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Hello EugeneO.

First of all: great theme; lovely work.

I’m currently upgrading this site: It is being moved to a new, completely updated server:
- Linux: 3.10.48-55.140.amzn1.x86_64 > 3.13.0-36-generic (Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS)
- Apache: Apache/2.2.29 (Unix) > Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
- MySQL: Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.40, for Linux (x86_64) using readline 5.1 > Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.40, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 6.3
- PHP: Zend Engine v2.3.0 > Zend Engine v2.5.0
- WP: 3.5 > 4.0.1
- Reach: 3.3 > 3.5.7

Changes, as required by your notes in the version log, and according to the directions in the documentation, have been made.

I have two issues, that I cannot see addressed there, or in these comments.

1) Items in the portfolio style index page grid no longer render in the same way:

In the older version. the grid of items renders as displayed here – with the image made to fill the grid space, cropping to the center:
In the updated version, the grid honours each item’s aspect ratio, leaving a blank space under items with a greater aspect ratio:

How can this be addressed? I have tested creating a new portfolio index and items to see if it is a migration problem, and the same issue occurs.

2) video portfolio item pages (crucial for this site) render oddly.

In the older version, using the embed code meant that the video wrapper rendered in the right size:
The new version, with the video URL just included as the first line in the main text, renders incorrectly:
In another browser (uptodate Chrome on uptodate Win8) I have seen it rendered differently again:
Yet oddly, in the portfolio index page lightbox overlay view, it renders correctly:

How can this be addressed?

Thanks, in advance, for looking into these issues.

Hello. I now understand the issue regarding the portfolio thumbs rendering, and that issue is resolved. Thank you for the guidance.

We now have a problem updating an embedded soundcloud audio embed.

I’ve moved the URL to the top of the body text and selected ‘Audio’.

The page (accessible with the hosts modification) is:

I’ve tried all three of the below variants with no success. -

Any ideas?

It should be the normal SoundCloud page URL that is added to the top of the page content:

I’ve tested it on the theme demo and it works okay.

ok – that works :) Thank you for your support.

Hi EugeneO,

I’m having an issue with my site title. If I leave it empty It will display the page title, like this “My Work- ”. If I add an actual site title, it displays twice, like this “My Work- Dialls DesignDialls Design” How do i fix this?

Thanks, DD

Make sure you have the latest version of the theme installed.

That did the trick! However, now my portfolio items are all different sizes lol.

Download the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and regenerate all your site images.

Hi EugeneO Recently I made an upgrade to the new version and I cant get acess to the images associated with post. Before the upgrade all the images displayed in the post were accessible and configurable through the Post Media Library button located above the tools shelf buttons. Now I read in the manual: “Gallery: The post should contain either a [gallery] shortcode or images inserted in the post content.” So I’d like to know how to add and manage the images in the old posts?

All images uploaded to your site are in the Media Library. So, on the page edit screen click the “Add Media” button to see all your uploaded images. You can then filter images uploaded to the specific page your are editing by selecting “Uploaded to this post” from the first of the two drop down menus under the Media Library tab (above the grid displaying all the images).

So do I have to manually add the [gallery] tag to each of the post? Previously it was working without adding [gallery]

Yes. You now must add the gallery shortcode.

Hi EugeneO, I was wondering if I can add padding to the image thumbnails on the portfolio page? I tried a few ideas with no luck, thank you in advance.

I tried that but then i can not get the #portfolio-grid to align the edges of the images. Thoughts?

You’ll have to play around with the CSS as I can’t provide the code to do it. You might also need to change the isotope plugin settings in js/jquery.custom.js. the section of code is commented as “Portfolio”.

        itemSelector:    '.type-portfolio',
        layoutMode:        'fitRows'

This could break the responsive layout. If it does you will have to fix that yourself by tweaking the responsive CSS.

1.) In page-portfolio.php and taxonomy-portfolio-category.php wrap #portfolio-grid in a div with the class portfolio-grid-wrapper.

<div class="portfolio-grid-wrapper">                
    <div id="portfolio-grid">

2. ) Wrap all the content inside the article element inside a div with the class portfolio-grid-content.

<article <?php post_class( $categories_list ); ?>>

    <div class="portfolio-grid-content">

        <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) {
            the_post_thumbnail( "thumbnail-portfolio" );
        } ?>




3.) Add this to the CSS:

.portfolio-grid-wrapper {
  padding: 2px;
  background: #FFF;

.portfolio-grid-content {
  position: relative;
  overflow: hidden;

#portfolio-grid article {
  padding: 2px;
  box-sizing: border-box;

Hi EugeneO! I want to share some of my blog posts on Facebook, but instead of the posts having preview images there’s just a blank white space. Any suggestions?

