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just realized this isn’t the support forum.. ha

No problem. :) If/When you post on the Help Center there’s a good chance another custom can recommend a good plugin they work with.

Hello! Before buying the theme I would like to know Is it possible to change header’s design this way?

Logo in the left top corner in one line with menu. Not above or under the menu.

Thanks in advance!

It could be done, but likely requires some work to get it exactly how you like. We show several examples of the menu in different positions on the demo. It’s easy to reposition with just a few lines of CSS.

Thanks! Already saw it on the demo. But couldn’t delete my comment.

I am disappointed to see that there is no BuddyPress Account support when the theme is responsive for iphone and such.. there are no “my account” links or anything like that.. no settings.. etc.. all the account functions someone would need access to.. I like the theme otherwise though.. will you be adding this?

Hi, “Sign Up Complete! Check your email to verify your new account.

You have successfully created your account!

To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.”

How long does it take to ge tthe activation mail from your support? I’m waiting now a couple of hours…


It should arrive instantly. Check spam folders and if you don’t find it email us your Help Center username and the address used to register it so we can manually activate the account.

I emailed you this morning regarding my support login and haven’t got an answer yet….

no activation license – can’t find link and or email…looked over and over ? Has anyone else had this issue? can’t activate and not only that but can’t find wp/content/themes/folder – heck i can’t find a wp-cont/folder inside theme? Am i missing something- coffee perhaps…: )

I’m a freelance designer and know my way around wordpress and folders and envento member for a long time? anyone- please help!

I don’t understand what you’re asking. What activation license are you looking for?

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sorry bad morning no sleep and wasn’t thinking – found it – thx

I like this theme, but wondering if it’s possible to surface specific Buddypress widgets on the homepage. Would like to display recent group entries, active members and forum activity on homepage, for an emphasis on community! Possible?

Yes, the BuddyPress widgets that are included with the plugin can be added to any page including the home page.

Hi, I have some post with a specified category “XXX” and i want to show some of this (5) in a page as content. Is there a shortcode that shows the title and some text description in a page? Something like [post_category=”XXX” count=”5”]? Thanks? Bye

You can get posts filtered by a category using the [blog] shortcode.

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If I buy your theme, are you able to provide any support for bbpress?


Support for bbPress in what way? We provide support for the theme by ensuring it works and no bugs exist. If a problem is found we fix it. Plugins are supported from the perspective of we want to make sure they are compatible and will fix bugs in the theme that might be causing plugins not to work.

Thanks – your answer tells me exactly what I need to know


I want to buy your theme but i want to know if you provide customization because i want a header like this :

2. Is it possible to add a link to the header image?


1. We don’t provide any customization services.

2. Yes, any content added to the header can be linked.

Thanks you

But before i purchase, i want to know if it’s possible for me to create a homepage like this :

I want to be able to do something like that.


Anything is “possible’ so if you’re going to put in the time and have the ability it can be made to look exactly like that. The design you linked to however is very different from Razor so it will take some work.

Hello I am looking for support and have purchased the theme and created a parallelus account. When I try to join the group for the Razor theme, it says the code will not work.

Please let me know. Thanks!


I purchased your theme and i want to know how to translate it in french.

I don’t see the .po langage files.


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Hi. Just a small question from my side:

Maybe add to it, but since both methods are possible we wouldn’t remove the current one.

Hi. Another small question: Is this theme also Full-Width compatible like Moxie or boxed only?

It doesn’t have a “full-width” style.

Hi, one question before buying. Must I install bbpress/buddypress to run theme?

I do not need bbpress/buddypress…

You don’t need either of them. They are both optional.

SNS-compatible plug-in with the theme What is this?

I don’t know what you’re asking. I’ve never heard of “SNS-compatible plugin-in” so I can’t answer this.

To apply the theme nice SNS_plugin

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does not apply the template design forums. Please tell us what to do.

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Before i buy – I have a question about the license. Am I free to install this theme on a main site ( as well as multiple sub domains (, (, (, etc?

Based on my understanding of the license the theme can be used on a single site.

License information:

Hi, I am new to WordPress and have a question for those that are more knowledgeable. I am creating a website that a user would be able to log into and land on a personal stat page where they would enter their workout and time for the day. The page would have cumulative stats of their workouts since logging in, keep track of the times they posted for different events, keep track of times for different competitions, have awards when they hit certain times, levels etc. The will be able to put in a goal and the site would forecast when they should hit it based on the data input by the user. I don’t know enough about the WordPress world or what plugin to ask about.

It would seem that these items could do what I want but the graphing and forecasting. Can you give me some guidance on what I would need to add on to your Razor theme?

What you’ve described is very specific. More than likely you’ll need a developer to do some custom work. I don’t know if there are existing plugins that will give you this level of customization.

It’s hard for me to suggest a plugins because I use very few. I suggest contacting some developers and getting quotes on this type of functionality through a custom plugin or adapting an existing one.

I’m trying to join the Razor group on the Parallelus website but they ask for a certification ID which is not showing up in my account. Where can I find it ???

ok, found it. thanks

Hi, I am having a problem, It will be life saving if you help me. I have installed razor, bbpress and buddypress. I have created a new forum. but when i try to view the topic or access the topic from front end it redirects me to homepage. Here is the screenshot

Please help me to solve this problem.

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