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Thank you! :)

Hello,my cellphone is Lumia 920 with a Windows phone system. Your program does not work on this system. Pls repair it soon. Thank you!

Hello, we’re aware of the problems on Windows phones and trying to find a solution for it.

Thanks, R6

scrolling on my I-phone ist not smooth, don’t know why. But great design, anyway.

What do you mean by swiping up and down?

simply scrolling: finger swipe up to scroll.

We’ll look into this as soon as possible.

Two comments:

First – on the homepage, when using the arrows to go through slides there’s a couple of seconds of lag time after the third slide for the video overlay and text to appear. So, for a second or two the video is bright (with no overlay) and the text doesn’t show. This problem does not seem to happen when you click and drag through the slides. [Using Chrome on Vista]

Second – Is there a way to use only static video background (with no slides) and have the text change in front of it, like fading in and out with different text?

Thanks very much!

Here is your code (only the JavaScript was modified): http://jsfiddle.net/r6themes/7z8f8/1/

Fantastic! Thanks very much. Just rated 5 stars!

Anytime :)

what we need to do to autoplay homepage slides?

You need to edit the custom.js file and add autoplay: 5000 (to slide each five seconds) to the Swiper instance of the fullscreen slider. Here is an example of this code: http://pastebin.com/uVqna7as


I cannot get a video to load (mp4 format) verified it is right src folder etc anythiughts

Thx Greg


Please check your file extension (it’s case sensitive). Also try to clean the cache in your browser (especially if you’re using Chrome). If it still doesn’t work, try to reconvert it on http://www.online-convert.com/

Best Regards, R6 Themes

Hello, I recently purchased this template however I’m having difficulties in editing it. I couldn’t find a help guide either? Please could you expand on how to do this?

Please change the extension of your image to lowercase (JPG to jpg) and it will work :)

Perfect thanks. One final thing. The map i’ve copied the embedded link and pasted it in the contact page and looks fine, however once I upload the files it reverts back to the original map location provided with the template? hmmm…

I just checked your website and it works fine. Try to clean your browser cache (Ctrl+Shift+Del for most browser).

Hello, I recently purchased this template however I’m having difficulties in editing it. I couldn’t find a help guide either? Please could you expand on how to do this?

Answered in the comment above :)

Looks fantastic! glws

Thanks :)

Great work, glws :)

Thank you! :)

hey there

just bought and tried to install this theme on a site but was met with this error message on the ‘THEMES’ section of wordpress:

“The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

Can you tell me what went wrong?


This is a HTML template, the WordPress version is coming soon.

With kind regards, R6 Themes.

ah ok! thank you! :)

WHile i have you there ive installed the site here: http://chessfusco.com/oakmount/ and if you take a look the icon for the menu and sliders are invisible – the link is there but icon isnt?

Your MIME type is wrong because your server type is Apache. Here is a fix instruction link for you.


Best regards, R6

i just downloaded your theme. i uploaded the files to my server to see what it looked like as the stock theme, however the menu icon doesn’t show up at all. i can hover the mouse over the area where it should be and i can use the button, but can’t see the icon… i’m on safari 7.0.2 on os 10.9.2 if that helps. I have also tried it in google chrome latest version on windows 8.1.


Thanks for purchasing our template. Regarding the question, we used SVG-s as background images and most likely your server doesn’t register them as MIME types. Please try to paste the URL of one of these SVG files (example: http://www.yourwebsite.com/img/svg/menu-icon.svg) in this tool: http://planetsvg.com/tools/mime.php

It will give you further instructions on how to make your server recognize a SVG file.

Best regards, R6 Themes

Thank you for the help so far. I really love this theme!!!! How can I create a background image that transitions from one image to another image in the background on the same page. So basically a slideshow behind the content on each page. I see that I can put a single background image on each page, but i’m looking to make it a little more dynamic. Any help is truly appreciated.


I wrote a little script for you so you can use dynamic background images: http://jsfiddle.net/r6themes/82nTg/1/

Just copy the JavaScript in custom.js and ignore the HTML and CSS on JSFiddle (it’s only for demonstration purposes). I’ve commented the lines that you can customize (background array and transition time).

Best regards, R6 Themes

Hi, I bought the rayleigh template and tried to install it. but i get a error message: can not install the style.css is missing.

what can i do?


This is a HTML template, the WordPress version is coming soon.

With kind regards, R6 Themes.

Me again So ive gotten in and gotten my hands dirty and i really like this theme so well done! :)

I do have a question though: If i wanted to link a portfolio item to the main menu so for example when you click the PORTFOLIO menu link the drop down you are presented with JOB 1, JOB 2 etc etc Now if i click on JOB 1 it goes straight to that drop down screen that is under PORTFOLIO > 2 COLUMN > ‘BUILDINGS OF TOMORROW’?

Basically i want to skip a page and go staright into the job details…if possible?

Copy the portfolio-2.html file, and give it another name, keep it in the same folder. Keep the default pagination in portfolio-2.html, and link those two.

no i dont think you got me, though i think thats down to my piss poor explanation! my bad! :)

On portfolio-2.html i am keeping the two jobs beside each other ( http://chessfusco.com/oakmount/portfolio-2.html ), so when i click on the first one it links to portfolio-2.html#portfolio-item-example

all i want to know is how do i do a separate one of these for the second job on that page?

No worries :D

Just create another portfolio-item-example, and it should look something like this:


And then link portfolio items to #portfolio-item-example-2

Hope this helps!

I have a question, it’s works for blogger?

This is a plain HTML template, it doesn’t work for Blogger.

Kind regards, R6

It seems to fix the issue with slow scrolling on IOS devices you have to change overflow for #main-wrapper as follows:

/* overflow: hidden; */ overflow: scroll; -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

Thank you very much for your suggestion. We’ll definitely implement it in our next update.

Kind regards, R6 Themes

Hello, Update 1.1 What’s New?

Thank you, Chawit Petchchai


We fixed the scrolling issues on iPhone devices and made some minor changes in the stylesheet structure. You just need to update the style.css (or style.less) file.

Best regards, R6 Themes

Thank you :D

You’re welcome :)

Swiper slide is not currently working inside any Portfolio Item with the latest Internet Explorer. Did not try 9 or 10.

No need! Looping seems to be functional again in IE with no errors. Thanks again.

Ah, there is some scrolling issues unfortunately. But nothing major. Will post if I find a fix.

Hello Adrian!

Good to hear, let us know if you find anything buggy in IE.

Same with the scrolling issues. Thanks for sticking around.

Kind regards, R6

Hello, First, you made a great template! Congrats. I bought it just before your last update. As I see, this new release concern iphone scrolling. Could you tell me which files are concerned please? Is it all including CSS or only some JS script? I Thanks,



Thank you for your compliments!

You just need to update the style.css (or style.less) file.

Best regards, R6 Themes

Waouhhh, great job and fast answer !!!! I will follow you. Your support is incredible :) Many thanks and please keep on making us discover your work !!! Florent

Many thanks, we do our best to address your concerns as swiftly as we can. We’ll continue doing what we do, and we hope people will appreciate it.

We also like stars :D

Kind regards, R6.