You will probably need to install a Facebook Open Graph plugin which will add the necessary information to your sites header so that the preview displays correctly on Facebook. I have not included this in the the theme because it is something that is handled by a lot of SEO plugins.

DUMMY CONTENT I installed both the template, the child in a brand new wordpress environment. I also imported the dummy content using the importing tool (wordpress). But the result is disappointing: the pages are far away from the original layout, the fonts are wrong, the portfolio and the slider do not work. Here some examples:

Is there anything substantial I missed?

VIDEO PLAYER IN PORTFOLIO POSTS I tried to install/use another video-player for playing hosted videos inside portfolio posts. But it seems that it is only the native wordpress player that works here. As a matter of fact it is always the native player that starts, even if the code is linked to an extern third-party player. Is it right that no other player than the original one works in portfolio posts?

On the normal portfolio item page the theme takes the first URL found in the page content and uses the standard video shortcode to output the video player HTML so the video player that is output is whatever WordPress chooses to use for the video shortcode. So on the portfolio item pages themselves you should be able to use any video player.

On the portfolio grid page when a portfolio item is opened in the lightbox the same method is used however the JavaScript to trigger the MediaElement plugin is called manually after the lightbox has loaded because otherwise it would not run and you would get the default browser HTML5 player. If you were to use a different video player you would have to call it’s JavaScript function manually after the lightbox has loaded which would mean modifying the jquery.custom.js file.


FUNKY BUTTONS Is it possible to open pics/vids/URLs, connected to a button, in a lightbox instead of a new page? Tried to use rel=”lightbox”, but didn’t manage to work it out…

No it is not possible without customization. You would have to edit the shortcode output to include the lightbox class or rel and enqueue the lightbox scripts so that the lightbox works on all pages.

OK, thanks!

Thank you for good and quick support before. It looks like coming to an end, but still som questions… PORTFOLIO GRID THUMBNAIL DIMENSIONS: They are fixed at 204×134px, but is it possible to change them på portrait format (~204×287px)? ORDER PORTFOLIO CHILDREN: They are arranged in order of their first letter of their name. Is it possible to define other attributes like connecting to the first letter of the permalink or describtion?

To change the portfolio thumbnails to portrait you would have to create a new thumbnail size with portrait aspect ratio and then change the thumbnail size used in the taxonomy-portfolio-category.php and page-portfolio.php template files. You would then have to change the hover element dimensions in the stylesheet to match the new image dimensions.

Portfolio Items are output in date order with the newest first.

Portfolio Categories are output in ID order. This is how WordPress outputs them and I do not believe there is a way to change that.

Thank you very much!

So I know this theme is rather old at this point, but I’m going back to it because it is the only theme I’ve ever been able to manage… so THANK YOU for making something simple.

QUESTION: Is it possible to do the following: a) Make the default portfolio layout 1 column

b) change all current portfolio items to 1 column, without having to open and update individually

c) change all current portfolio items to Hide Featured Image, again without doing it individually

The only way to do any of these is to edit it directly into the PHP template files.

Any chance you could help me put 2 buttons into the PHP file? I’ve discovered shortcodes don’t work in PHP

NVM! got it, Thanks anyway!

LINKS ON SLIDERS/SLIDES I have activated to different sliders on my webside. The first one contains slides with individual hyperlinks for each of them, works ok. All slides of the other slider are free for any links (“Leave this field blank to not create a link on this slide.”). The problem is that the “free” slides of slider no.2 are automatically linked anyway to reloading the page. This is a little bit annoying! What can I do to cut of all links on slides of different sliders?

I did as you told me (, but that change (of the child theme) destroyed the sliders… Take a look at my side, I didn’t reverse the change yet. Can you see what’s wrong?

The code goes in functions.php in the child theme. It needs to go before the closing PHP tag ?>.

Of course – my fault. It works, thank you for the quick reply and help!


Fennebe Purchased

Hey EugeneO,

I know you dont support this anymore. But still wanted to ask for some advice. My portfolio thumbnails are very unsharp on tablet and phone. On pc they are fine. Can you please tell me what I did wrong. My site is:

Thank you so much,

Fenno Drok

You could try using the regenerate thumbnails plugin to recreate the thumbnails. Before doing that make sure the thumbnail size is set to 480×320px in Settings > Media.


Fennebe Purchased

thanks for your help. I where able to fix the problem though by reinstalling the theme. appearently I whas still using one of the first versions of it. I never updated it because back then I whas changing all css by changing core files. Now I’m doing everything in child. To bad you’re giving up this theme. I understand it is not the most modern anymore but I think it is very unique and therefore timeless. Right now I’m building my site from the start again on

If you have any suggestions please let me know :)

Greatings Fenno