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Stunning. Love the layout manager. Impeccable work as usual, sir. :-)

Thank you, sir!

clean elegant….

Wow, wish this one was released sooner. Layout and styling looks very well done.

Questions: 1-Which forum is shown in the demo? bbpress or buddypress group forum? 2-Does the skin, top/bottom color option appear for visitors to use? 3-Are the header images different in size intentionally?

My concern with all themes going forward is that buddypress recommends going with bbpress plugin instead of site wide or group forum. Is there a way to get a preview of that with your theme?

Do you have any preview for admin side to see how styling is handled? Is it similar color picker as the plugin you have running or manual input via css + child theme?

Flexibility for different image and size for header/footer in each section is a great touch!

What you’re describing is built into the BP and bbPress plugins. I know what you’re referring to and we will have bbPress demo on the site soon which will show how those forums are styled.

We don’t have a preview of the admin but we’ll be adding screen shots of many of the admin features over the next few days to the “Features” section of the theme.

Some of the color changes can be done from custom admin fields, some require CSS but that too can be done from the admin also.

Child themes are easy to setup. We use one for the demo because it lets us configure demo features like the skin changer more easily.

We’re also adding new skins that will be available in the coming days.

Fantastic! Does the theme come with XML sample data? Are the slides included on the PSD? Can the slideshow be set to a lower height? And I assume you can not load the social aspect of the theme and use for business?


Yes, there are 3 demo data files included that you can use to include as much or as little of the sample content as you choose.

All PSD files are packaged with the theme, including the ones used for making the slide shows. These don’t have the photos from the slides since we don’t have distribution rights to those images, but the layout, graphics, text and backgrounds are all there. You just need to drop in your own photos.

Not sure what you mean about not having the social aspect for business? There aren’t any limitations on those features. You can use the BuddyPress and bbPress functionality wherever and however you need them.

What I meant was I want to use this as a business theme and have no use for the BuddyPress and bbPress functionality. I’m guessing I just would’t load those plugins?

Exactly. The theme is built with feature detection so if you don’t have BuddyPress or bbPress installed it won’t load any of the files or functionality specific to those plugins. This keeps the theme from having extra overhead for a standard WP site and removes any unnecessary admin options.

The recent posts section doesn’t show up correctly: http://i.imgur.com/dvhYq.png sign in and forgot password page goes to wordpress side while register goes to site’s frontend and fit in nicely with the rest of the site. can they all be made to “fit in”? http://i.imgur.com/FPEE0.png

Thanks, I’ll check that out and make the necessary adjustments.

The register page is a BuddyPress feature.

There is a login popup for signing in. Look under the “Community” menu item or on Home Page 5, the right side of the menu. That’s something we built into the theme.

Forgot password is a WordPress page and neither the theme or BuddyPress modifies that one or provides a custom version. I’ll consider making a custom version of that from the theme’s popup if I can. Good suggestion.

Wow, this is looking really good.

Yeah, this will be a best seller in no time….

Why the group’s admins or moderators do not shown?

We’ve just chosen to not show them as a design choice. I find that information to be unnecessary.

There is a single line in the CSS with a comment that it hides the admin/moderator block. By placing this in the admin options CSS you can have them show up:

#item-header #item-actions { display: block; }

Very Nice Work, If I buy today, can I use (Slider Revolution! Responsive WordPress Plugin) with this theme?

Thanks, I hope it work perfect!

Let me know if you have any problems and we’ll look into it. I’ve placed a high priority on plugin compatibility with my themes in the last 6 months so we look into every issue.

Is a website for a youth church organization from philadelphia, PA. It is cool to have some slider with some animation youth will like that extra :-) but this theme works perfect for them I know.

Stunning work, congrats, looks fantastic :)

Wowza. As a proud owner of Salutation, this may be my new favorite theme.

On the surface, Razor seems similar in content layout as Salutation. Is this true? Can we have a peek at the admin areas?

Does the theme substitute ‘normal’ and HiDPI images on-the-fly?

