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Hi! Is it possibile to add some space between portfolio images?

Hello, we just installed the template, so the support expired. but the mobile version does not work. i read that some people have that problem. do you have a solution already?

Hi ksiegel,

Thank you for getting in touch. We have now provided a fix for this and the update is in queue.


Hi everybody, I’d like to fix the sidebar when I scroll down. Thanks for the answer. Have a good night.

I have found : position:fixed;

Perfect theme for artists’ portfolios: photographers, painters… I used Raw theme to create a stylish online presence for a great abstract and figurative painter and it worked like a charm. You should couple it with an automated image compression plugin if your project is image intensive. For a more in depth review you can check out: http://themesrule.com/udthemes-raw-wordpress-theme-review/

Every time I’m trying to buy your theme it says my card is declined… I’m using two different cards. Help??

I am trying to make an exact replica of the demo site, how would that be possible?

I have already imported data, all media gives me dummy files and I don’t know how to import code and I don’t see any tutorials for it.

Hey guys! My pictures on the home slide show don’t appear full with, a mean i want show my picture like your sample theme. How can put Full with those picture in the home slide show? look http://www.studio40photography.com

Hi there! Wondering if the portfolio section can be used as a gallery where the images do not open a new page but just a larger version of the photo


I bought your fantastic theme but can i change the number of “Latest Projects” on the home page !? I would like post 12 latest projects instead of 6.


Can you help me !?

Thanks in advance //Thib

Hello Since i bought this this theme (at least 3 years ago), it was never updated. I would like to upload the last one because Home Page slider doesn’t work with last version of WP on tablets and phones. I do not know how to do. WP never offered me an update for this theme thank you

We had been waiting for quite a while for developer to fix the picture slider on Home page. It had been months. We love the RAW site and looks like more than 1700 person like it as well, I don’t see why it can not be fix.. ASAP. Are we the only client with this problem?

Hello, I think that is it possible for anybody to get this theme on technical or application blog like this one Mobdro

Hello! Live preview is offline! Thank You!

I’m still waiting for any answer about my issue (slide show on mobile option) i recieved many comments from clients because they can’t see the principal slide show on mobile option. Please, i need a solution ASAP.

I fixed the issue. Thanks.

Looking to purchase but live preview is still offline.


I have one simple question, is it possible to move the menu to the header? I really don`t like side menus… Can it be on the top?

Thank you!

Hi @udthemes, unfortunately it seems that your website is down.. Well, we purchased the RAW theme and now have no documentation (the small PDF within the theme-ZIP is no help at all). Wil you be back, or do I have to drop the theme (after just 1 year) and purchase another?

There are a host of issues with this template that need to be updated. The home page slider doesn’t work on mobile, and I can no longer edit the site with visual composer, as the visual composer plugin bundled with the template is not supported with the latest version of wordpress. Either I buy the new plugin or invest in a different template and abandon this one. If updates will no longer be supported for this theme, I’d like to know.


first of all awesome theme.

Second, is there a way to enable a comment section for the images?

I know that you can comment a blog post, but single images in the gallery in the portfolio section would be cool :)

Is there a way?