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Hi I have a project where the customer wants three distinct looks for the business divisions? I had thought of Multi site but then found Razor in a blog post. Can I achieve this with Razor – 3 groups of pages with a distinct look and feel to differentiate? Look forward to hearing from you Nick Garnett

Yes, it’s possible. Most of our themes have this same structure allowing any area of the site to have a completely unique look, distinct from the rest of the site.

The other themes we sell that include this ability as well are:

and of course Razor.

Hi, I’m interested in buying your theme, but was wondering whether it has RTL support, and if not what would it take to convert it to Right-to-Left format,

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your interest in Razor. It does have RTL support. There are probably some design styles you’ll want to adjust to match your exact needs for an RTL site. We’ve done a lot of this but we find most customers have their own way they prefer it done.

Please update this theme here that users can see BB Press forums style.


Can I activate blogs for the users? And if yes – how can i give them username in their URL? Thanks!

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hi is this plugin works with buddypress 1.9 thanks

It works with the latest version of BP.

Considering purchase the theme… one question if I may?

I understand I can place a slider by shortcode on any page. Can the slider span the entire page without margins on the sides and top?

For example, I would want a regular static image header, then the menu and underneath the menu a slider that spans the entire page left to right with no spaces and also borders the top menu with no margins.

Is this possible without too much trouble?

Thanks so much

The slide show isn’t designed to extend beyond the width of the theme design. It could be modified but since I’ve never tried it with this design I can’t be sure about how easy it will be.

I’m thinking about purchasing this website to use for my company. 2 questions:

1. On the “Our Team” page, is it possible to make the images of the people click able links that link to another page within the site?

2. On the homepage, you have a placeholder text area with photos and descriptions (modern design and ready for mobile devices). Is this text area somewhere I could put a various buttons/links to other areas of the website? I need to display 6 main topics on the homepage that link to full-length pages within the site that describe those topics. Is that possible?

Thanks, Mike

1. Yes. This content is setup from the admin. You can simply make the image a link.

2. This area is a shortcode that creates a list of posts from the ID’s you specify. It is structured to look and behave exactly as shown on the demo so any variation would require some customization.


My non-profit artists’ organization is considering a move from WordPress to BuddyPress, and looking for a theme that allows each member to have a portfolio with images, bio, upcoming shows, and potentially the ability to feed available work into a central online store. (Right now we’re using WooCommerce)

We’d also like to have an events calendar plug-in (right now we’re using Timely’s All-in-One Event Calendar) that allows members and admins to upload calendar events.

Is that possible with your theme? Can we define user roles and permissions at the page/portfolio level?


That is a fairly specific usage and beyond the level of the default WP and BuddyPress functionality. You would have a good bit of customization to do (with any theme most likely) to achieve these results.

Hi, is RAZOR touch enabled? Thanks

Also, what version is the slider, can we swipe images/other content? Thank You.

The slider is custom built by us, not one of the known plugins. It is not touch enabled.

Hello! There are other options like groups, members and activity? Right now this runs on BuddyPress really? This work with bbPress too?


It supports the bbPress forums, including the integrated ones for BuddyPress.

hi for the homepage slider, is there an option to just have the slides fade in and out? i dont like the way the images on the slides bounce on and off. i prefer the slider here instead to be on the homepage: http://para.llel.us/themes/razor-wp/blog-2/blog-style-2/ is that possible? thanks

also, 1. is there an event plugin that u have tested with this theme? 2. can the theme use bootstrap 3? thanks.

1. Fading the images in the slide show can be done, yet.

2. I know some event plugins have been used. I do not know which ones and I’ve not used one personally so I can’t make a recommendation.

3. Bootstrap is a CSS framework and the theme is not built with this. These are things a developer would use to create a theme, not something a theme would “support” in that sense. I’m sure you can load the CSS for it into the theme but it would likely cause some style conflicts.

For those that really want to not have a logo in the slideshow you can always make a transparent logo 1px x 1px and upload that.

How can you add an appointment shortcode or feature on Razor. I noticed on many other themes that the appointment feature is included, and this option is important to me in choosing a theme to purchase.

Some themes are specifically developed for appointment taking or custom built around plugins that provide this functionality. Razor was not built with that intention, however you could likely use any calendar or appointment plugin you choose with the theme.

Good afternoon, I want to buy this theme, because my client wants to make a website with his school and a social network of students. My question is this: I wish everyone could see the site, enter pages too, but the social network who do not enter sign. I can do that with this theme?

You want the website to be public, visible to everyone, but for the social network areas to only be available to signed in users?

Yes, this is possible, with the use of a BuddyPress plugin to make a “private” network. There are a few plugins that allow this functionality.

Hi, do you have french, italian and spanish translation?

We don’t have any pre-created translation files for the theme. It’s translation ready so you can use the included PO/MO files to make any translation you need.

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Im love your theme,,

One question i have is is this theme flexible to add more functions to it, as per to Facebook lets say? Not as Big as FB, but with account creation adding images , groups, limitation to access posts, world wide sharing on one blog, creating some challenges and having people to post comment or to accept some challenges and requests ? and some more fetters,.

Also could it work for a Social bedding website (Points generating bedding and a Market place to exchange points )


Hi, we don’t have any Facebook specific functions included in the theme. I don’t know what you mean by the social bedding website.

Also one more question,,

Can we add some other small plug in to it from another theme?


I don’t know the answer to this one. It could cause you to break the terms of a license.

“quote” short code error. How do I fix?

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Can a page builder be used with this theme?

I think so. I’ve never had an opportunity to try one but I think it is unlikely we don’t have a good number of uses running Razor and a plugin like Visual Composer.

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What would you said would be your best theme in regards to a social network/member matching site? I’m building a site where members have their own profiles, and can search for other members based off certain criteria. Do you have a “best option” theme for this? I’m liking your themes so far and can’t decide.

I would probably suggest Vellum or Salutation, being my favorites, but that’s a personal style not anything specific to the functionality.

BuddyPress is optional. It can be used but is not required.

Hmm, can vellum be used for a social site though? I like both of those.

Sure, Vellum can run any plugin, including BuddyPress. According to one of our customers it also works great with UserPro (http://codecanyon.net/item/userpro-user-profiles-with-social-login/5958681)