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Hello. Is possible to show navigation bar on page of top when page scrolls down? Thank you.

Hi, sorry it is not available by default.


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Hello, I’m currently using the alternate home page and under “latest blog posts” it displays all of my blog posts (total 39) which looks a bit messy. How can I limit this to 10 latest? And at the end add a link to view all blog posts?


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Okay, got it. I posted on the forum. Thanks.


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Hi, can someone please assist me? I posted in your support forums but no one has responded.

all replied.

Read doesn’t seem to be respecting that I have comments turned off in settings. It gives me the “leave a comment” at the end of each page/post, which I don’t want. Do I have to edit the css or is there a setting I’m missing here?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


Hi pixelwars. I also find theme very interesting and I have the same questions that I asked you on the BloggyWP theme:

- Is there a way that we can filter the blog posts by tags/ categories? For example, if I want that my readers easily access the blog posts about “Travel” and “Lifestyle” without scrolling down to try to find them throughout the blog. - As well, is it possible to remove completely the gallery and portfolio parts?


1-) yes category or tag pages are available like this;


2-) yes you can completely remove gallery and portfolio parts.

Hi pixelwars, thank you a lot for your reply. I have a similar follow up question from the “Bloggy WP” thread:

- Isn’t the page size too big 5.56MB (https://gtmetrix.com/reports/themes.pixelwars.org/DRMkTygk)?

- As well, Google Page Speed Insights was not that positive towards this theme (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fthemes.pixelwars.org%2F%3Ftheme%3Dread-wp). What are your thoughts?

just replied in your other comment.

Q#1 Is the category page alignment to the side on purpose? Is it possible to centre align the category page? http://themes.pixelwars.org/read-wp/category/web-design/

Q#2 Would you have any sample websites (apart from official sample), where this theme has been used?


1-) do you mean having category pages similar to home blog layout (regular and centered), then yes it is possible to change the layout of categories to centered regular layout.

2-) Here are some sites;

http://www.boukebouke.com/ http://tommydykes.com/ http://www.philosopherswalk.co.uk/ https://ios-dev.tech/ https://doggeri.com/

how to solve the navigation bar problem.. means make it follow on scrolling..

Hi, sorry this theme doesn’t have sticky menu option, however our latest theme TheBlogger has this option and it has very similar design to Read Wp, demo: Albert. You can check it out here;




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Hi, it’s possible that with Firefox (latest version) the web fonts does not works?

Hi, just checked on latest firefox v49.0.1, font loads fine.