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Hi there,

just bought it, this is an outstanding theme focusing on typography and readability. Just what I always wanted. I tried signing up for your support forum, I tried twice with 2 different emails, but I didn’t receive an email with my password.

looks great so far, I can’t figure out on how to only show exerpts of the posts? They show in full, even when Masonry style is enabled. It was automated with previous theme.

seems like I will have to manually enter the more tag on all articles :( The sidar seems really wide, is there a way to adjust this? The share option on single post, can I replace pinterest with reddit? I would have posted in the forum, but I do not have a login yet. Thanks for your help :)

Hi, please send us an email via contact form on our profile page, we will get you in to our support forums.


Hi there, just thinking about buy this theme. But I have one question. Is it possible to insert caption in to the Gallery? It’s perfect theme, exactly what I’m looking for.

Thanks for reply. I mean text contain in gallery page. E.g. „In this gallery I show you how beautiful is our planet“ and below will be gallery. Thanks a lot. Forest

i see now, yes you can add editor content to top or bottom of the gallery.

Great, many thanks.

Can I download updates to the theme after purchasing it?

yes sure.

I purchased a copy of Read. How can I make this theme work on a non-date dependent basis and instead work on a navigate by category basis. For example, at the home page in the menu line across the top a viewer would see a category name ABC and when the viewer clicked that, the viewer would end up on a page ABC and on that page each entry would be listed. The page might also include some static content explaining that category. Thank you

A friend of mine bought this theme and is asking me for help on how to get the contact form working.

We fill in the data and the little ball shows up and that’s it :(

what can we do to fix it?

Hi, I would like to update the theme. Do I have to reinstall it as I would do it with a new one? Will I lose any infos like my logos etc? thank you!

Hi, yes download and install it as a new theme, you won’t loose your data.

great. Thanks again for your very fast reply! :)

Hi, again a quick question. I tried to install the addthis smart layer plugin. However I git an error like this: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare save_settings() (previously declared in /.../.../wp-content/themes/read-v3-5/theme-options.php:1412) in /.../.../wp-content/plugins/addthis-smart-layers/addthis-smart_layers.php on line 112

Can you help? Thanks a lot!

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi there,

Question, is there an option that the specific single post have a sidebar?

In the demo, the single post is a one column without a sidebar


Yes, there is.

Single Portfolio page, a memory leak problem in IE8 only ,

my page and your sample page.

maybe , this problem is between respond.js, cycle slider

what can we do to fix it?

Hi, i just purchased the theme…I need to get rid of the thumbnail photo which gets automatically on front page excerpts.

How do I do that?


I inserted the code but this is what I get when I try to login to your support forum: ERROR: There is no user registered with that email address.

just send us your purchase code via contact form on our profile, i will sign you up manually.


Very very impressive theme! I love it! The only “feature” that is keeping me from buying is that “pinch to zoom” for mobile device is disabled. A lot of users out there hate this, and it seems to me that in England a site disabling “pinch to zoom” would breach some accessibility laws. Is it an option in your theme, or one have to mess with the code? If not, you should definitely put it in your todo list. Thanks for your reply.

Thank you!

Just to highlight this:

v3.7 – 18 December 2013 - added: option to enable zoom on mobile

Thanks, guys!

you are welcome!

can I change the logo with image and does it resize automatically on mobile devices?

yes, flexslider shortcode available.

just bought the themes, I want to remove the title on home page if I choose static page as home page. Which code I should modified?

Support links seem to be dead today. Any update on when forums are back?

I’m looking to place icons in the main nav bar, either alongside or replacing the text navigation?

Hi, yes our forums were down for a few hours due to the hosting related issues, but it is live now.


I bought the “Read” WP theme by mistake, I really want the “Bloggy” WP theme, Is it possible to solve my error and buy the bloogy paying the difference please,

thank you!

Hi, envato is responsible of our sales on themeforest. You can contact to envato support http://support.envato.com/ and start a ticket about your request.

I don’t know how to show post excerpts on my blog home page, they just show all the text of the post. Please help me out.


Is it possible to make the content width wider and the sidebar with smaller? I want to know if I can change the widths without messing everything up.

Thanks Tazz

Hi, yes it is possible, there is a topic about this in our support forums.

i Had version 1.2 and I want to upgrade it to newest version. How can I do it?

I found these instructions, but they are very unclear:

- Install new version in the regular way.

- Your theme options in your database.

- Select your custom menu again for the theme location.

- Re-select your options from theme customizer.

- Check your widget locations.

- The translation files are located in the languages folder under theme folder. Copy your translation files ( .po and .mo ) from previous version of the theme.

Hi, I want to have a page named “portfolio” but with no portfolio inside and it’s just impossible ! If the name of my page is portfolio, even I choose default template and not portfolio, I get first the content of the portfolio and after the content of page. If I give a different name ti my page, I have no problem! I need absolutely to name my page “portfolio” how can I do?? thanks in advance!!

Clean, simple, beautiful typography, accessible, and perfect for what I want. Thank you! :D


Thank you!

Hi, I just wanted to double-check that in a gallery post I can both add editor content AND have captions superimposed on the images in the gallery.

I assume the maximum caption field size is limited by the height of the coloured bar (i.e. as shown in your Life is For Service example), and width is variable. Is that right?

Hi, on gallery images only title text is supported but it can be longer than one line.

Thanks but that answer doesn’t really address what I was trying to ask. You say a title can be longer than one line, but I asked about captions. Maybe it’s a case of using different words to refer to the same thing but let me try again

I’m talking about Gallery Posts – i.e. a post with text in it and a gallery of images at the top – and whether captions can be associated with the images in the gallery.

On your preview site there is no obvious example of a full gallery post and it is not completely clear what a caption is.

Yes i meant caption by saying title. I say that caption be more than one line, in the link below you see “Clouds” as an image’s caption.


Is this what you are asking for?