React Admin

React Admin

Building a single page application in Javascript? Interested in moving to React/Redux? Don’t start from scratch – build a scalable , highly polished admin application with React/Redux and Bootstrap that works great on mobile and tablet as well as desktop.

New in 1.3.0 : Widgets! 7 new widgets – more coming soon. Updated to React 15.X updated several npm dependencies, added recharts.

We will continue to update the project as more dependencies fix their proptype and createclass warnings.

New in 1.2.1 : Fixed react deprecation warnings
New in 1.2.0 : React Dark Theme
Default Theme

Included in the project are :

-A Robust CSS framework for backends built in LESS and compiled with Grunt

-60+ React components that can be used to create new compositions and containers

-dozens of example containers showing how to create responsive layouts

-3 sub-apps (boards, notes, and maps) that show more specifically how to deploy functional components

React Admin will be the way you start all your new web applications by simply :

-create a new copy of the application source -start editing LESS files to create wholesale layout, type and color changes to your app -begin compositing new containers and sub apps by utilizing the built in layout and UI components.

Get Started by reviewing the built in apps or starting with a blank container. Easily add the new containers to the project by following our customized tutorial documentation.


This is a modern Javascript app and requires a console to run commands in Node. On windows this is powershell, OS X or linux use terminal.

A basic understanding of Node and console commands is required to get up and running.

To compile the stylesheets from the LESS files you will need to use grunt which is installed with all of the project dependencies.

Credits – the following open source libraries were used in making this project

-axios -babel.js -grunt -codemirror -react-codemirror -cookies-js -draft-js -draft-js-plugins-editor -googleapis -moment -rc-slider -react -react-chartist -react-color -react-datepicker -bootstrap -react-google-maps -redux -react-redux -react-router -react-router-redux -webpack -webpack-dev-server -react-hot-loader -font-awesome -material design icons

As well as the google font Raleway (