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Dear R6Themes,

Which font do you use in your demo? And is that font included in the package when I buy this theme?

Best regards,

Patrick de Bie (Netherlands)

Thanks :)

Just bougth the theme. Thank you for the quick respons

Thanks for purchasing our work, we appreciate it.

No problem, that’s what we’re here for.

Enjoy the theme!

With kind regards, R6 “the star loving” team :D

R6Themes, you have a good support.

Thank you Chawit Petchchai (:

Your words have made us happy.

Thank you, R6 Team :)

How hard would it be to make the navigation sidebar always visible with maybe a transparency to the background? If it would be a huge amount of work to make it always visible, is there a way to make the button stand out more. I’ve seen on some web pages a bouncing arrow pointing at it only on the homepage so a new user knows where to find it? I have to cater to some slightly older age users that’s why this is important…

Thanks, your support is insanely awesome!! :)


This is the solution:


Your image class div must be closed before the inner class starts.

Best regards, R6.

YOU ARE THE MAN! Thank you for helping me through that! I will forever be a customer of your themes. Such great Service!!!!!

Haha, you are most welcome! :D

Good luck, and,

Best regards, R6.

Dear R6Themes,

I’ve got the website up and running on www.patrickdebie.nl There is only one small problem. When I use the class icon-text for, let’s say, my e-mailadress. The text doesn’t show correctly on my iPhone in portrait mode (see example below).

Got any ideas?



Please add the following code somewhere in style.css or style.less (if you’re working with LESS):

.icon-text { word-wrap: break-word; }

Thanks for creating with Rayleigh, R6 Themes

How would I make the portfolio images not link to the “portfolio-full” I just want to have the small images without a link to a larger image page when you hover over. So basically just looking to make those images “not buttons”?

Thank you again for being so helpful!! :):)

Answered in the comment above :)

Can You tell me how can I get autoplay slider?


You need to edit the custom.js file and add autoplay: 5000 (to slide each five seconds) to the Swiper instance of the fullscreen slider. Here is an example of this code: http://pastebin.com/uVqna7as

Kind regards, R6


You are most welcome :)

hi Rayleigh, great slick template. looking to purchase it, but just have a few questions first.

1. Would it be able to switch the manual home slider from left to right to a auto fade in and out?

2. Have sidebar sliding in from the left, rather than down?


Sorry input fields.


Find the class .form-control in the style.css file and change the color and background property to your desired color.

Best regards, R6 Themes

Hi Thanks for all your help, it has helped tremendously. Can i insert video into the gallery area just like inserting video on home page slider? When I click on portfolio thumb, portfolio full slides down and plays video. hope it makes sense. Thanks

How do I remove the slide overlay? I want the images to appear on their own at full brightness?


Just remove the class named ‘overlay’ from the selected slides, like in this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/3a5xwn

Best Regards, R6 Themes

I am having two issues. 1st – with Firefox. I have the latest version on a mac and the site doesn’t work at all. The logo is not in the correct position, my portfolio page doesn’t load at all. very strange. All other browsers work the same. You can check it here on your firefox: http://parkstonecapitalllc.com/beta/V3/casestudies.html

2nd – Is there a way to make the portfolio boxes stay the same size when you resize your browser? or at least make a “minimum” size for the width of the individual boxes? My issue is that if you have a slightly smaller screen than the boxes are set to width, it makes the boxes longer and messes up the way they all align on the page. If you look at the link above you will see what I mean by resizing your window to make it a bit smaller. If you want me to pay you a small fee to help me on this, i am happy to and maybe we can email about this…


1st – Can you screenshot your portfolio with the logo issue? It seems OK to me, except that you have exceeded the header height by 20 pixels. Also, you have a gremlin tag in your portfolio HTML: http://prntscr.com/3a608f

2nd – I suggest you to use the two-column portfolio template. It’s not easy to set a minimum width because of the fluid grid layout. Unfortunately, we really don’t have time to make the adjustments for you. We’re too busy with the coming WordPress version.

Kind regards, R6 Themes

Here is a screenshot of your demo and my website. they both have the same logo issue in Firefox. Also, your menu doesn’t work at all in firefox on a mac. look at the menu icon and it’s not displaying the menu. your demo: http://prntscr.com/3a6ove my site: http://prntscr.com/3a6phb

Can you confirm that you’re using the newest version of Firefox (28.0)?


I noticed in the example the logo at the top and the writing underneath the logo automatically shrinks when going to a small phone. The file I received just changes the lines of words to fit so it would go from say 2 lines to 3 lines. I’d like my logo and word ratio to stay the same but it to just shrink like the example. How do I get it to do that?


