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I am wondering how hard it will be to edit the content/body font size. I would like the typography to be larger for my posts. If this is easy to do, I will probably buy the theme. Is this edit found in the .css file? Thanks! I love the looks of your theme.

Hi, it is very easy with a single line of custom css code, no need to edit css files. We can help you on our support forums.

Nice theme but in the two collumn mode my browser (Chrome) Does not scroll down. Is this just a bug in the preview site or is this fixed when you purchase the theme? Thanks!

hmm weird. I’ll check it out and let you know in a bit

Hmm strange. My browser is up to date but I can scroll down but the scrollbar is not visible. I guess this is a problem on my side here.. It should be good than. Thanks for your reply. Cheers!


Will you update the author box to include social plugins?

And perhaps a way to make new sidebar widths to load immediately?

Pleeease and thanks

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Just a few pre-purchase questions. Can the blog with sidebar width be easily increased hence decreasing the sidebar? Can the blog roll show full featured images and lastly do images span full-with in the single blog post? Thanks


1- yes it is possible,

2 – this is not possible by default.


Can I use it to design something extremely simple and unique such as this example: http://isabelallende.com/ia/en/home/8 ?

Hi, it can be possible and depends on how good you are with css. You need to do make serious changes on the layout.

Hi, please add Instagram social icon to your theme )

Hi, we have added instagram social icon, please update.

thanks )

Hey, I just bought this theme, and tried to add an account on your support page, but I get an error.

I was wondering if there is any way to minimize the distance between logo and menu bar. And between menu bar and where the text starts on a page. For example on portfolio page there is a large gap between “Portfolio”-title and the menu bar. How can i fix this?

Hi, please send an email about your problem via our profile page, i will manually register you to the support forums. Thanks.


Beautiful theme! Is there any chance we’ll see this ported over to Ghost? I’d love to be able to use it on a Ghost blog. :)

Hi, thank you, sorry we don’t plan to release a Ghost version.

I want to install this theme w all the posts and images and everything exactly as its in the live preview. Do you supply the database? or what can i do to have this installed, its easier for my mom to use the examples as they are, she is not technical at all. Please advise. thanks.

Hi, dummy data is provided as xml. Please check out Documentation > Dummy Data.

Hi there, could I ask a pre-purchase question?

Is it possible, when viewing the theme on mobile, to have the menu appear as a drop-down animation, rather than using the broswer’s default pop-up menu?

Hi, there is only one option for mobile menu as you see on the demo site.

Thanks for the quick reply! I think I’m going to go with your Bloggy theme, as I prefer the design, but it was a close call!

hi, is there anyway to exclude a particular category post to appear in the main body of the theme?

There’s no answer on the support forum so I’m pasting it here:

Just purchased the them, started customizing it and I’ve got a question.

I removed the navigation menu styling and colored it to black. .main-navigation { background-color: #000; }

But I want to limit the navigation’s width. When I add any attribute of width to the .main-navigation item, it totally breaks the navigation. How can I add a code to make it’s width smaller?

My second question is, since I made it a big black navigation- I want it to go all the way in a wide screen horizontally. How can I arrange main navigation’s horizontal size?

Hi, i just answered on your topic on our support forums.

Guys, i am a “critical guy” but this theme is amazing. Its very simple to setup, have a clean design and extremely good support. Thank you pixel wars for a great theme. Guys, if you still think to purchase or not – BUY IT !

P.S. pixelwars, why you still did not make woocommerce commerce theme ? WHY ? WHYYYYY ?? i already purchasing 3rd theme in a row because i can’t find clean theme for web store with good support and a good description like you have.

Hi, thanks for your words.

woocommerce commerce theme ? maybe in the future ;)

You have to know that i thinking that its only your fault that i can’t find good them for commerce ! ))))

Does code blocks looks indeed a little bit messy as we can see here (html and css blocks): http://themes.pixelwars.org/?theme=read-wp

Is that an issue of this theme?

Hi, i guess you refer to source code in the browser, no it shouldn’t be a problem, it looks organized in a text editor.

Hi, sorry, where can I get the documentation ? I have sent you a message on the forum too …

Hi, please click the “All files & documentation” link in your downloads page, then unzip the package.



How to update the theme? Now I use version 3.9.1

Hi there,

I like the theme a lot. Can I resize the video lightbox window? AND can it be dynamic? I primarily would use this for a portfolio that links to only Vimeo.

Hi, yes it is possible to change lightbox video window size.

Hi there, I just purchased the Read theme, great job, I absolutely love it! – need your help to locate Light Box, tabs, toggles, alerts, buttons, which I can’t seem to locate anywhere. Plus, I would like to customise my Twitter TL widget like it appears in your demo but can’t find how. Thanx for any help

Hi how can I create a Page that shows all the Blog posts?

EDIT: Nevermind, found them in the main page!

Can you send me screenshots of the WordPress admin panel, please? I’m trying to decide whether to buy this one or your other theme, Bloggy. Thank you in advance!

Thank you!