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Awesome theme! Quick pre-purchase question – would I be able to include the Registration form on the home page? Basically creating a landing page, prior to log in?

I would recommend visiting the BuddyPress forums and researching this because that’s the only place you’ll find details on modifying BP behavior and features like this. It’s not a built in option to have the registration from on the home page.

Hi, I uploaded thi site but there is no layout settings, all blank. There are not the default layouts like mingle.

Also Im having a warning error showing: framework/layout-settings/admin-options-header.php on line 118

Could you help me pelase?

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Hi Parallelus, I need to make “Comment” and “Reply” buttons in the activity stream always visibile: can you help me to do this?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

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I have pre-purchase question. I really like your theme, especially the style of the forum. Currently I am using a different theme but I would like my forum to look like the one on RAZOR’s theme. Would it be possible? If so – which files should I modify?

Thank you.

I’m not sure I understand the question. You don’t need to modify any files when you use the theme. All the styles you see are already included in the theme when it’s installed.

The thing is, I’m using different theme. I just want to copy the appearance of the forum from your theme to mine. Would it be possible?

It won’t be easy. The forum styles are integrated with the theme and build on the default styles.

Pre-Sales ?

What kind of support do you have for bbpress? I mean what have you integrated into your theme that makes me want to buy it?


Do you have custome pages templates such as latest topics or newest topics?

Do you have image upload built-in topic

Can I create a gallery from uploaded images on a page with images taken from the forum topics?

Do you include wigdets for having, new members, active forum members (not buddypress as such), but if buddypress needs to be active fair enough

Thanks in advance

The theme includes support for bbPress with basic styling and control over page layouts (setting bbPress areas to have sidebars, headers, footers, etc.)

I am using the Skin Name: 9. Smoothness 2 (Red Accents)

I will like to use the background image on all the background, what I mean is I don’t want the white background gradient in the background, I want just the image pattern that I have.

Can you please tell me what to edit in the ( style-skin-9.css ). Thanks

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If salutation was completely redone, I think it would end up looking a whole lot like Razor. Do they share common shortcodes and styles like static content? Would it take a lot of work to upgrade from Salutation to Razor?

They have most of the same functionality. Razor was built from Salutation. It’s not hard to move between the themes. They share most shortcodes and that helps a lot.

Is Razor responsive too?

Yes, Razor is responsive.

I leave a new Topic in your support site 12 hours, 50 minutes ago and I got no response at all.

Love your themes, hope to hear from your support team.

Thanks for your help!

Your question was answered 3 hours ago.

We’re not on the support website giving our answers on Friday nights but we do check Saturday morning. Sorry you had to wait half a day for an answer to a customization question during a weekend. ;)

After reading the readme.html in the dokumentation file it runs awsome. I’m happy to use Razor for my project ..

Great to hear!


I am thinking of getting this theme but before that, will it be possible to get the slide down “Sign in | Register” bar at the top of Salutation: http://para.llel.us/themes/salutation-wp/ implemented on this Razor theme?

Those are a feature of Salutation not Razor. You could try and add theme yourself, or use a plugin but we don’t include them in Razor.

where is the step by step with regards to buddypress installation in the Razor theme? Cannot find it anywhere.

I have all the files integrated, just wanted to ensure the set up and compare to the parallelus recommendations for buddypress

Good day, I have the theme set up and currently the main slide on my home page will not click to the url I provided in the slideshow. Please provide me a solution as I have followed your integration. Thank you.

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Hi, can the header menu be made sticky? thanks

It would require some customization, but it should not be difficult.

WARNING: This is a feature-rich theme but has one major flaw which you should be aware of before purchasing:

There is only ONE choice for your navigation menu. It is one size fits all, take it or leave it. My analogy is, no matter how you dress-up, you MUST wear the one-and-only scarf on the rack.

In summary:
  • Your site navigation must be the same as your blog navigation (no variation, no flexibility)
  • You cannot set-up a true landing page or independent page without using the SAME menu as your site. (a marketing no-no)
  • In a nutshell, every page regardless of your intended use must contain an identical navigation menu.

Perhaps this will work for many, but it is a huge oversight in my book.

I’m also very disappointed in the support offered. When questioning the issue of only ONE menu (thinking perhaps I had overlooked something), I was given a link to a google search and told I had posted in the wrong area! So odd… because I posted in the only area I could find that was discussing the navigational menu… go figure). I was also ‘reminded’ that this was ‘free support’ and thus I should be satisfied. If it is free support, what happened to the $60 I paid?

:sick: I’m too far into deployment to go back, but if I could, I’d ask for a refund.

Using conditional classes in your menu you can show/hide any menu item, depending on the criteria you choose. This allows individual menu items to be specified to be visible or not, specific to the area of your site.


You are correct, there is only one main menu. If you want to add additional main menus you could custom code that functionality.

Hi. This is a beautiful theme. Does it support videos on the homepage slider or it is just images? I would like to mix it up and have an intro video in the slider as well.

The slide show supports any content, including videos, HTML, shortcodes, images, etc.

Does the theme support Buddypress Group Extras Plugin. I know that Mingle does not support this plugin.

I don’t know of any reason it wouldn’t. The latest version of Mingle should also support it.

Review The razor theme which we employ for one of our sites remains a tedious and difficult theme to work with.

Every step is slow and arduous. I simply do not believe this theme has been thought out with consideration of designers. It is just too complex and by complex I mean convoluted. There are too many steps involved and with each step another chance to screw up.

As far as support is concerned, I have been out and out abused by the design team on a few occasions, one where they advised me to go back to using the WP default theme. I use a number of WP-BP sites and this one has just not got itself sorted out yet.

  • I give IT support and know just how hard it is to work with people so I have an empathy for their role but the behaviour was out and out disgraceful.

The theme needs to be simplified and to remove the vast level of complexity when seeking to introduce even basic changes. If they can achieve this in a future version, it should sort itself out to be a good theme. Right now, if you buy it, expect a steep learning curve with endless complications.

Don’t buy it if you use more than a few themes because it defies standards and you’ll burn up all of your day trying to review your notes on how to work with this very complex theme.

I found it difficult to work with and poorly founded as well. Abandoned it for an alternative.

Never understood why the rating was so high.


Does this theme have a “wide” layout option as well as boxed?


You can make it look that way with a skin. We don’t have a default skin already setup with this style.

Hi, purchased the razor theme two days ago. No possibility to install theme nor was I able to join the razor support group. Can s/one pls help?

If you can email us we’ll help figure out why you can’t access the Help Center. Please include the username you setup on the Help Center. Thanks.

Hi. I have a question. just I want to make a main page. But I do not know how can I fix the main page, when I accept my home page. I already set on setting > read > static page. But It is not working. I really want to know how can I make main page and setting on my site. I look forward to your replay. Thank you.

If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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