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Hi I love you themes!!

Before i buy – does Razor support the “Events Manager” plugin?

best regards Tonny

I believe it does work with this plugin. I’m going to email the support team to see if they know of any current issue with that plugin and get back to you.

Yes, it works! One of our support team just tested it to be sure.

thx a lot!! bought :-)

I am developing a multi-site network at which I will sell subscriptions and upgrades – much like Does this theme (or another of yours) have native support for this type of activity. I have noticed that other developers use WooCommerce.

There are no payment systems in the theme. I think that’s what you’re asking. Be sure to check the ThemeForest licensing. It doesn’t cover use in multi-site installs for any of the available licenses and suggests contacting TF directly to get a quote.

That answers the payment solution – or lack of. I am sure other people need to accept payments. Do you have a recommendation? And I’m aware of the license. This theme – should I decide to buy – would be used on the network admin site.

I use very few plugins so I’m not good at making suggestions.

Is there a demo account I can use to log into buddyrpess? I’m am tying to see how this functions on mobile.

The demo is active for registration. It resets the demo database several times a day so the account you setup and content created will be lost a few hours later.


Could you please tell me if this theme is compatible with a business directory theme for wordpress? Thanks.

I don’t understand the question. Theme’s can’t be compatible with other themes.


I like the theme and before I buy – one question.

Is it possible to pinch and enlarge the website content on mobile devices? I find the text size on iPad and iPhone really small and it would be great value if you can activate pinching and resizing to the theme.


Sure. If you remove the zoom specification from the HEAD it should allow it. You could also specify a different text size for smaller screens in the CSS, which I think would be easier and better to do.

1. Please tell me EXACTLY where to find the HEAD

2. Please be specific as to which css you are referring to and what markup controls the text size?

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already tested with WP v3.6?


Just updated by now. All seems fine – no problems found! :)

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I have a question before purchasing the theme

“I can get my profile page full width?”

thank you for your reply

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. The layout manager lets you control things like this so any page should have the ability to be full width.

I’m currently using Salutation for my website and thinking of switching over… will this be a smooth transition? Do all the layouts work the same? Is the layout manager the same one that is used with Salutation? Thanks.. Really looking forward to upgrading to this theme if possible!

We’ve had a number of customers move from Salutation to Razor. The part that’s the easiest is the shortcodes and things of that nature are nearly identical. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about from that perspective.

It does use the same Layout Manager, but the layout’s can’t be moved. You would need to create the layouts and assign them again, but even for a large site that shouldn’t be more than a 30-60 minute task.

Overall, the move is not difficult, but like any theme switch you’ll want to review the site and check for little differences that might pop up.

Great, Thx! Just purchased Razor!

Hi, How did you manage to get the pop up login into the normal menu structure?

many thx – Martin

PS: i maintain your template for the customer who bought it…

It’s done with a custom class. We’ve documented it in the help file and you can always get support on our Help Center.

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Hi, i have created a child theme, but when i activate it i cant see any layouts. When the parent is active, its works perfectly… help i need to make the child theme works!

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i really like your theme, great work!

I want to use is to build a social community for expatriates in Morocco. But i need a customization. I want to create a special member area for companies where they can have a chart of all their expatriates to follow the paper work we are doing for them.

Is that possible? do you offer cutomization services?

You can contact me on :

Have a nice day :)

We don’t do custom work. Sorry.

on pages like this can the top razor image be different on each page?

Yes, you can change the header image for any page or post using custom headers in the Layout Manager.

I’m currently using your Salutation theme and I have been wanting to maybe buy this Razor theme.

Will my website have an issue switching from Salutation theme over to Razor?

A lot of customers have made the switch it’s a pretty easy thing to do. The shortcodes will transition 90% of the time with no modification. You will have to create your layouts again in the layout manager, but that can be done in a half hour or less for most sites.

How do I can set my home page like your demo? My home page is empty :l

nevermind :) 5/5 template.


The theme looks wonderful – but – can’t get admitted to your forums or support groups to ask my question until I purchase?! Your Razor support group requires a license key…. and so I am asking here. Love the theme – but will probably need a future payment/cart option. Can you think of any reason that your theme will not play well with WP Ecommerce or Woo or any of the other well known WP carts?

Thank you – expected to buy right now but just read about this issue here.

I don’t know of any conflicts with those systems.

The Help Center is for support to existing customers. It’s fine to ask pre-sales questions here.

The theme is OK – the back-end theme settings are convoluted and confusing.

Also the documentation neglects to explain several things.

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Yeah, but I shouldn’t have to. Many themeforest themes have really solid, easy-to-understand backends and documentation.

does this site work with WP Job Manager, S2, and Gravity Forms?

I don’t know of any conflicts with those plugins.

Hi, could you add ubermenu likw Your new Themes?

I want to buy it.

Thanks Please keep usin budypress

UberMenu should work fine with this theme. We don’t have plans to integrate UberMenu Lite directly into the theme but you can still add the Pro version by purchasing the plugin on CodeCanyon.