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No live preview?

Can you upload the demo?

Just uploaded, its my first theme so im still trying to figure some things out.

pretty nice mate :) i love it..

Thanks Peetey.


I received your email on how t change the logo from text to an image and it worked, however, what’s happening now is the logo image is doubled (showing 2 of them overlapping each other). How can I correct this? Thanks

Did you make sure that you placed the code only once? This is the code <div id="logo"><a href="index.php"><img src="images/logo.png" /></a></div> If you still have any problems, point me to the live site, I will give it a look. But if you have the code like I stated, there should be no problem. Cheers.

I have it exactly the way you listed and it’s only placed once. I will direct mail you the link now.

Man this is one of the BEST themes I have ever seen. I LOVE IT . And the price is amazing. Is it WordPress ready out of the box or will it need to be ported to a WordPress format.

Love it!!!! Definitely have this on my purchase list.

Hi claycollinsmusic, thanks for the comment. This is the plain html version, the wordpress version is under construction and will be available as soon as possible.

Hi, I drop the folder “red” into theme folder of wordpress structure but wp said: “Stylesheet is missing”. (same error with others skin).



ps. WordPress 3.0

Hello emolog, This is a plain HTML /CSS theme and not a wordpress theme. Hence the error. :) The wordpress version will be available in a few days.

ooooops! :) ok tnx and sorry

Hey the in the image (on which the buttons screenshots and live preview appear) you have spelt reaction one wrong.

Just FYI :D. Nice theme planning to buy it soon.

Again I really love this site! However, for the slider, if there are links on every image then it does not show up on IE and Opera. I went to the developers website and they address the issue say to just add the following css code:

#slider a{ display:block; }

My question to you is where exactly do I place that code within the css you created for this site?

Thanks for your help! :)

I cant test it right now, but it should go in the nivo-slider.css file in the css folder. Please let me know if it works.

Love this layout. Question before I purchase though. Can I add a video clip in the slider in place of the image on the home page at the top?

The theme uses nivo slider, so right now, its not possible to add videos. Maybe if there are more requests, I could consider adding it in the next update. :)

Is there a way to replace the nivo slider with a different tool that will play video? Just wondering because my client is requesting video and I really like this layout and setup.

Im sorry but I think you will have to write something custom for that.

Hi guys, the live preview is back on…. :)