Lastly, what is in the updated 1.1 version as now indicated in your skin plugin?

Thanks. Now get some sleep!

Razor uses the same framework as Salutation so many of the content features can be substituted between them. The shortcodes and admin functionality are almost identical. We’ve added the new “Background Slider” from Bebel that produces a dual slide show with the foreground and background images which is ultra cool and added a few new shortcodes.

One of the biggest updates from Salutation in the functionality side is new filters that allow custom layouts to be assigned to individual blog Categories and BP Groups! I was really excited about that one. You can check out the Fitness group on the Razor demo to see how a custom layout assigned to a single group lets you have custom headers, slide shows, footers, layouts, etc. and makes the group look much more custom and less like every other BuddyPress group.

Yes, the theme will automatically add HiDPI images. It’s an optional feature but when you turn it on the theme takes over and does all the work for you.

What that means where we show v1.1 skins is to indicate that we will be releasing regular updates for the near future to put in a lot of added design features we didn’t have time to show off. Razor has some amazing customization possibilities with it’s structure. By adding 10 lines of CSS to a skin I can create a completely different layout and style, but without examples it’s a lot harder to figure that our or imagine what is possible. So, for a while we are going to continue to add new skins, styles and even bits of functionality that will continue to enhance the theme. Right now we have 2 finished skins that will be in v1.1 and hopefully a couple more over the next day or two. The release of v1.1 should be early next week.

Anytime I click on “design settings” it tells me page not found. What could be the cause of this?

That shouldn’t be happening. We’ll need to look into it if we can. Please stop by our Help Center and open a forum thread so we can get more details.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

In an above comment you mentioned new filters that allow layout customization of individual group pages. Is this limited to backend? If its only backend, do you have a way to get it to do frontend as well, as in giving group admins some extra settings to adjust during or after group creation? This would be HUGE for me, as for my application users will be craving custom group layouts.

The filters are specific to the theme’s internal Layout Manager. What you’re wanting is a BuddyPress plugin. I would suggest searching for one because it’s likely what you want already exists. Because that isn’t a design related issue it doesn’t make sense for a theme to handle such functionality.

Your theme cropping the group’s and members’s avatars automatic. Can I change it to standard manual regime?

The cropping of avatars in BuddyPress profiles is a BP feature. It should be working.

Sorry, i tested loading avatar here on demo site, in my hosting manual cropping is work!

Glad to hear it!

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums: http://para.llel.us/support/

Hi Parallelus,

looks very professional!

Just realised that the groups page looks strange on the iPhone in portrait mode (though it looks fine in landscape mode), can you fix this please?


Thanks! ;)

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll get that updated right away.

Also the header picture of the forum page seems not to be responsible – seems to get cropped right now (iPhone portrait mode).


Is there a fix?

Thanks! ;)

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get that fixed now.

Responsiveness is very much problematic on mobile phones (Windows Phone, at the very least). The timestamp and individual post content are not positioned properly in relation to each other, so they overlap everywhere and the content is squeezed into a tight area. Happens on all directories, forums, site wide activity feed, and nested comments don’t overlap but certainly squeeze. The same issue is causing abnormality in the alignment of the search button and search form at the top of each directory. This easily has to potential to top your awesome previous effort, Salutation, but right now it doesn’t even seem quite ready to go live. Ill keep an eye out for responses/fixes.

I’ve been checking periodically as you’ve been applying changes. You’ve definitely fixed quite a few things for the better, namely the layout issues that were causing overlapping. I’m going to be going through it more closely throughout the next few hours. Rather than continuing to post the small bugs here, I’ll send you a message through Themeforest with a list of the remaining oddities I can spot, with information on both iOS and Windows Phone. How’s that sound?

Just to add to that, it’s not so much a matter of being picky as it is seeing the potential for near perfection with this theme.

I’ve sent you a message outlining issues I’ve come across that deserve your attention.

I am absolutely blown away by all the possibilities with this theme. Best theme i’ve ever bought(!) – Thank you.


Wow, this theme is pretty incredible!