Thanks for the quick response! The vimeo player works but I’m getting black bars depending on the size of the browser window.

http://angelatidball.com/portfolio-3.html and then click on the first image.

Is there a way to make the black not show?


Currently, there is no possibility to hide the black bars without making a new JavaScript which will resize and crop the video. The video retains its proportions on every screen size, so without the black bars it would be cut off on phones and tablets in portrait mode.

Best regards, R6 Themes

Thanks for the response! I found css work around that fixes the black bar problem.

Hi, this is cool – would love a one-page-version :)

Thanks :)

Any chance of for a one-page-version?


We appreciate your interest and we’re glad that you like our template.

We have not planned on making a one-page version, at least for now. We’ll keep this in mind, though.

Kind regards, the R6 team

Hi, super this Html5

The menu on the left side in the width shrink a little, and do not trim the portfolio the image on the left might reduce the annotation.


Thanks for purchasing our theme. Can you explain this problem a bit more in detail? We do not fully understand your issue.

With kind regards, R6 Themes

HI My name Jinraj I need one change this layout. Shall we stay the menu full time in the page. We don’t need the menu hide. We need the design as full time menu and the content as you alien what u done the full screen…

Hello Jinraj,

When you apply this code in the main stylesheet file, the menu will always be visible: http://pastebin.com/a7179knc

Best regards, R6 Aliens :)

R6Themes – is that Wordpress version still coming??

Thanks, Theresa

Once again, thanks for your interest and your patience.

All the best, R6

Just a heads up – the WP version is live! http://themeforest.net/item/rayleigh-a-responsive-minimal-architect-theme/7522555

Kind regards, The R6 Team

Thank you R6Themes!

On my local copy the menu bar ‘hamburger’ shows up, but for some reason when uploading to the server and viewing it in the same browser, it does not?


Please help….


This tends to happen because your server probably doesn’t register SVG formats (the one we used for the “hamburger” :D and the navigation arrows) as MIME types. Here is a helpful link:


We hope this helps.

With kind regards, R6

Hi there,

Really great theme. However, having a pretty infuriating issue. I’ve uploaded one portfolio item fine. However, now when I go to add a second portfolio item when I click ‘customize slider’ nothing happens – no modal box appears for me to add slides. I am building the site locally with Mamp – do you think this could be an issue? Please help!

Many thanks

Also, one more thing. I accidentally purchased the html template first rather than the wordpress theme so I have purchased both even though I just wanted the wordpress theme. Is there anyway I could get a refund on the template please?


First, thanks for purchasing our theme.

Which browser are you using? If you use Chrome or Firefox, could you press F12 before clicking on the Customize Slider button. If any errors occur please make a screenshot of the console or send the console log to our email address: support@r6themes.com

We’re really interested in what’s causing this problem.

Regarding the refund, you must contact the Envato support because authors have no control over this.

Best regards, R6 Themes

Thanks, have sent you an email.

hi, first i want to congrats your team for this very good job. well done !, and second i have a little question… do you know how i can put on image background just for one page (like news for example).

I read your documentation but i didn’t find what i search..

thanks for your help and congratulation for the job (the WP version is beautiful too)


Did you check if the image extension is correct (jpg, jpeg, JPG)? You can try to add !important after the background-image property, like this:

.page-services { background-image: url(../img/slides/visuel-4.jpg) !important; }

Also, if you’re using Chrome or Firefox, please inspect the page and see if your link to the background-image works: http://i.imgur.com/DvEydfr.png

i found the mistake… i should delete the line “background-image: none; ” in content zone (line 290) in style.css and it work perfectly. thanks

We’re glad that you’ve figure it out.

Kind regards, R6 Themes


you should definitely add some sort of footer or placeholder for copyright and social sharing. After that this theme will be perfect :)


Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll keep this in mind for our future updates :)

Kind regards, R6 Team

Btw. would it be possible to launch single portfolio item outside the item container? Something like this: a href=”#portfolio-item-example”>Open portfolio item 4</a

It’s possible, but it requires a very small tweak in the JS file.

Ok – just bought the template. Is it possible you to share the info how to tweak the JS file considering my previous comment?

Thanks for purchasing our template!

Here is the tweak: http://pastebin.com/ujZypaHD

Just update the highlighted line in the custom.js file which is located in the js folder. Now, if you make an anchor tag like:

a href=”#portfolio-item-example” class=”open-portfolio”

it will open the portfolio-item-example container.

Kind regards, R6 Themes