that’s just an effect which I don’t intend to remove.

Thank you for everything. Let me know if you have any further questions :)



Im having trouble translating the theme. Some words won’t be translated. For example “Read more”. I don’t find it in my sv_SE.po.

I find “Submit Comment” which already are translated in Poedit. But the translated string doesn’t show up on the public page. Still display “Submit Comment”.

How can I fix this?

Hey Bondra,

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll include this in an update. Indeed, the read more was missing.

Thanks again!

Hi Paul.

Regarding my earlier post, I meant to say the comment form on a post, not the contact form.


Oh, okay, I’ll look into it :)

I found a nice solution :) Thanks for bringing this bug up :)

By using the plugin “Code Styling Localization” and then select language. I get this warning for the Ravage theme:

Warning: The actual loaded translation content contains mixed textdomains and is not pure translateable within one textdomain. It seems, that there is code contained extracted out of other plugins, themes or widgets and used by copy & paste inside some source files. The affected unknown textdomains are: icy

What’s wrong?

Indeed, there were some hiccups regarding the theme text domain. I fixed it to work properly and I’m submitting an update pretty soon.

How can I change the login logo that is displaying on the sign-in view? Right now it displays “Login logo” and not the Wordpress logo.

Hey Bondra,

Firstly, let me thank you for the purchase and for choosing one of my products! I really appreciate it!

You’ll just need to replace the image in : /ravage/images/custom-login-logo.png

If I can be of any further assistance, or if you have any more questions, please let me know. Have a great day!

Paul | Icy Pixels | Customer Happiness Engineer

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